Kyle Licht Theme Essay

In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, there are many powerful themes. One specific theme in the novel is 'friends will do anything for you'. Many characters and the conflicts they face help develop the novel's theme.

The most powerful line in Steinbeck's novel that displays the theme is "… because I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you…". This line show pure friendship. They have to rely on each other because they're connected. When one of them is in need or trouble, they will be there for each other.

Next, George Milton is very supporting to the theme. George Milton is one of the characters in the novel. He is the best friend of Lennie and his succor. An important line recited by George in the novel is "I ain't mad, I never been mad. An' I'm not mad now." shows how George had never actually hated Lennie. But, all along he had just lost his temper because he truly adores Lennie and they are best friends to the end.

Surprisingly, shooting Lennie was the most significant support to the theme. "Right in the back of the head.", the quote shows George's arduous but reasonable action. Shooting Lennie was very hard to do, but George did it to keep Lennie safe from a dangerous and furious foe that is after him. The line shows how George shot Lennie; he may have taken Lennie's life, but 'twas out of friendship and friends will do anything to keep each other safe, even if it means shooting the other.

Also, a symbol representing the theme of friendship is the brush in the swamp area that George and Lennie briefly resided in. A perfect line that shows this is "…if you jus' get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an' hide in the brush." This line shows that George and Lennie have a spot together. Somewhere where one can go if they're in trouble. If one does, then the other will know where to go and they can sort their problems out alone in a place that is isolated from the public and peaceful. There, no one will be able to find them and they have each other.

As I have said before, 'friends will do anything for you' is an essential line to support the theme of friendship in the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Friends will do anything to keep you safe or satisfy your needs. Some of the choices you may need to make are ruminating, which may include death; the choice George dejectedly had to make. Lastly, knowing your friend will always be there for you may be just enough to keep you eternally safe because friendship is a very important aspect in your life.