Heres Chapter 8 enjoy

After the Flame King gave his blessing to Finn the Human. Finn and Flame Princess began plans for their wedding.

Later FP and Marceline the Vampire Queen were at a store called The Wedding Boutique, trying to find a wedding gown suitable for the Flame Princess.

"You found a dress yet Flame Princess?" Marceline said floating around while playing her guitar.

"Not yet."

FP stopped looking and glanced at the vampire "Hey Marceline can I ask you something?" FP said.


"Will you do the role of becoming my maid of honor?" Marceline stopped floating and stared at the princess "Me... your maid of honor?" FP nodded.

The Vampire smiled, showing her sharp fangs, and hugged FP tightly "Of course i'll be your maid of honor silly" Marceline said. FP felt like shes getting crushed by Marceline's hug.

"Hmm" Marceline thought.


"Huh? oh its nothing" Marceline said letting go of FP.

FP finally found a wedding gown and walked to the owner. "How much does it cost Mr. Grimmer?" FP said.

Grimmer waved his hand "Its completely free princess" he said.

FP gotten curious "How come?" she asked.

"Well for one thing I owe Finn the Hero my life for saving me from a goblin horde one time, so im paying my debt to him, but anyway you have a happy wedding you hear?" Grimmer said.

The Flame Princess smiled at Grimmer and placed her wedding gown in a box and left the store heading back to the treehouse.

While they were walking, Flame Princess been thinking alot of how shes gonna explain about her pregnancy to her father without him killing Finn then Marceline said something interrupting FP's train of thought.

"Are you pregnant Flame Princess?" Marceline asked.

As soon as those words came to FP, she stood still feeling a chill up to her spine "What? no im not pregnant why would you think that I am?" FP try to lie.

Marceline crossed her arms "You know you're lying to a thousand year old vampire so please tell me the truth, are you pregnant?"

She sighed in defeat "Yes I am pregnant" she confessed with her hand on her belly.

Marceline chuckled "Well I think you and Finn will be great parents" she said playing with FP's belly and FP started to laugh. "Okay okay come on we need to keep going to treehouse."

Mean while Finn and Jake were at the treehouse chatting as Jake Jr. was fooling around and Leonard was sitting on a chair playing a game with Beemo.

"Oh man I can't wait to come to your wedding" Jake said laying lazily on the couch.

"Yeah and the best of all your gonna be my best man" Finn said.

Jake's tail started wagging widly "That sounds awsome" then they went quiet watching as Jake Jr. was putting a bucket full of water on top of a door "Hey Leonard wanna go outside and play?" Jake Jr. said while doing a evil laugh.

"Sure" Leonard said walking to the door and open the door causing the bucket to fell on Leonard.

Everyone laughed except Leonard who was drenched with water "Hey no hard feelings right Leonard?" Jake Jr. said reaching his hand out to Leonard.

"Right no hard feelings" Leonard said grabbing Jake Jr's hand and a jolt of electricity ran through Jake Jr. body, Leonard laughed revealing a joy buzzer on his hand.

"Ow that actually hurt brother" Jake Jr. said.

Jake laughed even harder "Like I said if you get pranked you prank them back" Jake said patting his sons shoulders still laughing.

Then a man walk in the house and said "Whats sup bros."

Finn and Jake recognized him and they both smiled.

"Uncle Jermaine!" Jake Jr. yelled jumping on his uncle.

In case if you don't know who Jermaine hes Finn and Jake's brother.

"Hey nephew, wheres Sin-ang Jake?" Jermaine asked. "Shes with Lady Rainicorn doing some royal duties for Princess Bubblegum" Jake replied.

"Oh... well that sounds boring."

"Hows life treating you Jermaine" Finn said shaking his brother's hand. "Nothing much just came here to see my little brother getting married to the princess of the Fire Kingdom" Jermaine said yanking Finn's hat and was giving him the noogie.

"Oh no you don't" Finn said jumping on Jermaine's back trying to wrestle him but Jermaine grab Finn and put him on the ground.

"Even the past two years yall guys are still childish" Marceline said taking off her hat that was protecting her from the sun.

"Don't look at me Marceline im just being lazy on the couch these two guys are the ones being childish" Jake said.

"We can't help it" Finn said standing up. FP walk in with the box that contains her wedding gown, she walk to Finn putting the box away and kissed him. "Hello my love" Finn whispered to her ear making her giggle ignoring that everyone was watching.

"Aw come on dude I don't wanna see that" Jake complained covering his eyes "Quit complaining you do that to your wife all the time too Jake" Finn said wrapping one arm around FP.

"Yeah but the way I do it is completely different" Jake said right back at Finn. most of them laughed knowing even its been the past two years, their personalities hadnt changed a bit.

Finn looked at watch and was heading outside "FP im gonna head somewhere for a minute" Finn said. "Can I come?"

"Sure" he said picking up flowers from a table.

Finn and FP been walking for at least a hour till Finn stop walking to two graves.

Rest in Peace

Joshua and Margaret

A loving couple and a loving family

Finn place the flowers on the graves and cried a little, FP had her hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him.

"Well mom and dad alot of things are happening, im getting married to the most beautiful woman and our bundle of joy is coming" he said while looking at his fiance who was shedding tears too.

Finn wiped the tears off of his eyes and they headed back home.

As they were walking, Two spirits came out of the graves and was watching Finn and Flame Princess walking away.

"Thats my boy" Joshua said kissing his wife who too smiled seeing their son, who they raised Finn as a infant, growing to be a man.

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