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Itachi was still lying on his bed, half asleep, when he suddenly noticed something; the building was quiet. It was never really loud, but there were always the sounds of people walking around, others breathing, and the feeling of their chakra, but right now, there was absolutely nothing. Frowning against the dull pounding in his eye sockets, he sat up, the now nearly dry cloth falling from his face onto his lap. A glance at the clock told him he'd been lying around for about two hours, and a quick reach-out of his chakra let him know he was completely alone, not another soul in the nearby vicinity.

"That's not right," he muttered to himself, setting the cloth neatly on his bedside table. There were always at least two people at the base, and there was never a time when all of the Akatsuki was out at once, unless there was an emergency of sorts. He swallowed and his frown deepened. Had something happened, and they'd had to evacuate, without having the time to alert him? No, that couldn't be it... There was nothing and no one that would be able to take them all on and live to tell the tale. So what was going on?

He was about to get up and look around the base, when suddenly he felt an oncoming chakra, a familiar one, but he was too out of it to match it to a face. Calmly, just in case, he grabbed a kunai from the middle drawer of his bedside table and crept out the door and down the hall. He would have activated his sharingan, but it really wasn't worth it; plus, he had to cut down on that. Already his vision was becoming blurrier. He was walking quietly down the hall, poised for attack, when he caught a fraction of the chakra, again; this time he realized who it was. He dropped his arms and let the kunai dangle loosely off his middle finger.

"Sheesh," he heard a voice murmur from around the corner. "Where is everyone? Hmm." Itachi slipped around the corner, his stomach doing a ridiculous and stupid (if you asked him) motion upon seeing the familiar, long, blond hair and golden skin, slightly scratched up and dirty with soot. Clearly, he'd been having a hell of a time with his exploding art, and damn, did he look good all messy and filthy like that...

"Hey," Itachi said to tear himself out of his staring before it could turn into some freak daydream or something. Deidara yelped and whirled around, his eyes wild and mouthed hands held up in an attacking pose, but he relaxed once he saw who it was.

Well, he relaxed in the sense that he knew someone wasn't about to attack him... He wasn't exactly calm, not after that talk with Kisame.

"Itachi," he said in a sort of strangled relief, avoiding the Uchiha's searching black eyes. "Where is everyone?"

"That's what I was trying to figure out." Itachi twirled the kunai around his middle finger twice before sticking it in his white belt.

Deidara frowned, like he was thinking about where they could be, but really he was just extremely nervous. His heart did a weird tugging thing, and his fingers twitched.

So. They were completely and totally alone, no one around for miles?

I swear to god that if I get a case of nervous diarrhoea right now, I will kill myself. He remembered Kisame's words, telling him to make the first move. No, wait, I'll kill Kisame, it's his damn fault. Sushi sounds good. Yeah. Shuddering in repulsion he muttered angrily, "Damn fish, I bet you anything he has something to do with this."

"Kisame?" Itachi asked, a faint trace of amusement in his voice. "What do you mean?"

Deidara looked up at him nervously, and Itachi thought that if looking adorable could kill, he would have spontaneously combusted right then and there. The blond's voice was unsteady (which internally made Itachi squee—shut up) as he said, "Kisame... he wanted me to do something... I guess he thought it'd be better if no one else was around, hmm." Yeah, he probably just felt bad for me and got everyone out so they wouldn't see me making an ass of myself!

He was shaking enough for Itachi to see it. He frowned, wondering what had him so damn nervous, but even he had to admit that Kisame had been acting a little fishy lately...

No pun intended, of course.

"Well... what did he want you to do?"

Deidara's face paled. "Uh... well."


Blue eyes were staring hugely at the wall behind Itachi and Deidara tried his best to stay calm. So... according to Kisame, Itachi wanted him just as bad as he wanted Itachi, right, and he just had to make the first move if he wanted anything to come of it? Well, the fact that Itachi liked him back was great, he was thrilled, but the damn bastard had to go and be too damn shy to do anything! Which is where the problem came in. Deidara was clueless on what he was supposed to do! He had no experience liking guys, heck he had no experience liking girls.

The closest thing he'd ever had to a relationship like that was that one time Hidan had gotten him and Sasori hammered— Deidara couldn't remember anything from that night besides blinding heat and ecstasy and Sasori screaming his name, which he really preferred to forget. He was, however, positive on the fact that he was still a... virgin, in the back door, so to speak, which comforted him a bit... but not really. He refused to think he fucked his best friend and preferred to just not think about it at all.

So, he didn't know what to do to make the first move, and didn't know what to do if anything happened after... It was all very embarrassing, actually. Like, fuck! I'm nineteen goddamn years old! What if he did something Itachi didn't like? And then he decided he didn't want him anymore?

He knew he was over thinking it, but seriously...

"Are you even in there?" Itachi asked, his eyebrows drawing together as he grabbed the blond's cheeks in his palms and forced his face upwards, making their eyes meet. Deidara resembled a deer caught in headlights and his cheeks burst into red heat at the proximity of their faces. They were so close, he could see each little eyelash that framed the taller man's dark eyes. Itachi smelt so good, and his eyes were actually concerned (probably for his sanity), and his hair was still untied, creating a thick black veil around his mesh covered shoulders, and holy fuck he's touching me no one pinch me fuck—

"Hey, listen to me," Itachi was saying, shaking Deidara's shoulders lightly. "What's gotten into you?"

"Please tie back your hair, it's making me nervous," Deidara blurted, before slapping his hands over his mouth in embarrassment. Why, mouth? Why? Why would you say something so fucking retarded at a time like this? He groaned as Itachi frowned and slowly put his hair in a messy ponytail, looking at Deidara as though he was crazy.


"Oh god," Deidara muttered in shame. "I'm sorry, I just... uhh." His brain stopped working again when he looked up at Itachi, who was looking back down with a look of amused concern on his face. "Um, hehe." Itachi's face was so close... Oh my fucking god Deidara, you are a complete idiot! It's just Itachi for fuck's sake! "Uhh..." Fucking brain! Work!

"Spit it out." Itachi raised an eyebrow. "Come on, Dei, you're freaking me out."

What? Itachi called me... I have a nickname? Ooohh...

When Deidara didn't respond and just stood there stupidly looking at him, Itachi sighed. He shook his head impatiently and slapped Deidara on the cheek, shouting, "Deidara!"

Deidara finally snapped out of his idiotic trance-like state and his eyes widened in shock. "Jeeze, sorry," he said hastily, putting a hand to his face. The mouth on it opened and the tongue poked out to lick the tender skin, and he didn't miss the way Itachi's eyes drifted towards it with a barely repressed look of desire. Deidara was going to make a fool of himself, he knew it, he wasn't experienced enough for this! Itachi was so gorgeous, so smart, so skilled, so perfect, and he'd been so popular back before he'd killed his clan... he'd probably had plenty of relationships and lots of experience in this field. Would he even want Deidara knowing that he had none whatsoever? "I was just... er, thinking... hmm."

"Do you always space out like that when you're thinking? No wonder you don't do much of it," Itachi said sarcastically, but he was smiling. Smiling, for real. It was a tiny one, but there nonetheless. Deidara had never seen Itachi really smile before and he stared for a moment, almost captured by the beauty of it, but he shook himself before he could go into another weird nervous breakdown trance thing.

My god, I am such an idiot. "Shut up, I think all the time, un."

"Mhm." Itachi's hands were still on his shoulders and his smile turned into more of a lopsided, sarcastic smirk. It looked damn good on him, and Deidara almost felt envious; No one should be allowed to look so perfect all the time.

"I do!" Deidara protested, grabbing the front of Itachi's black shirt, ironically, without thinking. "I've been thinking nonstop for the past two weeks, so don't go and give me any crap about how I don't think! Hmm!" Despite what he was saying, he just now realized what sort of position this put them in; it was almost an embrace, with Itachi's hands on his shoulders and his own fingers clutching at his chest. He could feel Itachi's body heat through it, and the hardness of his body, and it made his heart beat quicker.

"Uh... you were talking about something Kisame wanted you to do?" Itachi reminded him, still smirking a bit. Since he never really smiled, today was weird.

Deidara's fingers tightened in Itachi's shirt and he swallowed, looking down. Bad mistake. He was holding the shirt so hard it had lifted a bit, showing a sliver of creamy skin. His eyes snapped away and before he could chicken out he blurted, "Kisame wanted me to make the first move." He tugged Itachi closer, his throat feeling like it was stuffed with cotton. This is going to end badly... I don't even know how to kiss!

He knew Itachi was staring down at him in confusion, his cheeks painted a very faint pink. He felt the slightly taller man's heartbeat quicken, and heard his breath catch. "First... first move, you say?" Itachi questioned, his eyes flickering between each of Deidara's. He licked his lips, and Deidara died a little bit on the inside. He couldn't even remember how it felt to hate this man.

"Yeah... first move. I don't... I've never... I have no idea what I'm doing," Deidara admitted. Itachi seemed shocked, but Deidara ignored his nerves and pressed his body close to Itachi's, biting his lip. Before he could talk himself out of it he shut his eyes tight and pulled Itachi's head down to meet his, throwing caution and any anxiety to the wind as he melded their lips uncertainly together.

Itachi tensed up in shock for a moment, his fingers tightening on Deidara's shoulders, disbelief hitting him like a ton of bricks. He felt the warm lips on his, and felt the lean, hard body moulded against his own, but what was happening didn't completely register. His eyes drifted down, and upon seeing the determined, desiring flush on the bomber's cheeks it dawned on his that yes, this was really happening; Deidara was kissing him. Those lips that he'd stared at for minutes on end and always wistfully assumed were never to be touched by him were on his own, uncertainly but firmly moving in what had to be the most arousing sexy way. He let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding and his hands dropped from the blond's shoulders to his hips, pulling their bodies even closer together.

What the hell is going on here? Deidara... there's no way he feels the same...

Deidara parted his lips to take in a shaky breath, and his heart skipped a beat—or three—when he finally felt Itachi respond by parting his own lips just slightly and pressing back with just enough force to push Deidara gently into the wall.

"Oh god," Deidara choked out as Itachi hands trailed down his arms to grab his wrists, which he pinned against the wall above Deidara's head. He tentatively poked his tongue out to trace the seam of Itachi's lips, which must have been a good move, if Itachi's shudder was of any significance. "Itachi—" he tried to say, but instead found himself pressed harder to the wall, not enough space between their bodies to slide in pin through. He felt something in his stomach curl hotly when Itachi nibbled at his lip. Shyly he parted his lips, and barely a second later, he felt Itachi's tongue invade his mouth, sliding along his own in such a sexy way that Deidara felt his knees wobble.

With a gasp he pulled away, panting slightly. "Uh...I..."

"Way to kill the mood. Don't tell me you changed your mind," Itachi growled, and Deidara was alarmed at the sound of it, but in a good way. It was almost as if Itachi was a starving animal, which, to be honest, made Deidara feel very tingly and out of breath.

"No, sorry, I didn't, I just... I've never really... you know, done anything," he babbled, "well except for that time I was drunk with Sasori, but never mind that, and you'll probably—"

Itachi seemed relieved. "I don't care, Deidara. I've wanted this for so long..."

The blond's eyes widened a little bit in disbelief. "But you... you can't tell me you've never done... anything like this. You were popular and—"

Itachi shook his head. "I had no time for anything like that."

"But— I mean, you're hot, you're so smart, you're perfect, you must have—"

"Deidara," Itachi interrupted curtly, planting a short kiss on Deidara's rambling mouth. Instantly Deidara shut up, clamping his lips shut and turning beet red. "I've never had feelings for anyone before, nor have I ever felt sexually attracted to anyone. Why would I do anything with someone I didn't want?"

Hearing Itachi practically admit out loud how he felt about him, Deidara made a ridiculous nervous giggle, which made Itachi's lips twitch up. "Uh... I don't know," the artist said, trying to ignore the amused smile forming on Itachi's face and the fact that he'd just laughed like some dumbass love-struck schoolgirl.

"But you... you," his face burned, and he tore his wrists out of Itachi's grip, glaring at the floor, "how are you so good at it then?"

"Am I?" When Deidara awkwardly nodded, Itachi muttered "huh" and raised an eyebrow. "Beginner's luck?"

Deidara made a strange squawking sound. "That was your first—?"

"Obviously. Did you not hear what I said five seconds ago?"

"You really never—"

"Deidara," Itachi interrupted again, sighing. "I'm one hundred percent a virgin. Before that, I'd never even kissed anyone." His voice was rather strained, like he was trying very hard not to do something. Deidara supposed he was trying not to do him, and he felt slightly guilty. Stupid insecurities.

"Sorry, I just, well I figured I'm not all that great, and I know the Uchiha clan was known for being really attractive and I just thought you would—"

He was once again cut off by the gentle press of Itachi's lips on his, and somehow it made all his worries ebb away. "Deidara," Itachi said, his annoyance barely repressed. Damn, he loved this guy, but he was so irritating. Couldn't he tell how bad Itachi just wanted to flip him over and screw him into the wall right now? "You're beautiful. Now shut up and let this happen."

For a few moments, Deidara just gaped at him. He finally nodded, deciding that he was being a complete idiot. "Okay," he said simply, sounding more like himself now. When Itachi leaned down again, he put a hand on his chest, pushing him away with a small flush. "But can we go to our room first?"

Itachi scowled, clearly frustrated. His eye twitched. "Deidara—"

"Look, I'm not trying to be annoying, but I really don't relish the thought of someone walking in and seeing us." Deidara tugged his arm and started to drag him down the hallway, ignoring the death glare Itachi was throwing at him. "Can you imagine if we were doing, uh, you know, and our leader walked in? I think I would kill myself. Or Tobi. Missions would never be the same. I'd be so pissed, 'cause he'd completely ruin the moment." He opened the door, still talking. "Oh, my god, or Hidan. Man, we would never hear the end of that—"

He cut himself off with a yelp as Itachi swung the door shut and shoved him onto the nearest bed—Deidara's—and climbed on top of him. "You really need to learn when it's a good time to shut up, Deidara."

"I babble when I'm scared. Sorry. It's a habit... I never realize I'm doing it. Hmm. I mean, I'm not really scared, I'm just sorta a bit nervous about this since I've never—" His mouth snapped shut when he realized Itachi was glaring at him. "Sorry. Doing it again. I'll stop."

"Finally," Itachi muttered, ignoring the look Deidara gave him. He leaned in close, his hair falling around Deidara's face like a waterfall of Chinese ink, and Deidara flushed. He smelled so damn good; he wondered if Itachi would taste as good as he smelled. The kiss from earlier had been too quick and he'd been freaking out too much to do anything except panic, and now that lust was coming back, nesting in the pit of his stomach and making his body tingle.

"Can I kiss you now, or are you going to start talking about some other unrelated bullshit again?" Itachi's cool breath hit his face, and Deidara shuddered.

He rolled his eyes as he reached his hands up to tangle them in Itachi's black hair. "You can kiss me, bastard," he said, trying to make his voice its usual cocky self even though on the inside, his heart was thumping in nervous excitement at the look of absolute carnal lust in Itachi's dark eyes. Before he could start babbling nervously again he shut his eyes tight and pulled Itachi's head down to his, and this time it didn't take Itachi long to kiss him back. Deidara poked his tongue out again and moaned when Itachi took it into his mouth and sucked gently on it, pushing him down further into the bed. Before long both of their breaths were ragged and they had to pull apart to breathe, during which Itachi leaned back and sat up on Deidara's thighs.

In a blur of movement, he grabbed the kunai from his belt and sliced Deidara's shirt open, throwing it aside and then peeling his over his head just as quickly. Deidara stared wide-eyed at the pale, hard chest and washboard abs, fighting to keep from drooling. His heart was beating so quickly he could feel blood rushing behind his ears, and his entire body tingled in anticipation. He was so busy gawking at Itachi's bare chest that he didn't notice right away that Itachi was running his fingers over the stitching on his chest, fingering it in an almost curious way. When he felt the thread get pulled, his eyes flickered down to his own chest.

"What're you doing?" he asked, his voice breathless and almost frightened. There was a strange look in Itachi's dark eyes, and he didn't really know what to think of it.

"There's another mouth here, right?"

Deidara bristled. "Well... yeah." Itachi smirked, and something curled in Deidara's stomach. "Why?" he asked, feeling his heartbeat accelerate. He bit back a whimper and allowed Itachi to undo the sewing on his chest, wincing slightly as it pulled on his skin. Itachi let the thread fall to the ground and, still with that strange smirk, looked down at the bigger mouth opening on Deidara's chest. Something clicked in the blond's head.

"Oh, that's gross, Itachi."

Itachi's eyes narrowed. "You don't even know what I'm thinking about."

"You're gonna kiss it? It'll like, eat your entire face."

"Hmm," Itachi murmured, ghosting his fingertips across the mouth's opening. He slid in a finger and Deidara slapped a hand to his mouth to muffle a gasp; that felt really weird. He wasn't sure yet if it was a good weird or a bad one, and all he could do was shudder as Itachi added another finger. It felt intrusive and wrong, but it made his entire body tingle with pleasure.

"O-oh, god, I don't think that's a g-good idea..." he moaned, jerking slightly when the tongue lapped at Itachi's fingers. "It's so g-gross... S-stop..."

Itachi had no idea it was such a sensitive place, but from the way Deidara was whimpering one would think he was touching something else. He took his fingers out of the mouth and said, "It's obvious you like it, though. "

"It's weird," Deidara said, making a face. He blushed. "But you're right... it felt... uh, just do it again, I guess..." And so Itachi did, except this time he leaned down and kissed the corner of the mouth, flicking his tongue across it rather than his fingers. Deidara was clearly not expecting that and gasped, a strange mangled moan bubbling out of his mouth as Itachi's tongue dipped inside and awkwardly but very hotly started to kiss the bigger mouth. It was so creepy and bordering on disgusting if you asked Deidara, but he couldn't deny that it felt amazing; better than a normal kiss, good enough to send a multitude waves of pleasure up and down his spine and tingling through his entire body. Who would have thought it was such an erogenous place? Something started to curl unfamiliarly in his stomach and he whimpered, his hips jerking up on their own accord.

Itachi let out the first full-on moan Deidara had heard so far and it was such a sexy sound that he felt himself get even harder and his pants get even tighter. Pushing Deidara into the bed with his hands, Itachi lowered his hips onto the thrashing ones beneath him and grinded into them, a long, hard friction that had them both moaning and panting as he did it over and over again. The feeling of it and the sheer hotness of the younger ninja squirming under him made him feel close to the edge already. Deidara's hands grabbed onto Itachi's forearms and the mouths bit down, but Itachi didn't care; seeing Deidara losing it like this was enough to distract him from the pain. He pulled away from the mouth on his chest to kiss the one on his face.

After a quick kiss he leaned down and nipped uncertainly at the base of Deidara's throat, encouraged when Deidara tipped his head back and moaned, giving him more skin to attack. He ran his hands down Deidara's chest, the smooth skin wet and hot under his fingers, and bit down hard enough to make Deidara jerk and whine in pain, and then moan as he licked the wound in apology. His hands brushed across the hard nipples on his blond's heaving chest which he took between his fingers and pinched lightly. Deidara arched into his touch, his mouth falling open in a long moan and hand mouths biting down into the blankets. Itachi pulled away from Deidara's neck and looked at the mark he'd left with a smirk; that would last for a while, and it gave him a weird sense of satisfaction that everyone would see it and know that Deidara was his.

Deidara sat up suddenly and pushed him onto his back. Surprised, Itachi stared up at him. Deidara was grinning, his blue eyes sparkling. "I'm really not the patient type, you know," he said, his breathing heavy. Itachi smirked; he'd been the one to make him like this.

"Why the sudden change in attitude? One second you're moaning like the little virgin you are-"

"We are."

"—And the next you're pushing me back and telling me this. You're really bipolar," Itachi commented, smirking at the glare Deidara shot him.

"You're taking too long," Deidara said back stubbornly. "If you don't hurry it up," his voice was a weird sing-song, "I'll be the one bending you over, 'Tachi."

"I don't think so," Itachi murmured. "It's not like you weren't enjoying it."

"I was. I just wanna get on with it. We can experiment another time, but right now, I just really want to get on to the main event, hmm." He fingered the button on Itachi's pants, and Itachi swallowed heavily as his fingers brushed over the very painful bulge under the stretched taught black material. He nodded and decided Deidara was right; they'd both been waiting a long time for this, apparently, and he too really wanted to get to the best part. He batted Deidara's fingers aside and quickly undid the button as Deidara grinned and did the same. Pants aside, Deidara pulled him up into another kiss, sort of surprising Itachi by fighting back and not just letting Itachi control the kiss. He liked this sudden change, however, and pushed Deidara back, putting them in their original position.

"Hurry up. No more foreplay," Deidara murmured, his hands slipping underneath Itachi's underwear so quickly Itachi didn't even have time to register it before Deidara was squeezing his aching erection. He shuddered and his arms nearly gave out, but before he could do anything Deidara's hand was gone from where he needed it and was tugging at the waistband of his boxers. He kicked them off and practically tore Deidara's off.


"Oh my god, shut up. I'm trying." Itachi's voice was testy and he shot a glare down at Deidara, but the blond just stuck his tongue out and wiggled his hips. Itachi rolled his eyes and looked around. "I need lube," he said, his voice showing the first sign of awkwardness yet.

Deidara shrugged. "Use spit," he suggested, sticking his tongue out again and wiggling his hands. The mouths on them stuck their tongues out too.

Itachi supposed they really didn't have that much of a choice and held out his fingers, sort of awkwardly. Deidara's right hand intertwined with them and wasted no time coating them with saliva, and after listening to Deidara whine at him to make it quick because he was "fuckin' desperate, un" pulled the blond's legs up. Deidara got the idea and wound one around Itachi's waist, propping the other one up on his shoulder, his stomach clenching in nervous excitement. He'd never had anything up there before, but he did know that is should feel amazing— once you got past the pain. Hidan never shut up about it, and Deidara supposed he would be finding out if it was that great after all.

One glance at Itachi and he decided that it would be, since he was giving himself to Itachi. The brunet seemed as nervous as Deidara did, although he was much better at hiding it— the only way Deidara could tell was from the slight tremble in Itachi's hand as he slowly lowered it to the puckered entrance between his cheeks, and the crease between thin black eyebrows. He felt Itachi's slick middle finger prod at it and jerked at the feeling, making Itachi look at him in alarm. Deidara let out a breath and nodded, signalling for Itachi to continue.

"Hurry up," he repeated.

Itachi hesitated, a flush creeping up his cheeks. Deidara couldn't help but smile and huff in amusement as Itachi said in a small voice, "This is my first time doing anything like this, excuse me if I'm a little bit nervous."

"Just do it, Itachi. You'll never know how it is unless you try, and it's my first time too, un. Just do what comes naturally."

"Okay, it's just— I don't want to hurt—"

"We're ninjas," Deidara interrupted, flipping his bangs away from his left eye. "Pain is an occupational hazard." This was so damn weird. Shouldn't Itachi be the one calming him and telling him everything would be okay? "I wouldn't do this if I wasn't ready for a little pain." While he was talking, he reached down and grabbed Itachi's fingers, leading them closer to his hole as Itachi's cheeks reddened and he swallowed. "Put the first one in," Deidara instructed.

His body tightened as though trying to reject it when Itachi finally came to his senses and did as he was told, making both of them groan. Itachi halted again, looking down at Deidara with a furrowed brow and worried eyes. Deidara exhaled slowly and wiggled a moment, not entirely sure what to think of the intrusive feeling, but he nodded as a signal that he was okay.

"Another one, c'mon," he said breathlessly. He winced when Itachi forced another one in and curled his fingers into the sheets, tears stinging at the corners of his eyes. Okay, that hurt, more than he'd thought it would. He felt Itachi tense up in worry again and forced himself to ignore the pain. If the blurred memory of that night with Sasori and Hidan's constant yabbering meant anything, the pleasure he would feel would be ten times the pain. So he just had to suck it up.

"Move your fingers," he ground out. He moaned in a strange mixture of pleasure-pain when Itachi did, but not before adding the last finger. It was slow and he ignored Deidara's complains to hurry up, because he wanted to make the experience as painless for him as he could, but eventually Deidara's whimpers of pain turned into a strange moaning pant as he started to rock onto his hand, his eyes twisting shut.

"I-Itachi, I'm r-ready, please..."

"Are you sure? You're still—"

Deidara interrupted him with a throaty cry as something inside of him was struck with the blunt end of Itachi's fingers. "Fuck!" His entire body jolted and his fingers curled into the bedsheets.

Itachi pulled his fingers out in alarm. "What?"

"Oh god," Deidara was moaning. "You better hit that spot again." His eyes fluttered open and he scooted closer to Itachi. "Come on, I'm ready. Take me. Please."

Itachi nearly chuckled in amusement— Deidara was like a spoiled little kid asking for candy at the store. He nodded and planted his hands next to Deidara's head, kissing his lips softly before he grabbed himself in one hand and started to push in, not giving himself a moment to hesitate again in fear of hurting Deidara. The blond had made it clear that he didn't care about the pain all that much, and he clearly wanted this now— it would be mean to take long just to calm himself down. He slowly slid into the blistering, tight heat, his head falling down so that his forehead was resting against Deidara's as the blond's face twisted in agonized pleasure.

"Bigger than the fingers," Deidara choked out, his voice a high-pitched whisper.

Itachi stroked his cheek with his thumb and kissed him again, trying to distract Deidara from the pain as he continued to very slowly push in. Deidara whined, his hands moving up to pull at Itachi's hair so hard Itachi felt like his scalp was tearing.

"H-hey," Deidara choked out when he pulled away to catch his breath, trying not to squirm too much as his body got used to the much bigger intrusion. "Go-nngh- faster, you're taking t-too long—"

"Goddamnit, wait," Itachi breathed, clenching his jaw to keep from losing control and pounding Deidara into the sheets before he was ready. The heat around him was so tight that he thought his head would explode from the sheer feeling of it, but he continued to slide in, stars blooming behind his eyelids. Deidara made a sound of pained pleasure and his hands curled in the sheets under them, his chest heaving. His dick twitched and Itachi was sure that if he had one less sliver of self restraint he would have started drooling everywhere. "I don't want to hurt you too bad," he said breathlessly.

"It's l-like a band-aid— Do it f-fast or it h-hurts—"

"I don't think that's entirely true..."

"I don't care, just do it-nghh, please, I n-need—" He cut himself off with a cry as Itachi quickly shoved in the last few inches. "S-see? I'm fine," Deidara panted after a few seconds, even though it was clear to Itachi that it hurt, a lot. He tried to imagine what it would feel like, but he was too distracted by the inferno squeezing him so perfectly. Deidara clampepd his eyes shut, his face screwing up in pain and shakily said, "Start moving."

"But... you're still in pain..."

"I-I'm fine, I just need you to move, 'cause if you don't, I'm gonna go limp."

Itachi was still taking deep breaths, trying not to lose his self-control. "How can you be so... mouthy even... at a time like this?" Hell, even Itachi could barely string two words together. Deidara let out a little laugh, and gave Itachi a sideways smirk, his eyes opening. They looked into Itachi's, and the Uchiha swallowed; he'd never seen such a heated, desperate, sluttish look in his entire life, and damn in that didn't almost make him come right then and there.

"Mouthy? I do have four, hmm." His voice was very amused and strained. "That could be why." Itachi looked down at him, his hold on himself slipping and his mood becoming slightly irritated. Didn't this guy ever shut up? Oblivious, and still smirking, Deidara went on, "And I'm gonna use all three of 'em to bite your dick off if you don't start moving already, I swear to—Oh fuck!" He threw his head back and shot a hand to his mouth to muffle a scream as Itachi snapped and started pounding into him, so hard the bed that was bolted to the floor made creaking sounds. The pain faded away almost instantly and pleasure shot through his body, making his brain turn to mush and his mouth scream profanities without him even realizing it.

Once Itachi finally got past the 'holy fuck, this is tight' stage, he licked his lips and stared down at Deidara, who was already a moaning mess of lust and sex on the sheets. His blond hair was spilled all around him, contrasting starkly with the black sheets and his tanned, wet skin. One mouthed hand was covering the agape, drooling mouth on Deidara's face, not doing anything to muffle the loud sounds coming from it. He felt strong legs tighten around his waist, and when Deidara yelled, "Harder, you damned weasel!" he decided that this was not acceptable; Deidara wasn't allowed to be this coherent.

He took Deidara's hand and shoved it away from his mouth, capturing the blond's wet lips in a hard, passionate kiss, and at the same time doubled the force of his thrusts. If Deidara had been loud earlier, he was thunderous now; a raw scream ripped from his throat, swallowed by Itachi, as that spot inside of him was struck. Each of his nerves burst into flames and he squirmed on the bed to try to escape the almost unbearable pleasure that exploded in him every time Itachi hit that spot. Itachi couldn't contain a small moan as Deidara tightened even more, enough so that tears sprung in Itachi's black eyes, and slid his tongue into Deidara's mouth. Nearly sobbing, Deidara wrapped his arms around the brunet's neck and grabbed handfuls of thick black hair, making the kiss harder and all that more sexy.

"Hahhh... 'Tachi, mmso close," Deidara panted against Itachi's mouth, his stomach tightening as something inside him curled into a tightly wound mass of heat. Itachi nodded his agreement and sped up, making Deidara fall back onto the bed and shudder. He was obviously too shaky and weak to keep himself leaned up to continue the kiss, and Itachi felt about the same; his arms were trembling as he drew nearer his end and Deidara tightened until it was almost unbearable, and he knew he was only still going by sheer will. Deidara lifted one quaking, sweat-covered arm and placed him palm at Itachi's teeth-gritting mouth, looking up at him with nearly-black pupil consumed eyes, his eyelids fluttering, and for a second Itachi was confused. Well, it wasn't his fault that Deidara was so damn sexy and tight that he could barely remember his own name right now. After a moment, the palm-mouth poked its tongue out and licked the seam of Itachi's lips. Itachi's breath hitched and he looked down at Deidara, but the blond's face was screwing up in such intense ecstasy that he was no help to anything but making Itachi a lot harder and a lot closer to his climax.

He opened his mouth and pressed it to the palm-mouth, attacking it much like he had the mouth on Deidara's face earlier. He didn't know how something so weird could be so hot, but kissed it with all he had nonetheless, and Deidara's moans turned into something closer to screams, his voice hoarse and raw. Itachi groaned at the sound and wanted to hear more; never leaving the palm-mouth's lips, he took one of his hands off of Deidara's hips and brought it between them to grab the base of the blond's twitching cock firmly. That was all it took for Deidara to let out a scream so loud Itachi was sure his throat tore, his body starting to spasm as his fingers and toes curled and rope after thick rope of seed exploded into Itachi's hand. His walls tightened more than ever before, and Itachi let out a choked cry as his body got thrown into orgasm without any warning. It hit him like a speeding truck and his hips jerked forward uncontrollably as Deidara grabbed his hair and kissed him, harder than any other kiss they'd shared, both of them moaning into each other's mouths, riding out their orgasms together.

When it was over, the both lay there panting for a few moments, never parting their lips. Itachi wiped his hand on the sheets and pulled out of Deidara, who sighed in sleepy satisfaction, rolling them over. Deidara curled into his chest, still kissing him softly.

"I love you," Deidara whispered against Itachi's lips, tears of joy staining his cheeks as he fought to hold onto consciousness. "I don't know why I ever hated you..." His eyes fluttered shut, and all Itachi could do before he blacked out from the sheer power of his climax was whisper back,

"I love you more."


"Why's it so quiet in here?"

Kisame turned to glare at Tobi, who was bouncing on the balls of his feet, looking around the Akatsuki base like he actually expected to find an answer lying on the floor somewhere. The masked man squeaked and started to loudly claim he was a good boy, but Kisame interrupted him with a sigh.

"Will you shut it?"

"Sorry, Kisame-san, I just—"

"Just hush," Kisame growled, straining his ears. He couldn't hear anything; Tobi was right, it was dead quiet in here. He smirked and wordlessly walked away from Tobi and towards the rooms. Tobi ran after him once he realized Kisame was ditching him, and said, "Where ya going?"

"I'm going to check on Itachi, see if Deidara... took care of him." He chuckled.

"Took care of him?" Tobi repeated obliviously. "Does Deidara know medical ninjutsu?"

"Oh, Tobi," Kisame laughed darkly. "You're so blind it's sad." He stopped in front of Itachi and Deidara's door, which was hanging partially open. His grin widened as he peeked inside and caught a glimpse of two bodies curled up together on a bed, passed out. Mentally, he squealed in joy, but since he was Kisame, and Kisame was badass, he just kept quiet except for a snicker, shut the door and smirked back at Tobi, who still looked confused.

"What? I don't get it. Is Itachi-san okay? What did Deidara do?"

Kisame shrugged, baring his teeth in that sadistic grin of his. "Look if you want."

Tobi approached the door hesitantly. "Is it... okay in there?" He seemed to have picked up on the fact that he was missing something. His voice trembled. "There's no blood, is there? Oh, no. Is Itachi-san dead? Did Deidara kill him? I always knew he was going to lose it and just cut his head off one day. Why are you smiling like that? I don't get it! What happened?"

"Deidara just gave Itachi something he's needed for a long time," Kisame said casually. "Listen, you can look or you can walk away. I'm not telling you what went on, so if you're that curious, it's up to you." With that, he walked away, laughing like a maniac in his head. He heard Tobi titter, and then slowed down to listen as he heard Tobi push the door open...

"Oh, they're sleeping, awww. You had me worried, Kisame, I thought they killed each other or someth—Wait... what the..." Tobi gasped then, slamming the door loud and screaming, "AAAH! MY EYES! THEY BUUUUUURN!"

Kisame leaned against the wall, grinning as he watched the scene unfold. Tobi was screeching, running around in circles and holding his head like he expected it to fall off at any moment. There was a squawk and a thump from inside the room, presumably Deidara falling off the bed, and a sudden spout of colourful curses and Itachi's grumbling.


Itachi's tired, muffled snicker. "Can't walk?"

"SHUT UP, YOU WEASEL!" Deidara shouted. "I CAN WALK FINE!"

"AAAAHHH! MYYYYYYY EEEYYYYYEESSS!" Tobi was still screaming.

"SHUT UP!" Deidara yelled.


"Ugh, great, I have a headache again..."

"I THINK I'M GONNA GO GOUGE MY EYES OUT WITH A RUSTY KNIFE AND POUR IN HOTSAUCE SO I CAN GET RID OF THIS SCARRING IMAGE! AAHHHH! NAKED SENPAI! NAKED ITACHI-SAN!" Tobi sobbed, now swaying back and forth like he was about to faint. "Tobi is a good boy. Tobi is a good boy... what did Tobi do to deserve seeing this?"

"GODDAMNIT!" The door flew open, revealing a very angry, dishevelled Deidara. His blond hair practically crackling in fury, waves of almost homicidal rage visibly roiling off of him, he growled, "Can't I get a moment of peace after I finish having the best sex I'll ever have in my entire life? A moment of sleep after finally being able to be calm and fucking happy enough to sleep without getting interrupted by freaky dreams or some shit like that?" he ranted, not seeming to remember he was still bare naked for everyone to see. "No, of course not, 'cause I live with a bunch of FUCKING IDIOTS!" Tobi had stopped screaming by now and was inching away, fearing for his life. Kisame watched it all, barely able to repress snickers.

"Deidara, just calm down," he heard Itachi say, but Deidara made a roaring sound.

"OH HELL NO! I WAS SLEEPING! MY ASS HURTS! WE WERE CUDDLING! IT WAS CUTE! I just wanna lay there but no, Tobi you had to go and ruin it!"

"Why did I have to fall for this dumbass?" Itachi muttered, but Deidara was too busy advancing on a terrified Tobi to hear. Kisame was kind of scared too and backed away a bit, prepared to run the hell outta there should Deidara suddenly turn on him.

"Tobi?" he spoke up, waving to get the masked man's attention.


"You know... If I was you, I'd run."

Tobi 'eep'ed and turned on his heel, booking it down the hall, flailing his arms as he continued to wail. Deidara hissed like some sort of demonic being—Kisame half expected him to start spitting venom—and tore after him, tiny little bomb butterflies popping out of his hands and chasing his partner. They disappeared from sight, and Kisame peeked into Itachi's room.

"How's it, partner?"

"This headache is going to be permanent now," Itachi said glumly.

"Hey, I don't think it's so bad. At least now your sexual frustration won't be so permanent."

Itachi stared flatly at him. "Shut up, Kisame."

"Alright," Kisame said, chuckling. "Want a Tylenol?"

"Wet cloth," Itachi muttered, crawling under the soiled blankets. "Ugh, Deidara is so annoying. My head is pounding." Just then, a loud BOOM and Deidara's sadistic cackle rang through the base, followed by Tobi's screaming.

Itachi groaned, and yelled, "Keep it down!"

"'TACHI, I DON'T NEED YOUR BASTARD ATTITUDE!" Deidara yelled back, and Itachi sighed, face planting into the pillow.

Kisame grinned again as he turned to get Itachi what he asked for. Another explosion went off somewhere in the base, and Deidara's whoop of glee, Tobi's cries, and Itachi's irritated cursing and swearing made his grin widen. He shook his head.

Well... obviously, some things would never change.


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