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Ellie rolled over as she heard the key in the lock. She had barely been asleep for five minutes when he heard the muffled voices of her auntie, Richard and surprisingly her Mum's voice seemed to be the most intolerant of them all. Smiling she heard the door to Tom and Michael's room open. Smiling slightly she rolled out of bed and padded towards the staircase where Tom was sat listening to the adults down stairs.

"Tom." Ellie whispered as she sat next to him.

"Auntie Helen is really annoyed." Tom yawned as Ellie smiled.

"When isn't she?"

"Mum is back."

"Yeah." Ellie nodded. "I heard." Tom rested his head against Ellie's shoulder as his sister smiled.


"Oh wind your neck in." Janine glared at her older sister.

"I didn't have to take on all four of your children, you know."

"No." Janine sighed. "Thank you for looking after them but I am home now and it wont be long before they are back to their usual routine."

"Usual routine?"

"Michael back at Uni. Ellie stressing over boys and picking her AS subjects. Tom back at school and playing rugby and my baby will be back at playgroup." Janine stared at her as Richard stood in the doorway. He had already glanced up to see Ellie and Tom sat on the top of the stairs. He smiled slightly as he turned back to see Janine and Helen staring at each other. The older sister shook her head.

"And I suppose you intend to look after them and yourself by yourself." She scoffed as Richard stepped closer in to the room. Janine stood a little straighter as Richard stepped behind her.

"She isn't on her own."

"I." Helen shook her head and glared at the detective. Janine wasn't sure whether she wanted to kiss Richard or hit him. Helen narrowed her eyes.

"I'm back, and thankfully I am ok."

"You had major brain surgery less than two weeks ago." Helen shook her head.

"I know. I was there."

"Janine, do not be facaetoius."

"I am not being." Janine sighed. Richard rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Look, you pair will wake the kids at this rate. Haven't they had enough?" Richard felt Janine relax under his touch.

"True." Janine closed her eyes. "Helen, look."

"No, I'll be back in Hull by Thursday." Helen shot Richard a death glare before turning on her heel and marching up the stairs. The sound of footsteps scurrying back to their bedrooms made Richard smile.

"She took it well."Richard smiled.

"For her."

"What is it with you and your sister?"He sat next to her on the sofa as Janine rested her head back against the sofa.

"Long, long story involving me, her and Pete."

"He never?"

"Dunno." Janine shrugged. "But well, she's my sister."

"Yeah but."

The door to the living room opened again. Janine didn't even bother to look up as Helen stood in front of her.

"Nothing happened with me and your sodding ex husband." Janine shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't care." Richard watched the two sisters as Helen huffed. "He's not my problem anymore, just the dad to my kids. No actually, sperm donor seeing as he couldn't be bothered to get back here when they were about to loose their mum."

"True." Helen huffed. "I'm going. I don't want to be gooseberry and Michael has been saying he is more than capable of looking after the family."

"I am more than capable of looking after myself and my kids." Janine huffed as Richard rested a hand on her arm.

"And I see you are not alone." Helen huffed as Janine turned to see Richard staring at her.

"She isn't." He smiled slightly as Janine nodded. Helen walked in to the hallway to call her taxi as Richard ran a finger along Janine's jawline.

"This." Janine almost whispered. "This could be something? You really think?"

"Yeah." He smiled as she looked at their hands. Somewhere during Helen's tirade she hadn't realised she had taken his hand.

"Despite all the crap?"

"Yeah. Despite Pete, Helen, Shapps and Butchers taking the piss."

"Because, they will. Oh Hogg."

"Stuff her."


"As I said. Despite all the nonsense, Mason and the work we could have something. Me and you. If you want. Once you are back on your feet again. That is."


"Yeah?" He stopped babbling and faced her.

"Yeah." Janine smiled. "I think we could."


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