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Seth POV

I stripped down and phased joining the thoughts of Jared and Ray. I started running the perimeter.

Hey dude! Ray thought to me.

I'm here to replace you I told him

Good, Jared thought happily, I'm gonna go see Kim. Jared's thoughts disappeared a second later.

Oooh Ray sounded really excited. Speaking of girls, did you know Paul imprinted?

No way!

Yep on Leah's friend he replied laughing.

I stopped midstride. Are you serious?

Yeah! Leah's gonna kill him.

Does she know? I asked.

Not yet, but call me when she finds out. He continued laughing. That's going to be hilarious. Brady joined us and Ray left. I couldn't believe Paul imprinted on Kim.

What? Paul imprinted? Brady commented on my thoughts.

Yeah, on Leah's friend, Kim. I told him.

Oh shit! Is she the one that made fun of you?

Yeah. This is going to get crazy.


Wow, Sue is the coolest mom ever! Every time I come here and spend the night I am pleasantly surprised by the food. Someone could mistake this kitchen as a grocery store. And the pantry, HEAVEN! It's not bad food either; she doesn't try to buy healthy shit unlike my mom.

I had come in the kitchen to get some water and now I am really hungry. No one was awake though and I didn't want to be one of those people so I left and went back to Leah's room. Her room was simple and small; the full sized bed and her dresser took up a third of the room and the rest was just a bunch of junk she was too lazy to put in the closet.

Leah was sprawled across the bed tangled up in the blankets. I fought the urge to color on her face and started reading a Harry Potter book. I've already read them all a couple times each but they never get old. I like the 7th book the most and it may have something to do with Mrs. Weasley saying bitch during the battle. Every time I read it, I can't help but giggle like a third grader hearing the word sex.

Leah moaned and rolled over stretching. "Ugh, what time is it?" She asked me with a yawn.

"About 8:30." I answered easily.

"I'm starving." She said as she stood up and walked out. I followed behind her. "Cook." Leah told me.

"I can't just cook in your mom's kitchen."

"Yes you can." Sue said as she sat down at the table. "You are more than welcome to cook anytime you want. Starting now." She gave me a hopeful smile.

"OK, what do you guys want?"

An hour later, Seth came in while I was serving breakfast. I have no idea why he would be out so early. "Hey mom." He said as he gave Sue a kiss on the cheek. When he saw me, he quickly avoided his eyes and seemed nervous.

"What's wrong with you?" Leah asked him.

"Nothing." He answered quickly. Ok then. Charlie and Sue were nauseating as they flirted with each other over breakfast. Leah and Seth's dad had died a few years ago and Sue had remarried with Charlie. Seth seemed perfectly fine with this but I knew Leah had trouble accepting Charlie as her stepdad. It was even harder for her when they acted this way, and it wasn't only because of their disgusting exchange. So she was more than happy to get up when the doorbell rang.

Leah started yelling at whoever it was before she came storming back to the kitchen table. She looked furious and her body was trembling. "What's wrong honey?" Sue asked her full of concern.

Leah ignored her and grabbed my arm. "We're leaving." She said as she dragged me out of the house. A russet skinned guy was at the door and flinched as Leah pulled me past him.

"Where are we going?" I asked her once we were in the car.

"Your house." she answered simply.

"Why?" She didn't answer me so I just let her fume silently.

"Paul is such an idiot!" She yelled it so suddenly I jumped. "He thinks he can do whatever he wants and doesn't care who it affects." Her head snapped towards me. "You don't like him do you?" she asked me dangerously.

I had seen her this angry only twice before and thankfully none of the times it was at me. "I don't really know him." I answered truthfully.

"Well, stay away from him. Ok?"

"Sure." She seemed to be calming down slightly. "What'd he do?" I asked curiously.

Leah deliberated before answering me. "He's just an idiot." I nodded remembering the weird way he had looked at me last night and how he was completely crazy. "He is disgusting," She continued, "And he has no respect for anyone, especially women. He uses them for sex and then dumps them."

"He sounds like a jerk." I commented.

"He is and he has a terrible temper. Paul gets mad over the stupidest things for no damn reason. And he's violent."

"Are we talking about crazy Paul or you?" I asked her with a smirk. I'm going to refer to him by that for now on. Crazy Paul seemed to fit him.

"Ha, ha." Leah said humorlessly but I saw the corners of her mouth twitch.

I looked her over as she stared out the front windshield. "You have the hots for crazy Paul, don't you?" I asked with a knowing smile.

Her eyes widened and she looked at me like I was the crazy one. I couldn't help but laugh. "Hell no!" Leah pushed my shoulder lightly. "I have Xavier anyway." The rest of the way to my house she talked about her new love interest.

Once we were past the base gate and at my house, Leah appeared to have forgotten about the whole incident about crazy Paul. I still didn't know what had got her all worked up but I wasn't going to press her on the issue.

We both went inside and when my siblings saw Leah the first things out of their mouths were, "Is Seth here?" and "Where's Seth?" They all really like him and how could you not. He is just so cute.

"No." I answered. "Just Leah."

"Oh." Someone said and they all sort of dispersed.

"Thanks." Leah said sarcastically. "I'm glad to see you all too."

"Really?" William asked. He had the biggest crush on her.

"William, you're only 15." He shot an annoyed look at me and smiled creepily at Leah.

"Hey Leah." Samantha greeted her while read walking. (Reading and walking at the same time. If you were wondering.)

"What's up?" she responded.

"Not much."

"Cool." I rolled my eyes at their exchange. We all plopped down on the couch and turned our attention to the TV. Umizoomi was on and Leah gave me a look. I smiled and continued watching.

"We have some news." Daddy said at dinner. We all stopped eating except Jeanette. Please don't be having a baby.

"I'm getting out of the Army." Mom announced. At least it's not a baby. Everybody had something to say and Daddy had to yell at us to shut up the noise.

"Are we moving?" Mary asked once everyone was quiet.

"No, we're staying in Washington and moving to Yakima." Daddy replied. I made a face. Who wants to move to a place called Yakima? They continued on to tell us that we were leaving in a week and to start packing. Unfortunately this applied to me for the next few months because I'm taking a semester off from college. I am a huge procrastinator and I didn't send my applications in time. I'm not ready to commit to a college yet anyway, there are so many opportunities and I need more time to decide.

I sat on the floor in the room I shared with Samantha and called Leah. I told her about moving to Yakima and before I hung up we had plans to move in together and be super awesome roomies!

Samantha walked in as I hung up and sat next to me. "Hey."


"I've been thinking and we should go to Washington State University." she told me.

"I hate Washington. Why would I want to spend four more years here? College is my escape from this gloomy place." I reprimanded her.

"It's not that bad." She tried to reason. "It's very. . . . green."

"Oh right, and I'd want to stay here because it's my favorite color." I said sarcastically.

Samantha looked confused. "I thought your favorite colored was red."

I rolled my eyes. "I was being sarcastic."

"Well, you have to go to WSU." she told me crossing her arms.

"No I don't."

"Yes you do because we have already been accepted and I told them we'd go." My older sister smiled proudly.

My face darkened. "You better be kidding." Her smile slipped away.

Samantha jumped up and started to run; I was right behind her. "Daddy!" she screamed as I tackled her to the couch and tried to hit her. She was flailing her arms in my face so I couldn't connect with anything.

My parents were able to pull me off. "What the hell is wrong with you two?" Daddy yelled.

"Samantha told WSU I would go there without even talking to me!" I yelled furiously. "I don't want to go there!" I whined.

He stuck a fat finger in my face. "Don't raise your voice at me." He warned. I made an ugly face at him and he flicked my forehead. "Why the hell would you do that?" Daddy asked Samantha in a loud voice.

"She was never going to decide what school to go to, so I chose for us. WSU is a nice school."

"WSU is a nice school." I mocked.

Daddy sighed, "I'm tired and I want to go to bed."

"What are you going to do about this?" I questioned him.

"There is nothing I can do. Go to WSU with Samantha or don't. I don't care but you better stop fighting in my house." He warned.

Mom chimed in. "Sisters don't fight." We all shot her a look. We have always fought and we've always been sisters.

As Samantha walked past I punched her in the boob. She turned around and punched me in the face. I stumbled but didn't stop and I launched myself at her. This time I was able to get in quite a few hits.

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