Warning: Drabble filled with dark themes, language, sexual acts, angst, & drama. Other than that, enjoy! :)

Chapter One:

"Run, child! Hide in the woodlands and let no man covet you!"

Gasping for breath, Bella Marie Swan ascended through the dark forest with her mother's last request whispering in her head.

The thorns of a rose bush, grazed her leg, its prickling stems needling her alabaster skin.

Blistering winds gusted through her chestnut coloured tresses, whipping past her delicate face.

It was of no use.

She had been running for minutes, hours. Maybe days.

Possibly seconds.

With nothing left to give, the throbbing of her muscles provoked a spasming pain that refused her legs to continue any further.


The scenes of destruction and villages collapsing filtered through her mind. Woods she once frolicked through as a child blurred through her vision.

A cacophony of emotions were streamed by the consequences of her innermost thoughts. Wishes.
Hopes. Dreams. Life.

All dead.

All reflected in the dirt smudged across her cloaked face.

Giving up out of pure fatigue, she huffed against a tree, its sap bonding to her sunless kissed skin. In a single glimpse, her mouth swallowed its last spittle of saliva.

Deliverance was the devil's enemy.

But Bella Marie would see no leniency on her soul today.

With her heart pounding in her chest, she fell with a thud as leather bonds tethered around her wrists and ankles.

Her stubborn protests were soon covered with a woven bag over her head that ceased her shrill cries. Being lifted atop the broad shoulder of her capturer, she fell limp in defeat.

The hoard of men cheered in triumph.

"We've got her men! Throw her body onto the horse!" a deep voice yelled.

"Wait!" The vocalization of an authorative tone caused a yielding halt. His lips dripped with venomous malice. "Warriors, are we so ready to hand over the child? Shouldn't we celebrate our conquest after traveling nearly three hundred miles?"

"But Sir James, Lord Edward of Didyme-" someone disputed.

"Will what? Crush our bones with the force of his hand?" Sir James replied disdainfully. "Surely so. But he will never know, now will he men? Think about it. Look! Look at what she bears on her back!"

The tattered garment of Bella Marie's dress was pulled downward at the neckline to reveal the symbol of the Sculpia.

"The last virgin on earth, boys. I can smell the blood from her loins. Are you so ready to just hand her over to Lord Edward?" he said sarcastically.

"Consider my proposal, faithful warriors. At twilight, we will journey back to the Providence of Didyme and tell our oh-so-great leader the girl was killed in battle..."

"But for now, we feast on our hunt like starving men to a boar. Set up shelter and bring me the bindings," Sir James commanded.

With despair overtaking her strength, Bella Marie closed her eyes and prepared for her pending death.