Adventure Time in: Fire in your Heart

This is my first story written in Fanfiction, It happend a few hours after the incident with the Flame Princess and Finn the Human in Incendium.

I do not own anything of Adventure time and the characters except the ones I created.

It was late at night and Finn was in his house laying on the bed already knowing that beemo and Jake the dog are asleep but Finn couldnt. He can still feel the burn on his left cheek from the Flame Princess who he had fell in love with, "why can't I go to sleep" Finn muttered to himself.

(Mean while)

The Flame Princess was leaning onto the balcony at her room looking over the land of the Fire Kingdom seeing her royal subjects and soldiers wandering in the streets, she was angry and confused remembering what happen that night.

FP's Flashback

I was burning the treehouse because Finn said that he doesnt like me, I feel anger toward the Human, while I lighting the treehouse on fire, fireworks flew and exploded in the air above me, I felt the liquid from the firework hit my body, it felt very painful to me and I started feeling weak, I fainted not knowing what happen.

I slowly open my eyes and see Finn holding me in his arms, I stare at his eyes for a minute. I pushed him off of me and yelled, "you... whats wrong with me huh? you dont like me?" "I like you" Finn responded, I gotten confused and blushed all of sudden but I quickly gotten back to my senses.

"whats wrong with you?" I yelled, then I slapped Finn on the face leaving a red handprint on his left cheek, "dont you ever mess with me again" I said, I flee from the treehouse heading back to my home.

End Flashback

FP shook her head, "Does Finn really likes me or not? why can't he ever make up his mind?" she thought. FP sat on her stone chair and look herself at the mirror, "am I pretty enough for him?" she muttered playing with her hair.

Finn was still laying on his bed thinking about FP then he heard knocking coming from the window "who could that be?" he thought. He got out of his bed seeing who was knocking, he opened it seeing Flambo, "yous should go see da Flame Princess right now" "but what if she doesnt-" Flambo cut him off, "Finn this is your last shot to be with the girl of your dreams."

Finn smiled and agreed with the little Fire creature, he put on his regular clothing, grab his green backpack, and traveled with Flambo to the Fire Kingdom.

Later Flambo and Finn finally made it outside the Fire Kingdom, Finn stopped, "hey Flambo how am I gonna get there without getting myself on fire?" Finn asked. Flambo smiled, "waaay ahead of you" Flambo said as he began chanting and spit on Finn's forehead creating a flame shield for him, "sees now you gonna be just fine but remember this stuff doesnt last forever so use your time wisely" Flambo warned.

They continue walking in the Fire Kingdom. Finn look around and see the Lava giant walking in the lake of lava, and many species of the fire people. Finn walk into one of the areas what seemed like a market. The fire people were staring at Finn suspicialy, then they gotten back to their normal routine.

Finn later made it to the castle and see a flame guard guarding the entrance. When the flame guard saw Finn he had his weapon pointing toward the human, "you are not allowed to be here Finn the Human" the guard said with anger.

"But I want to talk to the Flame Princess immediatly" Finn said in a calm tone, The guard gotten more angry and fire surrounded him, "this is your last warning either turn back or I have no choice but to execute you" the guard snarled, Finn turn around and walked away in tears.

Flambo was playing with rocks then he gave a puzzled look when he saw Finn walking toward him, "aints yous supposed to be talking to the princess already?", Finn sighed, "I try to get inside but the guard won't let me even see her" Finn said in sadness, Flambo started thinking then he looked up and smiled, "I just got an ideas of how you gonna see her Finn", the human look at Flambo with a smile.

Few minutes later Finn was climbing on the walls of the castle toward FP's balcony hoping that shes inside, Finn heard Flambo yelling below, "now dont let go Finn or yous gonna be a scrambled egg" Flambo laughed, Finn roll his eyes and manage to hold on to the edge of the balcony, he had his other hand on the balcony and jumped over it, "that was close" Finn thought.

He walked inside the princess room and see FP brushing her beautiful hair, "uh Flame Princess" Finn said nervously. FP jumped out of her stone chair surprised of seeing Finn in her room.

FP stared at Finn in anger and fire appeared on her hands, "I thought I told you to not to mess with me again" she yelled, Finn took a step forward toward her not showing fear, "look what happened was not how it exactly happened just please let me explain" Finn said, the fire that were in her hands started to disappear, she stood calmly crossing her arms wanting to know what Finn was gonna say, "go on."

Finn felt nervous but said calmly "well you see, my brother Jake the Dog, he has magical powers which will allow him to stretch and manipulate his body to any shape", FP nodded thinking it started making sense to her, "and I was in love with Princess Bubblegum when she keep rejecting me I then felt heart-broken, Jake was trying to help me find a girl to like then you know all the rest."

The Flame princess walk closely to Finn and smiled, "so... you really do like me?" she asked, Finn nodded feeling his heart beating rapidly, "with all my heart my lady" he responded, FP drew a tear and hugged Finn tightly with her head on his chest, Finn wrap his arms around her feeling her soft skin.

"But I know you're not really the prince of the grasslands and I don't really know how my father never even heard about you Finn the Human" she said making Finn laugh.

They stop hugging and stared at each other eyes, they close their eyes and were about to kiss, they both gotten interrupted by a shout coming from outside.

"Yo Finn hurry ups your flame shield is gonna end soon, I swears by the gods that you stays any longer you gonna be a burnt marshmellow" Flambo yelled outside the castle wall, Finn sighed holding FP's hand, "I see you tommorow FP" he said.

Finn was fixin to climb off the balcony but he felt FP tugging his shirt, he look at her, then FP kiss Finn's cheek making him blushing and he started climbing down on the balcony and landed safely on the ground, FP smiled watching Finn running out of the kingdom.

later Finn walk inside to his room seeing Jake still asleep, he put on his pajamas and lay on the bed then gently went to sleep dreaming about the Flame Princess.

Its all I can do for now but im making a new chapter in a week or two, I would also like to get your comments of my story, and if I need any corrections or did anything wrong either message me or put it on the review.