"Avada Kedavra."
The words left Bellatrix Lestrange's mouth and before he could react Sirius Black felt the force of the green light as it hit him in the chest. He franticly searched for Harry's eyes and when found them his heart broke at the look of complete devastation in the young boys bright green eyes, then he was falling. He past though the veil and all went dark.

When he opened his eyes he was laying on his back surrounded by blinding whiteness. He stood up and was looking around him when his eyes fell on a line of black about fifty feet away, taking a deep breath he started to walk towards it. The first thing he noticed was that the line of black was, in reality, a line of benches, the second thing was that there was a small group of people at the and of the line. As he get closer he realized who the people were. He couldn't believe his eyes, he saw his little bother Regulus talking was James and Lily. Regulus saw him first, tailing off with what he was saying when his eyes landed on him.

"Hello, Siri. " he said his voice an odd mix between sad and Happy.

"Hi Reg." The older black bother replied before rushing over and taking his little bother in his arms, tears rolling down his cheeks.

"I'm so sorry ." They whispered at the same time before pulling away.
Sirius embraced James and then Lily. When they pulled away they all sat down to talk. When Sirius tried to say he was sorry for not being able to protect Harry longer Lily shushed he instantly, saying that he was still being looked after. Silence overtook them as they sat, knowing that they would wait until Harry came before crossing over for good.

The End!