~Chapter 3~

Melissa sat in her cell that night. She had gave Chris the usual trouble but most of it smart ass remarks. She closed her eyes and thought of Entie and her dreams, why would Entie want to protect her though, and when *did* she capture Entie. None of this was making sense but then again maybe it did. She recalled the talk the group had about the Legendary Elite. Was she one of them.

But all the legendary pokemon are in their pokeballs so how_ Er the is confusing! Melissa said with frustration.

Just then the lights of all the cells went low, it was 11 o clock. Time for action. Melissa went to her cell door and jiggled the locked door. They hadn't done the best job of fixing it because the door came loose instantly. She stuffed a rocket into the locket hole for easy removal later then closed the door. The rock kept it from locking. Now all they had to do was wait for the guard to make his rounds. Melissa looked to see Rachel and Psychic in the other cell across from her finally finishing up with the lock on their cell. The girls grinned evilly to one another before looking down the hall from their inside their cells.

It didn't take no more than fifteen minutes before they saw the guard make his first round. It was then the girl's heard Matt call the guard over for a chat. Rachel had told him to make it interesting this time so his full attention would be on him.

Today's topic: Wolves!

Melissa giggled as she heard Matt use his multitalented skills to distract the Rocket Grunt.

TheTimberwolf(CanisLupis).TheTimberwolfusedtohavethewidestrangesofallmammals.IthadroamedovermostofEurope,northernAsiaandNorthAmerica.Whenthesettlersarrived,thewolvesslowlydisappearedfromthevastareasandthesurvivorsweredrivenintounsettledareasofthecountry.InCanadaB.C,theTimberwolvesnumbersaredwindlingtoanalltime lowthrough3ofthemostcontroversialissuestheBCgovernmenthasdealtwithovergenerations.Huntingandtrapping,poisoning,andlossofhabitat. Melissa heard Matt say.

She crept out of her cell and did Rachel and Psychic, she looked at Rachel and whispered I thought we told him no boring topics

Never mind that Psychic said, I don't think he breathed within those first five sentences.

Five? I thought it was all one big one Rachel giggled. With enough said, they quickly went back to their mission.

The rocket that was listening to Matt's gabbing felt his eye lids begin to feel mighty heavy and his systems begin to shut down. A little thing called sleep was taking over him. Just then he felt something gag him and throw him down to the floor. Melissa, Rachel and Psychic had brought the Rocket Grunt down and had easily tied him up. They removed the rocket's cell keys and let the boys out then threw the rocket in.

Nighty night Melissa chirped as she closed the jail door and took off after the others.

Are we going to set the others free to? Rachel asked.

We will, Melissa answered, But we'll leave that to the police after we get our pokemon and get out of here

We have to get to the office without anyone seeing us Eddie explained, I've seen that place at night, a lot of the times it's heavily guarded so we have to be super careful

Let's move it! Rachel said and ran off towards the half built laboratory to retrieve their pokemon.

Eddie was right about the place being guarded, all over the lab there were Team Rocket watch men out but thanks to the cover up of night and the building materials that were still lying around, getting passed them proved to be much easier then they had thought. Finally the trailer was within sight and best of all there was no guards.

Must be our lucky day Psychic said

Yeah, no guards in sight so lets just get our pokemon and get out of here Rachel said.

Melissa and Matt were doubtful, this seemed to easy, even for team rocket. Still they approached the trailer, Melissa and Matt keeping a watchful eye out for trouble. Rachel turned the knob to the trailer handle and with a click the door opened. They all looked at each other, how come this seemed way to easy?

They went inside to find files, papers, the usual office set up. No one was inside, luckily for them. They approached the only desk that was in the small office. They keep the pokeballs in one of those draws Eddie said. I saw that when they captured me and took away my pokemon.

Melissa opened one of the desk drawers. She smiled And on the first try to she said reaching in and pulling out her belt. Every retrieved their pokemon and they start to celebrate when Well it looks you were right Chris a feminine voice said from the doorway.

Everyone turned their heads to see 3 figures standing in the door way. Chris, Flate and Dark Angel.

I believe I was, DA Chris said to Dark Angel. Okay Melissa now be a good slave and go back to the cells before I have to get rough. A gleam seemed to appear in his eye at his last words.

I' don't think so Melissa growled. Houndour, GO! Melissa cried as she released the pokemon. Use flamethrower! she commanded.

Houndour spued his flames at the rockets and before either one of them could get hit they jumped out the door. the kids took the chance without second thought and escaped.

Get back here! Flate yelled.

Oh yeah, they're really going to listen to you Dark Angel said sarcastically.

Shut up DA Flate snapped as all three rockets started to chase after the escaping slaves.

Houndour use sm_ Melissa was cut off by a mysterious fog that quickly came in.

I can't see anything Rachel called.

Everyone grab each others hands. I saw this in a pokemon episode once when Ash was going to Saffron Melissa said.

Matt spoke. They did as Melissa suggested and they ran like the wind to get out of the building site. They made it up to the wooded area when the fog finally lifted.

That was strange Melissa said.

Yeah, it went away as fast as it came* Rachel noted.

OCTILLARY, WATERGUN! came a shouting command from out of no where then a blast of water burst through the trees, knocking the group of friends to the ground, all of the soaking wet.

Psychic reached for a pokeball on her belt and threw it Meganium, Solar beam!

The giant grass dinosaur pokemon took no time at all to power up and fire the deadly beam of hot sunlight right at the octopus pokemon. The beam hit its mark with outrageous force and rendered the pokemon unconscious.

Espeon, sickem! Dark Angel yelled as she released her pokemon.

Matt yelled. A beam of light shot out from his side, his Murkrow had released himself.

The dark bird pokemon didn't waste a second as it vanished into thin air, confusing the Espeon then appearing behind it and ramming it at breakneck speeds. That was a cheap trick Dark angel yelled as she returned her pokemon to it's pokeball.

Just then Melissa's houndour made another reappearance and so did Flate's Scizor. The clash was instant between the two pokemon as both used a powerful hyperbeam. Melissa turned to her friends Get out of here, I'll hold them off she ordered.

We'll get help Rachel yelled and lead the group away from the battle. Melissa whistled to her houndour and took off in another direction. The team Rockets quickly gave chase, ignoring the others. Melissa ran through the dense forest until she ending up at the construction site once again. She cursed herself for taking some unknown wrong turn but kept on running.

She ran right into the site and into the half built laboratory, Dark Angel, Flate and Chris a good distance behind her. She started up the stairs to make her way to the top of the building where they probably wouldn't find her. She kept opening and closing a few doors on her way up at random to confuse them so that ought to keep them busy trying to find the way she actually went.

Melissa breathed a sigh of relief. She had managed to get away from them now there was only one more thing to take care of. How to get down from a fifty story building. I could use Pidgeotto but I might be to heavy for him. Melissa thought out loud and then returned Houndour to his pokeball.

How come I knew you'd be up here A voice said from behind her. Melissa looked to see the 3 rockets she had been running from and this time they brought reinforcements. Now instead of three there were thirty! Melissa cursed herself again she should've learned never to under estimate rockets. Now she had no choice, she *had* to use Pidgeotto to get out of there.

Without any warning Melissa jumped off the roof and began a rapid free fall towards the ground. She reached for Pidgeotto's pokeball but when she tugged on it the ball couldn't come off. Oh Crap! she said and she closed her eyes unwilling to look at the death that was about to befall her and that's when she hit something fuzzy. Melissa opened her eyes and gasped to see that she had landed on Entie's back. Entie had just saved Melissa's life!

The giant fire dog pokemon was had caught Melissa in the air and landed with amazing grace and ease then Melissa heard it speak Hold on tightly now and the dog jumped into the air again this time began its assault on the laboratory as Entie fired one flamethrower after another. The attack pelted up against the building, various parts beginning to explode and crash towards the ground. The agonizing cries of rocket recruits could be heard as the laboratory fell to the mighty power of Entie. Entie finally retreated to a safe distance, turned around and let loose an enormous fireblast which in turn engulfed the entire building area in flames and just seconds after the flaming attack was followed by an explosion.

Entie stood in the safety of the shadows as he continued to watch Team Rockets building crumble and turn into ash before him. With a final huff the pokemon turned around and walked away from the scene, Melissa, who had fallen unconscious on his back due to her fatigue, now safely with him.

~The Next Morning~

Paul sat alone in his tent listening to the radio. Apparently four kids had reported a team rocket operation a few miles back toward the middle of the valley. Paul was certain that's were Melissa had been but the names of the slaves and only survivors had already been released and Melissa wasn't among them.

Paul lazily got out of his tent and decided to take a morning stroll to get his head straight, Melissa couldn't be gone could she? Paul groaned miserably to himself as he continued his walk. He stopped for a mere moment and looked up at the sky Oh God, I'll do anything to have Melissa back, I'll even give up all that makes me a guy, Just please give her back! he cried out.

Came a questionable voice from just ahead of him. Paul looked as his eyes nearly popped out of his head because standing there as Melissa looking quite confused. Paul rushed up to her. How did you escape? asked Paul sweetly into Melissa's ear. she answered. Paul thought fopr a moment But that can't be possible, Entie is in Proffesor Oak's Lab.' No matter though, he held her tightly and embraced her with a passionate kiss, but in his mind he thought Dude, you really now how to play a sick joke

From a good distance away Chris, Flate and Dark angel stood there and watched the two lovers. They had not been caught in the fire and had escaped from the law. So what do we do now? Dark Angel asked.

Easy DA, Flate said, We go one our own journey.

Just like they did Chris said.

Unnoticed by any of the three former rockets a clocked figure with bandaged arms hid in the trees watching them.

To be continued
Who is this cloaked figure? Could it be Audrey? What will the group face in their next challenge? Find out next time in Pokemon The Next Generation.
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The snap of a twig forced the man to look in the direction of sound. There! hiding amongst the shadows! it glowing eyes, the sound of it breath, it was all to ready. The young man raised his spear, being a mighty hunter he would not let this thing' get the better of him. A creature like this could bring in lots of money to keep his family secure for many years. The man wasted no moment and he launched his spear at the animal. The eyes vanished followed by the sound of it's breath. He had missed and it would be a careless mistake. As he leaned down to get the spear, jets of warm air streaked down his back. Foamed saliva dripped onto his shoulder.

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