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The note left Harry with a smile all day, as he kept remembering the raspberry noise the note had made at 'Mione before it fluttered back into his lap. Classes flashed past and before he knew it, he was making his way (alone, surprisingly) to the mentioned rock. Another note lay in place of Cobra; Harry was now flattered as well as curious.


Please forgive the nonsense of keeping myself a secret. I fear you would not like me if we were to meet face-to-face right now. I have left you a gift, however. I will warn you that this is a Courting Gift and once you accept it, you are publicly declaring yourself as taken. I hope I am not being too forward with you.



The gift was something Harry had only seen before and had never even touched. As much as his parents indulged him, this was the one thing he'd always wanted; a set of Mandarin-style robes done in stunning emerald with ivory silk ties. The new note flipped over and green ink appeared once more.

Should you accept these robes, my Raven, they will be yours to keep; even if you refuse my Suit. I insist you wear these at least once in public by my side.

He sighed and tucked the note into his robes along with the other one.

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