A/N: A really short oneshot that I just had to write to get out of my head. This is my first Whitechapel story. I've only just come to realised that Kent has something of a crush on Chandler after watching episode 4 of season 3. I've gone back and rewatched season 1 and 2 but can't see anything crushing there, so I'd say this has been a slow to develop thing for Kent and now I have to had Kent/Chandler to my slash pairing list. - Not that I'm complaining.

It was a paradox. Unrequited love. You want to be near the one you desire yet being near them is painful. Especially when they don't even know you're alive. This is what it was like for DC Emerson Kent.

The young DC hadn't expected life to become so complicated and for a long time it hadn't been He'd made it thought training and his time in uniform without incident, his personal life never making its way into his professional life. He couldn't say if anyone knew his sexuality, DS Miles and the others had never said anything beyond the usual light-hearted teasing of a junior, inexperienced officer. It had all been easy.

Then he'd walked into Kent's life and everything had changed. Detective Inspector Joseph Chandler was educated, well dressed and handsome, with a way of taking control of a situation without being loud and brash. Kent had simply admired the man at first, he was the kind of copper Emerson had always wanted to be. But over time that admiration had turned into something more, till Joseph Chandler wasn't just the man Emerson Kent wanted to be like, he was the man he wanted to be with.

Kent had tried to be the kind of copper his DI could be proud off. He did what he was told without doubt or question. He used his initiative when needed and never let his feeling show, because he knew they weren't reciprocated by the older man.

But sometimes it was hard to keep those feeling locked away, painful even. When he saw the way women looked at the DI, when he had to listen to DS Miles joke about how some woman or other flirted and threw herself at him, he felt his insides tighten. It was even worse than the DI appeared interested in said woman, in those moments Kent questioned whether it was wise to stay, whether perhaps he should asked for a transfer, for his own good but to leave would be harder than staying. The thought of life away from Whitechapel, away from DI Chandler was unthinkable.

And thus the paradox that was Emerson Kent's unrequited love for Joseph Chandler.


A/N: Hope it wasn't too bad, remember this is my first effort.