Her head was down. She looked at her boots as she walked, not at the staring classmates that were looking in her direction. Her gaze didn't need to be on them for her to feel their eyes boring into her skin, and the words flowing through the air about the events of last night. Word traveled fast in a city filled with social site addicts. As soon as the relationship status changed on his Slap page, it was officially common knowledge that Beck Oliver had finally ditched his evil, manipulative, freak of a girlfriend.

There was no way that Jade West was going to be held down like this. Beck did not break her to the outside world.

She focused on the hallway in front of her just in time to catch a glimpse of something that would: her ex-boyfriend leaning against a locker with a hand on his chest and a pair of lips against his own. Those lips, and that hand, belonged to the only person she hated more than anything else in the world.

Tori Vega pulled back for a moment and smiled up at Beck. He looked down at her with one in return, and placed his hand over her own. She went back in for another morning kiss, but the man turned his cheek to her reluctantly. He looked at her with an apologetic sigh before she rolled her eyes at him, and that's when her gaze caught Jade in her line of sight.

She looked back at Beck and wrapped her hand around his neck, pulling him towards her awaiting lips. They crashed together in a forced, awkward kiss. It took the boy a minute to catch on, but when he looked to his right, he saw a girl gripping the strap of her messenger bag tight enough to turn her knuckles a ghostly white. The expression on her face was pure terror and a crushing sensation overcame both of them when they locked eyes.

Beck pushed Tori back with just enough force to get her at least a foot away from him. He began walking towards Jade forming an explanation in his mind, but for every step he took towards her, she took one away from him until she couldn't keep her composure anymore.

She turned on her heel quickly and sprinted up the stairs, taking the long way to get to the Black Box, her original destination. It was one of the easiest places to skip a class in, oddly enough.

He tried to call after her, but she wasn't listening to anything he said. Now everyone in the student body was staring at him even harder and more intensely than before. "What?" he barked. Everyone turned back to their business, adding a few comments here and there about what just happened.

Beck turned back to Tori, Andre and Cat who were standing in shock. Tori was the only one with a triumphant look about her, with her arms crossing over her chest and jutting her hip out ever so slightly. Andre wasn't hiding his emotions either, unlike Cat who was humming to herself probably trying to drown out the fighting.

"How could you just do that?" Andre asked in disgust. "I understand you weren't happy with Jade, and I know that you have liked Beck for too long for nothing to happen, but do you really have to rub it in the poor girl's face? You of all people should know that she has feelings."

That was it. No more talking. Beck was deep in thought while his new girl picked at her nails. Robbie, Rex and Cat looked down at their shoes, trying not to pay attention to the conversation. "Why're you getting so mad about this, man?"

"Because I think I-... I just expected more out of you two, especially you, Beck, and Tori... I can't say I didn't see this coming, but I thought you would be respectful to the girl," Andre said throwing his hands up into the air as the bell rang. He turned on his heal and stomped up the steps of the main staircase as he followed in Jade's footsteps, towards the BlackBox.

Her fingers ran roughly against the keys of the Grand Piano that was placed center stage. She walked around the bench before sitting taking her place, pressing her skirt against the back of her legs as she sat. Out of habit, she cracked her knuckles before letting her fingers slide against the white and black, playing a slow melody as she let the words flow from her lips, "I swear that I can go on forever, again. Please, let me know, that my one bad day will end. I will go down as your lover, your friend. Give me your lips, and with one kiss, we begin."

Andre finally arrived at the entrance, after having to avoid the rush of students on their ways to class, and the strict teachers that prowled the halls after the final bell sounded. He slid inside without the girl noticing. He sat down in the middle row, folding his arms across the chair in front of him, letting his chin rest as he watched the girl's back. Her shoulders rose and fall with the notes as she continued to sing, "I'll leave my room open 'til sunrise for you. I'll keep my eyes patiently focused on you. Where are you now? I can hear footsteps, I'm dreaming. And if you will, keep me from waking to believe this. Are you afraid of being alone? Because I am, I'm lost without you."

"So that's what song this is!" Andre said with a smile as he watched the girl jump out of her skin. She turned to him with a glare as her hand pressed against her heart, trying to slow the rhythm.

"Why are you here?" Jade asked with a grumpy sigh, turning her attention back to the piano with a pout. "I thought you people were smart enough to realize I wanted to be alone when I ignored you all."

"I know why you ignored us, and it had nothing to do with me," Andre said as he stood up and exited the isle he was standing in. "Besides, I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Why?" she said, letting her brow furrow in confusion as she pressed another key.

"Because if I remember correctly, we used to be best friends. I still care about you."

It took her a moment, along with a sigh to simply say "I'm fine."

"You're not." Andre got to the edge of the stage and hoisted himself up. He was hesitant to walk towards her, but he pushed his fear to the side when her fingers gently began to press one key at a time, slowly. He knew music, and even though it was slow, the message was coming off sad. "You're singing one of Blink 182's sad songs. And with quite a bit of emotion."

He took a seat next to her, trying to leave as much space between the two of them as the bench would allow. She stopped playing but didn't look at him, "I said I was fine."

Andre said with a sigh, "you know that Beck isn't the only one who knows you well enough to tell otherwise."

Jade huffed and turned her gaze away from the Piano and Andre, glaring at the floor next to them, finding the glossy lacquer just as annoying as his pushy nature. "Beck was the only one to ever show it."

"Because you come off intimidating and it's hard to be nice to you because you're mean?" Andre mumbled without really thinking. When he noticed the lights in her eyes dimming more, he felt like he needed to say: "I'm sorry."

"It's fine," she mumbled, letting her fingers wonder across the ivory keys. "I'm fine."

"A fine liar," Andre said with a smirk. When she didn't make a sarcastic comment, annoying remark, or just a simple insult, he thought that maybe he could help her. "Do you want to talk-"


"Okay," he said with a nervous tone; this was going to be a long shot, but he knew he had to try. "If you don't want to talk about it, could you sing about it?"

She paused on the keys for a moment. "Don't you think that's what I was just doing?"

"Yeah, but I also think one little song could fix all this," he said. He watched her eyes. They held plenty of remorse, sadness, and pure loneliness. For some reason, Andre never stopped being able to read Jade, even after the peak of their friendship.

When Jade finally agreed to be with Beck, everything changed. Andre lost one of the friends he's had since he was eleven; the girl was attached to Beck by the hip, and hardly ever had time for any of their other friends, and it was all kind of Andre's fault. He was the one that told Jade to say yes when Beck asked her out. It had been a long time coming, but Jade was still nervous to be in a relationship with him. C'mon, he said, he'll treat you the way you deserve to be treated. For all Andre knew at the time, it was true. Then this had happened.

"That song was too slow, and too needy. That's not how you really feel. You may be sad, but you're angry. That comes before the tears, everyone knows that," Andre said. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder in a friendly manner and asked her, "Will you sing a new song?"


"Because singing, and even just listening to music, is therapy. I would know. How do I get over girls? I sing about 'em," Andre said, playing an original melody on the keys. He looked to the side at the sad girl next to her. "So when my heart gets shattered beyond repair, I get out what I need, and I sing what I feel. But normally I'm singing my own songs, not someone elses."

"But that's easy for you, you're a lyricist," Jade defended.

"And aren't you one too?"

"I've never written a song"

"Are you saying that poems aren't just like lyrics?" he toyed, smirking as she rolled her eyes.

"I'm a story teller," Jade said to him as Andre began to play a tune on the piano.

The melody was slow and steady, but the rhymes that came out of his mouth were the last thing the girl expected from this man. She only ever hears him playing songs that have a pop feel, but these lyrics were real, deep, and completely different from his style, "I've got a sickness, it feels like love, it's not contagious, take off the gloves. Drop your defenses, apply a coat of perfect, and I'll form the sentences you try to interpret. It'd all be so simple if I was right, but I'm not so I'll compensate with though. I got a lot of nothin' that you need to know, you would think he wasn't aware of your glow."

"Not exactly a story, but I know what you're saying. I'm just not in the mood to write at the moment," Jade said in frustration. She pressed her hands down flat on the keys, sending an array of sounds though the room, making her friend flinch. Then she closed her eyes and looked at him with a new side of gentle. She was staring at him softly, "but thanks for the rhyme."

Andre felt himself blush profusely, and luckily for him it went by unnoticeable as the girl went back to staring at the white and black keys. "You're welcome."

"I'm sorry, too. I just got tired of giving a fuck," Jade said with a huff. "Now there's nothing in the world to care about anymore."

"Don't you pull that one on me, West," Andre said, flicking her shoulder.

She quickly began to rub to afflicted area as she glared down at it. "Don't flick me."

"Then get these negative thoughts out of your head. You know he loves you."

"Obviously not," she mumbled as her eyes closed in painful remembrance. The touching, the kissing, the Vega. It all disgusted her to no end.

"But he was going to explain-"

"What is there to explain, Andre?" She asked, glaring at him. "He doesn't want me anymore. The only person who could ever put up with me doesn't want to deal with my issues."

"The only one you ever gave the time too. I could be your best friend again."

"Andre, that was when we were freshmen..."

"And now we're juniors. I don't get your point," he said with roll of his eyes. The bell chimed though out the school, sending down echoes though the BlackBox. "We should probably get to class."

"You should go. I'd rather just stay here..." Jade said, "besides, I plan on composing a song for you by the end of the day. Skip last period, or as many as you want. I'll be here."

"Okay," Andre said. He grabbed onto his backpack and got up. He was just about to jump off the stage when an overwhelming urge came over him; Andre turned on his heel and with strict determination, he wrapped his arms around the girl from behind, nestling his head in the crook of her neck for a second. He breathed in her sent as she tensed up, but his grip over her waist held strong before she finally relaxed. With a sigh, her hands found his as she squeezed gently. He smiled against her neck before placing his chin on her shoulder. "Call me if you need anything."

"I know the drill," she said with a small smile. "Thank you, Andre."

"Anything for you, Jade." He gave her one last smile before turning on his heel and exited the room...

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