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4 months later (Sunna is now 5 months pregnant)

Sunna was sitting on the couch playing Beemo while eating a bag of chips as Finn was cooking breakfast for her. "Breakfast is ready Sunna" Finn yelled across the room.

Sunna kept playing her video game, "You can bring it over here Finn" she said munching on the chips.

Finn sighed but he listened to his wife giving her a plate of eggs, bacon, and grits. He began to notice that she was gaining a few pounds. "Wow you're getting fat" he said. His eyes widened knowing that was the worst mistake he ever said.

Sunna turn her head slowly at Finn with a very angry look as she was loosing control of her powers but luckily the furniture they bought had materials that is resistant to fire except the controller that Sunna was holding gotten melted. "Are you telling me that im FAT!" she yelled fixing to cast a fireball at her husband.

"No no no I didn't say that you were fat" Finn said thinking a way to get out of this situation. She grab Finn by the cheeks and it began to burn his skin. "Unless you don't wanna to get your whole face burned you better go to the store and get some groceries" she said letting go of his cheeks and sat down on the couch, trying to calm herself down.

Beemo looked at its controller that gotten melted. "Oh im sorry Beemo for burning your controller" Sunna said putting the melted controller in the trash.

"Its okay Sunna I got another one to spare" Beemo said inserting another controller to itself and Sunna gotten back to playing her video game in peace.

Finn left the house sighing in relief that he didn't get killed by her. 'I gotta learn to keep my mouth shut' he thought.

Finn made it to the store, pushing a buggy while getting some groceries then he bumped into Jake who was getting groceries too. "Whats sup Jake" Finn said.

"Eh nothing much just getting some food for the kids, but whats with all the food Finn? you got enough to feed a village."

"Well Sunna always eat everything that she sees and I kinda accidently called her fat."

Jake laughed "I can see the burned cheeks but Dude never and I mean never call a crazy pregnant woman like Sunna fat and she is one hell of a eater but I seen worse remember the time that Lady Rainicorn had that same problem" Jake said laughing even harder.

"My wife ain't crazy she just have a short temper, but yeah I definitely remembered."

Flashback Time

"JAKE help save me from this crazy woman!" Finn yelled being chased by Lady Rainicorn who was pregnant at the time. Jake was sitting lazily on the chair watching as Finn was running. "I wish I could help you Finn, but I don't want to get eaten by my wife" Jake said coming up with a excuse of being lazy.

"인간의 살을 먹어야만 (Must eat human flesh)" Rainicorn said pouncing on Finn and she was fixing to bite him, Finn quickly punch her in the face and ran into to his girlfriend Sunna. "Whats wrong Finn?" she asked as Finn was running past her.

"Just run."

Rainicorn got on Finn's back and was fixing to bite him again then Sunna surround Finn with fire to protect him from Lady Rainicorn.

End Flashback

"Lets just hope that Sunna won't eat you" Jake said still laughing. Finn's face went red, "Oh shut up she maybe a eater but she doesn't eat like your wife does Jake, remember Lady Rainicorn ate so much that she made the Food Kingdom run dry."

"Hey man, she didn't made the Food Kingdom run dry the people were made out of food you know" Jake said crossing his arms stretching his legs to get as tall as Finn.

As Finn and Jake were arguing, Someone walk to the cashier and pointed a ray gun at him. "Give me all your money" the robber yelled with force.

The cashier gotten scared getting the money out of the register, the robber smiled snatching the money from his hands. "Its a pleasure doing business with you."

"Oh no you don't" someone said

"Huh?" The robber gotten kicked in the face by Finn, the robber went unconsious pressing the trigger causing the ray gun to fire a ray through a wall.

"When I get outta of prison im gonna come for you Finn the Human" the robber yelled being handcuffed by the L.O.F. (Land of Ooo Force).

Finn and Jake see Jermaine's son, Tyr, who joined the force for a year. Tyr's mother died giving birth to him. "Don't worry uncle, this guy been wanted for months, hes gonna be put away for a long time" Tyr said pushing the robber in a cage.

Finn walk back inside the store and the cashier shook Finn's hand with gratitude. "Oh thank you brave hero if it wasn't for you, my place of business would be bankrupted."

"It was nothing I just want to help people" Finn said bringing some groceries to purchase them.

"Oh no Finn I insist, let me pay for them" the cashier said. Finn smiled. "Thanks."

The cashier put the groceries in bags and gave them to Finn who headed home. Finn walk inside putting the groceries in the kitchen where Sunna was sitting on a chair, she stood up and hugged Finn.

"Im sorry for getting angry at you Finn" she said feeling guilty, "You don't have to be sorry about it I shouldnt have said that about you" Finn said embracing her.

Sunna place her finger on his lips to make him quiet. "Let me pay the favor, lets head upstairs and have a little... chat" she said seductively to his ear.

Sunna grab Finn's hand and lead him to their room, Finn close the door behind him and pulled Sunna closer to him.

They began kissing on the lips, with their tounges exploring with each other. Sunna moaned as Finn began kissing her neck removing her shirt and pants, and Sunna was doing the same.

Finn lay his wife down on the bed and got on top her kissing her, he slowly began placing kisses down from her sweet soft lips, her large belly, and to her vagina that was soaken wet. "You know you look kinda sexy for a pregnant woman" he said inserting his finger into her vagina.

"Oh shut ah up" Sunna moaned as he inserted a second finger inside her. he remove his fingers and lick her juices with satisfaction, he gotten closer to her vagina licking her slowly making Sunna even moan louder "Oh Finn" she grab his head and move him deeper inside her.

She then climax and Finn was tasting her juices. "I want you my love" Sunna said.

Finn inserted his penis inside her and do a slow rythem then he went faster. "Ahh Finn I think im gonna release" she moaned.

"Not yet Sunna" Finn moaned keeping up the pace. Sunna hold as long as she could but her body felt weak because of the pleasure.

Finn did one last thrust deeply and Sunna screamed in climax full of exhaustion and pleasure.

Finn remove his member and lay beside her, "That was some chat" Finn said panting.

Sunna chuckled playing with his blonde hair while kissing him on the lips before she went to sleep.

Finn lay close to his wife kissing her forehead and he too went to sleep.

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