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Janine shook her head as she watched her boss storm out of her office towards the safety of the main CID office. Louise Hogg was a begining to be a pain in the rear end but she knew the DSC was not going to give up easily. Worse still, the blonde woman was right. Her team were still nowhere near catching the person who had killed an illegal immigrant in the local nightclub. Sighing heavily she looked up as Richard walked in the room.

"You ok?"

"Yeah." She smiled slightly as she tried to focus on the presence of her friend rather than the thin blonde that still managed to get under her skin.

"Still up for the pub later?" Janine frowned as Richard raised an eyebrow. It was obvious she hadn't really been listening to him. "Janine? You sure you're alright?"

"I said so, didn't I?" Richard shook his head as he followed her out of the office, oblivious to the stares of Butchers, Shapps and Kat. The newest member of the team smiled as her two senior officers continued bickering as they prepared to leave.

"Guv?" Butchers pushed his glasses further up his nose as Shapps and Kat shook their heads slightly. Even Shapps could see now was not the time to interupt the senior officers.


"What was that all about?" Butchers watched as Kat smirked. A gang of teenagers yelled and laughed as Kat turned her back towards them. She was off duty and didn't need to hear all their noise. Instead she focused her attention on her two friends from work.


"Back there, in work." He picked his pint up from the bar as Shapps tried his best not to laugh. With all the will in the world DS Butchers was not the most perceptive man in the world. He narrowed his eyes as Kat innocently sipped her lager.

"Dunno." Shapps teased as the barmaid appeared with his pint. "Boss looked a bit fed up though didn't she?"

"It's this case." Kat shrugged. "How can you investigate a murder and catch the killer when no one wants to talk to you? I mean someone must know something about this girl's death. Someone has to be missing her somewhere in the world."

"You'd think." Butchers sighed. "But that ain't what I meant though."

"You mean." Shapps stared at his friend as he tried not to smile. "The Boss and the Guv? Mate, you know as well as I do that whatever is going on between those two is better left alone."

"You think the Boss and the Guv? Richard and Janine?" Kat was suddenly all ears. Her drink long forgotten.

"Nah." Shapps sighed. "Things would be much easier for us if there was something going on. Them too arguing is beginning to do me 'ead in." He shook his head as a pretty blonde woman in the far corner of the bar caught his eye. Before either Kat or Butchers could say anything else he made his way over to the woman and started chatting away.

"So much for having a drink with your mates." Kat smiled as Butchers shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah." Butchers watched his friend began laughing at something the blonde said.

"You really think there is something between The Guv and the Boss?" Kat was eager to get back on topic. Office gossip was usually thin on the ground so there was no way she was going to let any pass her by. Butchers nodded as he sipped what was left of his pint.

"Yeah, I reckon so. I reckon she's got more sense though."

Kat shrugged as she rested her drink back on the bar. She couldn't really believe her two senior officers were quite as hapless as they seemed.


"Bed." Janine ruffled Tom's hair as her youngest son shook his head. "Come on, the baby is asleep. Even Michael has settled down for the night."

"Michael is stupid."

"Now, that's not very nice. He has his moments." She smiled as Tom rolled his eyes. "Bed."

"Are you ok, Mum?"

"Don't change the subject. Go to bed." Tom turned to face her.

"Now who's changing the subject? Have you fallen out with Richard?" The eight year old was genuinely worried. "Like you fell out with Dad?"

"No." She smiled slightly, wondering just how much her little boy had seen. She knew he was the most sensitive of all her kids but hated to think of him sat worrying about her, especially now Pete had been talking about moving abroad to work. "No, we are still friends."

"Then why didn't he come in when you came home from work? He always comes in for a cuppa and to see us when he gives you a lift."

"You like Richard, don't you?" She smiled slightly as the little boy yawned.

"Yeah. He's cool. He knows how to set up the Wii. Dad doesn't know how to do that and Richard makes you smile. You never used to smile when Dad lived here. You cried and you shouted alot but you didn't smile very much."

"Ah." Janine was lost for words as she thought about what he said. It was true, she did feel happier when Pete wasn't around. Richard did make her smile. "Right then, on that note young man you have school tomorrow so off to bed. Richard and I are fine." She smiled as he raised an eyebrow at her.


"Really, now go on. I'll be up in a minute." Tom nodded happily as he bounced out the room. For a moment she wanted to pick up the phone and call her friend. Shaking her head she turned away from the phone and headed off upstairs after her son.


Richard picked the steaming mug of coffee from the kitchen table as he stared at his mobile. He knew he had been winding Janine up for the last couple of days but he just hadn't been able to help himself. There was something between them, he knew it. He knew she knew it too but she was still his boss. Closing his eyes he held the mug as he wondered if they could ever be more than they were now. Would Janine always be just his friend and just his boss? He sighed heavily before pouring his drink down the sink and wandering off towards his bedroom. Whatever was there was going to have to wait.


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