ZAGR: Aftermath ch. 2
"What does this do, per say?"

"Keeps the machines cooled."

A translator strapped to the Irken's pak translated the answer. "Ah, I see," Membrane said. "I notice the cooling fans are working at a moderate rate, that's good."

"My Tallest, why is he here?"

"Your queen requested we cheer him up, for whatever reason, and he enjoys labs most," Zim explained. Zim logged out from the computer and stood. "Speaking of her, I'm leaving. Make sure he doesn't destroy anything accidently. She may not have the best relationship with him, but I doubt she'd be very pleased if he died on any Irken watch."

The intercom on the computer's large keyboard buzzed and Gaz's voice chimed through. "Zim, they're acting up again."

"I'll be right there," he said, heading for the elevator.

"How is he?"

Zim stopped, returning to the keyboard's intercom. "Good. He's enjoying the lab tours, and he seems to have grasped the space travel finally."

"Will he be any trouble by the time we're at Irk?"

"Oh, is that your true intention? To just be sure he's mentally stable by the time we're there so he doesn't embarrass you?"

"Shut up, there are more reasons than that!"

"I'll be up in a moment."

"Zi-" Zim shut the intercom off and headed for the elevator again.

"Make sure that he doesn't leave your sight," he orders as the elevator rises and carries him up. When he steps out onto the upper decks, every Irken in the hallway stops and either salutes or bows. Zim doesn't hide the smirk as he leaves for where he knew Gaz would be: the large recreation room that had been added for when their children were born. Now that they were walking, they were harder to keep track of, forcing them to enlist what Gaz called a "nanny".

"There you are! They keep waving their antennae around, and I can't figure out what they're saying," Gaz stated, pulling Zim into the room. Zig and Gim were sitting on top of a large shelf, well out of the reach of the nanny as she stood on the floor, staring at them sternly. Both had light green skin, almost the same as Gaz's hue. Gim's eyes were ruby, like Zim's, while Zig's were amber like Gaz's. They were the size of average smeets, but had five fingers instead of three. The doctor's predicted the Irken DNA would take over as it had to Gaz, and they would end up with three fingers soon and two toes instead of the human number of five. They lacked hair as well. Zim noticed their antennae were indeed moving very rapidly as they seemed to stare each other down.

"A common way for smeets to communicate before the ability to speak develops," Zim explained. He set his arm around Gaz's shoulders as the nanny used her extra mechanical limbs to quickly reach up and grab the two.

"Damn, doctor…"


"I wasn't that conscious due to the pain killers he gave me, actually thought the names were cute when I gave them."

"They aren't to you?"

"They're my children's names, of course I like them. But I had others in mind, is all."

"Ah.. what were they?"

The nanny saw Zim and bowed quickly, taking Zig and Gim over to the plastic house for a safer area of play. Gaz inwardly sighed, never opening her mouth, and slumped against Zim. "My mother's name for Gim… I would've let you name Zig if you had been there."

"I apologize again for not being able," Zim said, pulling Gaz closer. She formed a small pout.

"At least you were there after and held them."

"They're going to be very troublesome when they're older."

"What do you mean?"

"Most Irkens are born with an instinctive and deep loyalty to the Tallest, as they still are. But since our children were born naturally, I doubt they have it… as strongly, anyway."

"They'll obey us."

"I have no fear of that. I am the new Tallest, and you are the Queen. And you have a dark aura about you that demands authority and respect."

"You're making me blush," Gaz teased, bumping her hip against Zim's. He smirked again. "Which will take thrown?"

"They're share it most likely. Just as there is always a pair of Tallest, they will rule together."

"And their kids?"

Zim chuckled. "I suppose they can fight it out amongst themselves!"

"What little faith you have," Gaz taunted. Zim moved over to one of the tables, sitting and pulling Gaz into his lap. "Not appropriate in front of the babies."

"They won't remember."

"Nanny will."

"And?" Zim asked, giving Gaz's neck a peck. She smirked herself and wrapped her arm around his neck. "Do I seem to care? No."

"No," she agreed, softly kissing his skull. His antennae twitched. He looked up at her. Her body had morphed to a more Irken form, mimicking the thin frames of the previous Tallest after she had birthed Gim and Zig. The doctors theorized if she were get pregnant again, her body may shift back to a more human frame during the time, and then shift again to the Irken state afterwards.

Zim found her attractive as a human, but as an Irken, she was more stunning. She belonged, in his mind. "What?" she asked, catching his stare.

"Hmm… nothing," Zim said, leaning back. He reached up and ran his hand through her purple hair.

She smiled, picking Gim up as she wobbled over, still learning to walk. Zim couldn't help but observe that she may not have been a good human, but a reasonable mother she will be. As their Queen and mother, she'd in the least be as loving as any human mother would be to their own kin.

…Kids. Family. Words Irkens do not use, if they even exist even more in their own language. Zim understood the meaning, though, after research. He had never, once, imagined having one of his own. They were not something Irkens thought of, or even knew the concept of, much less yearned for. Zim noticed, as he told the Irkens aboard the ship, that Gaz was pregnant they merely nodded in understanding of the situation. Knowing vaguely what it meant, but not understanding what it meant to their leader. Zim thought that was a sad thing.

Being on Earth, with so many humans and so many human concepts had changed his way of thinking. Usually an Irken met with the kind of free will those they planned on conquering would be unaffected by it, and continue with their mission with no problems concerning it. But humans had possessed a much more unique view of freedom than Zim hadn't thought of. Free will. And that meant free thinking and understanding of difference and uniqueness, a new way of thinking he hadn't been so exposed to before, what with his previous life's thoughts being filled with conquer, invasion, and death. Not very often had he seen so many of the same species locked in a building at the same time, allowing influences to set in easily. Perhaps the distance from the Control Brains had allowed those influences to seep into his pak, he would prob'ly never be certain. But he did know one thing: he liked the way of thinking humans had. It was interesting, and he was able to see it every day in Gaz, his Queen. He knew, then, that he would see it in their children as well.

Well! I hope you all liked it! Sorry it took SO LONG to get this to you. I had MONDO trouble thinking of how to put it, and the last two paragraphs, to be honest, just got dumped at the last minute because as I was finishing it, I realized: Zim view on families. What would it be like since Irkens don't have families? Especially soldiers? That progressed into how he thought of human thinking… somehow xD Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the second aftermath chapter! Uncertain if I'll do a third, but we'll see!

SO. To clear up any confusion for the next chapter, Dib did indeed die no question there on my part, but it was an epic death-WAIT THAT COULD BE THE THIRD CHAPTER.

Also, to clear up any OTHER confusion, if anyone is wondering what was accomplished in this story (if ya care about that sorta thing xD), the only thing I as the author can see as legit accomplished is that Zim finally gained control of Earth xD

Also, sorry to all, but humanity is doomed :l Well, they're dead actually, save Membrane and the few humans working as servants on the ships.

ALSO, no. Membrane did not forgive Gaz and Gaz was not sincere in her apology, she's just a really good actress, I'll edit that to make that clear xD I re-read it and realized I didn't get that across, haha xD

And I forgot to mention: the names of the babies were thought up by my sister and friend :

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