Chapter Twenty Eight:

Lord Edward allowed Bella Marie the opportunity to gaze at his room in awe. It boasted a powerful fire, which heated the room most contentedly. The colours around her were like blue sapphires. It was all marvelous, grand from the floor to the ceiling.

"Turn around," Edward commanded, and as she shook from nerves, she did as she was told. Edward loosened the bodice from her dress, letting it fall at her feet. Only a sheer sheath remained. He pulled the braid from her tresses, letting it cascade around her shoulders.

"Don't be so stiff, child," he chided, annoyed at her timid behavior. He fixed a glass of warm cider, handing it to her as she warmed her hands above the flames.

Lord Edward challenged himself to remain in control, but in truth, he hadn't felt the curves and contours of a woman in many moons.

Bella Marie took a sip from the goblet, trembling at the sight of the grandeur bed.

There was no one to guard her now, but she figured she ought to get it done and over with.

She set the cup aside, and climbed into the large bed, spreading her legs wide. "Take me now, Lord Edward."

Edward stifled a laugh. "What are you doing?"

"I am yours for the taking. Just…make it quick. That's all I ask," she said with confidence, but was trembling inside.

Edward climbed in beside her. "Bella Marie, you know not what you ask. If you were ever mine, it would most certainly not be quick."

"You see, I would run my fingers through your hair."

"Touch your breasts with the pad of my thumbs."

"Run my tongue along your body so that you would be certain the flames within were naught from the fire."

"I would feel your heart beating against my chest, counting each breath as I bought you pleasure you have never known."

Bella Marie swallowed, and felt a dampness in the most inappropriate of areas. "Yea?" she whispered.

"Aye, sweet Bella Marie. Now sleep. Morn will be here soon."

Lord Edward arose and poured water to cease the hearth, before heaving himself into the large bed.

He tried so desperately to stay as far away from the girl beside him, that he slept quickly and never heard the moans from her fingers tenderly touching the apex between her legs.

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