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Chapter 14: England 1950

Sophie's P.O.V

We'd returned to England once more, it would always call us back. Hal was worse than ever…his sadistic side had returned once more, but it was worse this time. He played cruel games with his prey, he snapped occasionally at us all, everyone around us feared him; even I did from time to time. I returned from a night's walk, back to the pub we had bought. Hal's 'followers' were the only one's there…it meant either Hal had gone out to find me or he was out feeding.

"Where's Hal?" I asked as I walked towards the back of the place, if he was out looking for me…well I'm sure he'd end up shouting when he returned.

"I think you'll find his Lordship in a cell." One replied taking a gulp of some of the stock blood that was held in the basement. What had he done now? And why in hell's name was he in a cell.

"And our lawyer?" I inquired, our original lawyer was well not in Hal's good books and many of the others believed he'd be dead by the end of the week.

"Dead by the end of the week, he's out looking for a new one." Another answered; well there was no better place than in a police holding cell, well since he was going to be there for a while, I may as well visit him and see if this new lawyer was up to scratch.

Hal's P.O.V

"Welcome, Mr Cutler." I greeted as the man began to wake once more, a protégé that would be able to help me. "Welcome to the night."

He looked around the cell he had no idea what had just happened, but soon he would learn exactly what he was.

"What have you done?" he asked I smirked at him as he felt the bite mark on his neck. "I'm…"

"Thirsty, my child." I finished biting my own wrist and offering it to him, he immediately began drinking.

Sophie's P.O.V

I walked into the police station, the one that Hal always seemed to end up in. By now they knew exactly who we were and that we shouldn't be messed around with. I was met by one of the officers we knew fairly well Roy.

"Mrs Yorke, your husband seems to have found himself in some trouble again." The other officer commented Roy sent him a stern look.

"Has he acquired him?" I asked Roy completely ignoring the other man. "How long?"

A knock echoed around the room…Hal?

"That will be him." Roy said as he walked down towards a cell, he opened the door and Hal emerged, putting on his hat. He smiled spotting me down the corridor, he opened his arms motioning me to come to him, I obliged.

"Hal." I murmured as he pulled me into a hug, he lifted my chin allowing our lips to meet in a tender kiss. The taste of blood flooded into my mouth as his tongue coiled around my own. He pulled away kissing the end of my nose before turning my head to the open door, his forehead against mine. Inside the cell was a very confused and dazed man, blood lined his collar…this was the new lawyer.

"My love, meet Nick Cutler."

Cutler's P.O.V

It was the end of the life I knew, what would Rachel think? Would I even be able to live with her anymore? After tasting my few first drops of blood I craved more…would I be able to resist the temptation to drink from my lovely Rachel?

"My love, meet Nick Cutler." Hal's voice rang out, I looked up finding that Hal was not alone anymore. A woman with dark black hair that reached down below her shoulders, wearing a red and white polka dot dress that stood out against her pale white skin, was in his arms. The two of them stood watching me as if I were an animal at the zoo.

"Is he the one?" the woman asked turning her head to look back at Hal. Was I the one what? Had they been planning this for a while? He said something about their lawyer going and he wanted me to be their new lawyer.

"Hmm…yes, yes he is." Hal replied earning a smile off of the woman, they shared a kiss before parting slightly. Hal's arm was still wrapped around her waist. "Mr Cutler, I expect to see you tomorrow."

Hal's P.O.V

Once all was said and done, Sophie and I left the station without a single conviction on my slate. There was just one little obstacle to overcome and it came in the form of a woman, Cutler's wife.

"What's wrong with him having a wife?" Sophie asked as she crawled across the bed towards were I was sat on the edge. She wrapped her arms around my neck brushing her nose behind my ear as I untied my tie.

"She's keeping him from his full potential." I replied his wife would surely keep him from becoming the man I was going to make him. She made part of him human when he needed to be completely one of us.

"Why don't you let him turn her?" she inquired as she let go of my shoulders allowing me to place the tie on the dresser.

"Hmm…an idea, but I don't think he would be willing." I replied once I had finished undressing for bed I turned around finding Sophie lying on her side patting the space next to her, a cheeky smile adorning her beautiful face.

"If he loved her so much, why doesn't he?" she asked as I knelt down onto the bed scooping her up in my arms and laying us down between the sheets of the bed.

"I don't know my love."

Sophie's P.O.V

I woke up to an empty bed, something I had become accustomed to from time to time. Hal always liked to feed after an eventful night between the sheets, I got up out of the bed taking the covers with me, it would not be right if anyone saw me in this indecent state. However Hal generally didn't allow the others to come near our room, he wouldn't let them near me, the only one he would be allowed to be anywhere close to me was Fergus…which I could not for the life of me work out why.

I looked around trying to find my nightclothes, I was done to my last nightie…since Hal liked to rip nearly all my clothing…nothing had changed in a hundred years. I found it just off of the end of the bed…in ribbons. I picked up the remains sighing and throwing it in the bin, at least it meant he'd take me shopping again.

I rifled through the wardrobe finding the outfit for the day; a yellow floral dress with my light yellow heels. After living for nearly five hundred years, the 1950's style was one of my favourites…although the renaissance dresses were beautiful they were a complete pain to put on and take back off again. Once I was finished dressing I walked down the hallway towards the stairs that lead to the bar, knowing that it would be empty, everyone would be gone. But to my surprise there was one lonely soul.

"Cutler?" I questioned as I found the man sat alone at one of the many tables. It wasn't unusual to find the place empty when Hal had gone out, but surely Cutler would have gone with them.

"Hmm…Oh sorry, shouldn't I be here?" he asked nervousness clear in his voice as he stood up, knocking the table to the ground, and sending several glasses crashing to the floor. He tried cleaning the mess up.

"Oh! Leave it; we'll deal with it later. I thought you would be with Hal and the others." I replied as he walked over towards me.

"I'm sorry Mrs Yorke; by the time I arrived no one was here, so I waited." He answered his eyes darting around the place. He looked like he hadn't slept for weeks, he was jittery too…he hadn't fed.

"Call me Sophie. Mr Cutler have you had any blood since you were turned?" I questioned as he began to shake even more. His eyes perked at the mention of blood.

"Have you got any?" he asked his eyes shining with the craving we all had. However that shine was going to disappear once I told him we were all out. Hal had gone out looking for some.

"I'm sorry all out; Hal's out gathering some, if you can wait." I replied a frown immediately found a place on his face. His shakes became more prominent, hopefully Hal would be back with blood soon and hopefully Hal would teach him how to hunt so that he didn't always have to rely on others.

"How long will they be gone?" he asked as if he were a small child asking their nanny how long their parents would be. Why wasn't there any blood in this place? Surely Hal had known we were running low…then again Hal always preferred his blood a little more fresh.

"I don't know, I wasn't aware when they left." I replied honestly his frown increased, whether or not it was in Hal's best judgement to turn Cutler, he certainly did not want to be a vampire. He just didn't seem to fit the bill of being a blood thirsty killer, even Hettie fit the bill back when she was first turned and she was just a child. "I suggest you return to your wife, Mr Cutler."

"Call me Nick." He mumbled before he reached for his hat and bid me farewell, somewhere deep down inside I felt sorry for him, sorry that we had cursed him for the rest of his life, sorry that he had been turned into a monster. But we were all monsters doomed to live and feed off of the humans that we could call friends, even family in the case of Fergus. A little while after Cutler had left the door opened once more…but it wasn't someone I was expecting to see.


Hal's P.O.V

After gathering enough blood to keep us satisfied for a while as well as keeping our profile as low as possible, I headed back. The rest…well they were too stoked to think of going back, they wanted a little more 'playtime'. As I entered our 'home' I was surprised to see a man we hadn't seen since the start of the war…and a woman accompanying her.

"Hal welcome back." Sophie greeted with a smile on her face. Ivan turned around to face me as Sophie walked over to my side. He gestured towards the woman. "And meet Ivan's sweetheart."

"Lord Hal, meet my Daisy." Ivan greeted bowing his head respectfully, Daisy smiled politely, making me wonder what had Ivan told her about us? She was rather…shy for Ivan, unless he had put the fear of God in her by telling her all the old tales.

"Sophie bring me four glasses, I think this is cause for celebration. Ivan has finally found someone to spend eternity with."

Cutler's P.O.V

It was in the middle of the night when they came, Rachel was asleep…I couldn't sleep at all the beat of her heart rang out in my ears and she smelt so…so enticing that it took all my willpower not to bite into that soft white skin.

"You have to." Hal hissed as he kept a hand on top of the glass of the blood I so craved. He'd told me to do it before…told me to kill her…she shouldn't have to suffer because of what I was, what he made me…I just couldn't harm my precious Rachel no matter what the monster inside of me wanted.

"I can't, Hal please." I pleaded as I tried to grasp the glass, but he kept it out of my reach, his 'henchmen' keeping me from getting what I wanted. They laughed at my futile struggles, which brought about the attention of my sleeping wife.

"Nick? What are you doing down here?" she asked sleep still present in her voice, if only she knew that she was standing in a room filled with potential murderers.

"Mrs Cutler, we are business associates of your husband, we were just discussing some important matters. He'll join you shortly." Hal explained smiling a charming smile, one that he probably had used on countless people. Rachel bought his lie and nodded looking at me for a second before she left closing the door and walking back up to bed. "Fucking kill her."

Sophie's P.O.V

It was after midnight when they returned, for the past couple of hours I had been the perfect hostess for Ivan and Daisy, making sure they were fed and watered…well making sure they'd had enough blood as well as preparing a room for them to stay in. While chatting to the both of them I had found out how they had met; in an air-raid shelter, in London during the Blitz. Daisy had a child who by now was living with just a father, most likely thinking her mother had left her or that she was dead.

"He still won't do it." Hal growled as he removed his coat and hat, the others had yet to return. Ivan and Daisy were also out somewhere, causing havoc if I went by the stories that Ivan told me of their trips around the world.

"Hal, would you kill me if Mr Snow had told you to?"

Hal's P.O.V

A couple of weeks had gone by since I had turned Cutler into one of us, but he still had no stomach to kill anyone…an activity that did not phase Fergus. I'd tried to teach him everything I had ever been taught, but without him killing a victim properly there were always complications. After burying one of Cutler's corpses in a site outside of London where no one would hopefully find the body, we returned back to the pub to find a very cheerful Sophie in a black and white polka dot dress.

"Welcome back." She greeted lightly kissing me on the cheek, before she disappeared into another room. "I've got a surprise."

"Hopefully not another one." I mumbled receiving a very confused look off of Cutler. If he only knew how many children Sophie had brought back over the years…it would disturb anyone. But this time it wasn't a new child it was one of the only child vampires we had heard of, Hettie. Sophie was like a mother to Hettie, the only 'child' that Sophie could ever have…unless she decided to turn a child of this generation. For nearly four hundred, Hettie could act like a small child and when she was with Sophie the pair could act as though they were in fact mother and child a very good disguise if ever there was one.

"Hettie, meet our new recruit Mr Nick Cutler." Sophie said as she brought Hettie out of the other room holding her hand, I would occasionally wonder what it would have been like if Sophie and I had, had a child back when we actually could have.

Cutler's P.O.V

I had started to get used to life…well except the whole killing, but I was able to acquire blood even if Hal would refuse me it, Sophie would always try to sneak me some. I had been out for most of the day, when I ventured back to the pub, as I opened the door I was greeted with a silence. I looked nervously around the room, Hal stood at the bar with the others crowded, Sophie was nowhere to be seen and neither was Hettie.

"You're welcome here Cutler." Hal said as he came up to me fixing my collar and smiling. He ushered me over to the bar where a glass of blood sat, he offered it to me and I immediately drank it which cause the group to laugh…a joke I had obviously not been informed about. He led me down to the cellar of the pub, a very odd thing to do, I had never been down there and neither to my knowledge had Hal. Once the lights had been turned though, I knew immediately why they had laughed at me drinking the glass of blood upstairs. Across from me was my lovely angel…my Rachel. Wires ran out of her torn neck leading to plastic bottle that were being filled with her blood. How could they? How could they do this to her?

"Now you see." Hal hissed as his 'friends' held me up as I collapsed to my knees. She'd been taken from me and there was nothing I could do.

Sophie's P.O.V

Hettie had settled down to sleep, when I ventured down the stairs, it was unusual to find the bar empty at this time, and generally Hal would still be here. There was a glass on the counter that recently had, had blood in it, so if he had left he'd left recently. As I continued to look around for any sign of Hal, Cutler rushed passed me his hand passed over my new light blue floral dress smearing blood down the skirt…damn that would not come out easily.

"Nick?" I called, but he had already exited the bar…what had happened? Soon after the others appeared without a word they followed after Cutler, Hal was last to appear. "What's happened?"

"Rachel…will no longer be a hindrance to him." he replied slipping an arm around my waist…that meant he'd killed her…which would explain why Cutler had stormed out. I momentarily felt guilty that Hal had taken away Cutler's love, but questioning Hal was never a good thing to do. "I got you a present."

He brought round a chain around my neck, which had a locket attached…what use was a locket to a vampire? Inside however was a picture of Cutler…a wedding photo…with Rachel. He'd given me Rachel's locket.

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