Pokemon The Next Generation

The early morning sun was just beginning to peak over the mountains near Pallet Town. The sky was a mix of brilliant oranges and purples and the surrounding wildlife was just starting to stir. Deep within the large facilities of Prof. Oak's Laboratory was a locked vault. Within the vault lay eleven pokeballs in a glass casing on a display. The pokeballs lay soundless when suddenly one began to glow a brilliant blue.


Melissa shot up, wide awake from her sleep, something had just called out to her.

Hey sleepy head, time to get your lazy butt outta bed Mike called to his sister. Melissa just stared grumpily at him and gave the other boys a death glare. Last night they had dragged to a river nearby where they took fun in throwing her and Katie in, it had become somewhat of a ritual on every time they passed a river on a hot day. The girls would be thrown in then the water wars would begin between them and the guys.

Melissa crawled out of her sleeping bag and lazily plopped herself down next to Paul and let loose a yawn. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and leaned against her boyfriend. Don't tell me you're still tired from yesterday Paul stated.

Melissa yawned again uh huh, I hardly got any sleep last night. I keep getting these weird dreams she claimed.

What kinda dreams? Ann asked as she sat with the group. Ann Star was a pokemon trainer that was following the group of friends through the valley until Jamie Ketchum was reunited with them.

Well it always starts off the same way Melissa explained, I find myself on some grassy battle field with lots of pokemon trainers and their pokemon but they aren't fighting each other

s right! Katie sounded surprised, They're attacking something in the sky! she finished.

Yeah, did you have the same dream to? Melissa asked Katie.

Katie nodded I sure did she answered.

It was strange, it felt so real, the sounds, the sights even the smells seemed real. It's hard to believe it was all just a dream Melissa concluded.

That's because it wasn't a dream you two, it did happen Eric cut in.

What on earth are you talking about boy? Melissa laughed in disbelief.

He's not joking love Paul told Melissa while taking her into his embrace.

Katie looked at Mike, not knowing whether to believe this or not. Mike simply nodded to her and stroked her hair. How horrible she moaned.

Well I'm glad you told us about this because now we can tell you what we were suppose to tell you all those months ago Eric said, trying to hide a bit if a smile.

What was that? Melissa asked.

Remember a few nights ago I told you two that your world didn't exist, that you belonged here? The girls nodded, they were still trying to get over that fact that it might be true, that they could never go home again. Well you two belong here. Katie, Paul is your rightful brother as Mike is yours, Melissa.

So how on earth did we get into that other dimension and grow up there, it seemed so real Melissa stated.

Eric nodded It's a long story so lets clean up camp then me and the boys will tell you three girls everything, meaning you two Ann, this counts for you as well.

Ann agreed.

It didn't take long before the group had finished cleaning up camp and now they all sat around what was left of their morning campfire as they listened to the boys stories. Eric was the one to begin A number of years back, when Me and Jamie where still ten, Team Rocket started creating the worlds next ultimate pokemon but something went wrong with the experiment

Paul nodded Instead of becoming a full bodied pokemon that had a physical form it became almost spirit like but not like a ghost pokemon.

I remember seeing it in my dream, it was just like a dark cloudy mass whirling around in the sky Melissa said.

That's basically it Paul said, In 1998 Team Rocket's new experiment escaped and began to destroy everything in its path. Having no physical form, the pokemon couldn't be captured and it was very hard to fight so trainers from the Diamond islands were chosen to destroy it.

How come only from the Diamond Islands? Ann asked.

Trainers from the Diamond Islands we extremely powerful and to be in that league you have to prove yourself over and over that you are an extremely capable trainer and very powerful, if the league sees that in you, then you are invited to their league. No trainer has ever turned up that opportunity. Only 42 trainers have ever been through the Diamond Islands, that's how powerful and picky they are. They only want the strongest trainers. Paul Explained.

So get on with the rest of it! Melissa urged.

Eric continued on The trainers had managed to chase the thing' to these very islands were we all battled with all our might but even with all the trainers and the Legendary Elite that were fighting it was not enough. With lots of people and pokemon injured and dying the two leaders of the Legendary Elite decided that they would seal up the monster in a vortex so it would never bother anyone ever again.

The boys lowered the heads as Mike continued on But that's when the unexpected happened. Once the vortex was created, the creature had managed to make it much bigger and stronger so he wasn't the only one that was sucked into it

Trainers and 3 three legendary elite members were sucked into the vortex and were never seen again including Articuno. They were all presumed dead when one scientist discovered a breakthrough. With a little help of technology and a little pokemon help he discovered that the trainers were indeed still alive and that within the vortex, although in a coma, the humans had all been able to establish some sort of subconscious contact with one another and create for themselves their own little dream world to live in to stay alive. A scientist had used a little device he created and brought it to the one island were it all happened and with the help of some psychic pokemon he was able to open the vortex and safely retrieve the trainers and bring them back to us.

Most of the trainers laid in a coma for years until they finally they all began to wake up one by one. We found out that everyone of them was suffering with amnesia but slowly were regaining their memories so in order for them not to freak out and get upset that they couldn't got back to reality' we made up a lie about the temporary guardians and stuff. Slowly everything's coming back together, even Articuno has been reborn because Arty is that very proof!

But how come we saw and actually felt Gary, Ash, Misty or James push is into this world. It felt so real! Ann said with Melissa.

Eric shrugged I guess it was just was thing your minds made up to keep you from going into shock and that message was passed along to others in that vortex as you were all pulled out one by one

Melissa crossed her arms and gave Mike a questioning look So how come I was at Professor Oaks house when I woke but?

Mike grinned sheepishly Well you see, me and um, dad were suppose to come and get you before you woke up but you sorta did over there and messed everything up a bit but everything's fine now! Mike chuckled.

Melissa sighed and turned to the other two boys So what happened to the Legendary Elite and their pokemon?

Eric frowned The Legendary Elite has been trying to help their three friends recover by taking them through these same islands to help their memories come back faster. Their pokemon are being held by my grandfather until the appointed time when they feel they are ready to go back and retrieve them.

What about the legendary pokemon? Ann asked.

The legendary pokemon decided to stay in their pokeballs and be held in safe keeping by the professor until the day the L.E returns for them, but now there isn't much time left Eric stated.

The 3 girls asked.

Because, the seal to the vortex is slowly deteriorating and the creature inside is trying to break out to finish the job he answered.

The girls looked plenty upset.


Melissa sighed to herself as she cuddled into her sleeping bag for the night. So much had been revealed to her that now her new main focus was trying to recall everything that had to do with her past.


Cid was on his cell chatting with his boss and guardian, Giovanni who had orders for him.

Giovanni: I'm having my new laboratory build off to the side of the valley and we need more workers

Cid: Sure boss, any specifications?

Giovanni: Not really, although Chris is getting very bored so who ever you get will be his new trainee Giovanni chuckled.

Cid: I pity the poor fool I do choose and he hung up. I know just the person too Cid said hushly as an evil grin crawled to his lips. He looked over at his team mates, all had the same look as he did and he was sure they all had the same person in mind.

Inky blackness surrounded a Melissa but her eyes remained closed as she sensed a familiar presents.

came a deep soothing voice.

Who's there? Melissa through her mind.

She opened her eyes to see a creature of flames suddenly appear. Who are you? she spoke in her thought, but suddenly the flaming creature disappeared instantly with a brilliant flash.

Dazed and confused, Melissa shot up to a sitting position when she was suddenly gagged by someone putting a cloth over her mouth and she felt other quickly begin to restrain her and tie her up and drag her away. Sadly Melissa's muffled screams could not be heard by the sleeping group as one of her captives finally pelted her over the head, temporality rendering her unconscious.