Excalibur Keeperoliver Chapter 1

The debris from the encounter was spread across the wide expanse of deep space. Three ships met, and two were destroyed, and one left floundering. It somehow managed to keep it's life support system functioning and a few other key functions. It was however unable to power up any drive units. Luckily it made a call to it's command center, and it could expect help soon.

The USS Excalibur was the one lone survivor of this battle with two pirate vessels. It was responding to what it believed to be a distress signal from a Cerullian cargo ship. The Cerullians were a trade federation planet and it's inhabitants were a peace loving civilization. However it had it's malcontents who thought that peace was for the weak. Enoch wilder was one of these. He used his worlds peace loving traits to lure other ships to their destruction by using this distress signal. He was not expecting a Federation star ship to respond to this signal, not the quick response it made. Him and his partner were never able to make an escape when the Excalibur appeared.

The battle lasted over two hours, and the final outcome was one less malcontent to worry about with the Cerullians. Their were no survivors on the two pirate ships. The Excalibur had also lost many people to the battle. They lost their XO (Executive Officer), William Patterson. Bilda Stremm, Comm. Lister Ulach, Nav. There were many more that lost their lives to this fierce battle. Too many friends, family and lovers.

Captain Remus James Potter read the list of those he lost, and tears formed in his eyes as he saw the names of people he more than just knew. Bill had been the best man at his wedding. It wasn't his first choice, but his best friend was not available. Bill was still very close to James though, almost like family. Bilda was a calming presence on the bridge. She never appeared to be angry at anyone, even with the pranks of the brothers Ulach. Lister was the oldest, and his twin brothers Dulak and Nulak kept the bridge loose and laughing with their antics. The holes left by the passing would be more than just the positions that needed to be filled. The bond that they all shared as a close knit crew would never be there again. Dulak and Nulak would never be the same again, with the passing of their older brother.

It was the second day after the battle that the crew were informed that help would be there shortly, and James was pleased to hear that it would be his best friend that would be responding. Right now, he was needed to help James get over his losses.

The USS Enterprise pulled up to the Excalibur, and transported an away team to the cargo hold on the listless ship, knowing it was the only spot accessible that was undamaged. Jean Luc and his team were there to see what would be needed to get the ship ready for travel. It took two days for them to return to Earth and pick up the material needed for these repairs and to reach their rendezvous.

When they arrived, they were met by James, and the two captains greeted each other in the only way they knew how. They hugged. Jean Luc and James were the best of friends, and had been since their days in the Academy. It was Jean Luc who was to be the best man at James and Amanda's wedding. He was unable to make it due to his encounter at Farpoint. He was able to make it to Amanda's funeral two years later. Amanda died while saving several of her crew during a rescue attempt on a disabled Vulcan warbird. She remained behind after sending her team back when the core to the warbird breeched, and died when it exploded. She was comforting a dying crew member of the warbird that was trapped under a disruptor generator that made it impossible to lock on with the transporter.

James led Jean Luc and his team through the debris of the damaged ship, and to the bridge where the rebuilding was to begin. Jean Luc looked around at the task that faced him and the crew of the Excalibur. It was going to take a Herculean effort on all who joined in to complete the task. That and time that would effectively take out of commission two of the Federations top starships. The Enterprise was to stay with the Excalibur, until it was functional.

In the weeks that followed, it was concerted effort of both teams led by a never tiring Data that got the Excalibur back to operational order. Jean Luc stayed with the Excalibur during this stretch, leaving his #1, Commander William Riker in charge of the Enterprise.

James and Jean Luc marveled at the way Data led the repair crew through the different tasks as the rebuilding continued. His strength and knowledge became the main factor for the repairs moving along so smoothly and quickly. It was near the end of the repairs that James asked to talk to Jean Luc about a request. Jean Luc and James mover to the ready room for their talk.

Once they were seated, and James provided them with tea, he began. "J Luc, I hate to be asking this, as I know how valuable he is to the Enterprise, but I am desperate need of a XO, and Data could fill in until we reach home, and I could get one properly trained in order for you to get Data back. Do you think he would take this temporary position, and would you be willing to give him up until we get back?"

Jean Luc did not laugh very often, but he was at the moment. Very hard. James watched his friend as he tried to bring his laughter under control. "Jamie, as hard as it is to believe, I have already put in a request for Data to be put in this position with Starfleet. #1 has already informed me that it was approved, and I was waiting for the right moment to tell you."

James shook his head, "And when was that going to be? The minute we are ready to leave? You're a butt head J Luc, do you know that?"

"Of course I do Jamie, why do you think I have no hair?"

James lost it on that one, and the two enjoyed their first real laugh together in a long time. Then Jean Luc asked for Data to join them in the ready room.

Jean Luc and James shared their second laugh together as data entered the ready room covered in soot. "Commander Data, it is inappropriate for a star ship officer to report to his commander in such a manner. Do you have an explanation?"

Data looked at the two captains, and with a straight face said three words, and it was all James needed to know. "Dulak and Nulak."

James hid his face as Jean Luc asked what he meant by that. "Well sir, we were repairing the over head panels of the power converter when a canister fell from the area covered by the panel. Nulak said 'I was wondering where that went to.' and I asked him what it was. Dulak Said, 'Open it and find out Commander.' I did, and you see the results. There was a poof, and a large black cloud engulfed me."

James couldn't hold it back any longer, and started laughing. The twins were returning to their old ways, and it felt good to have them back.

Jean Luc joined James in the laughter, and then they both continued to laugh when Data asked, "Was this a practical joke that the twins pulled on me Captain?"

Jean Luc could only nod his head he was laughing so hard. "It seems I need to find a way to pay them back then. Too bad we will be leaving soon, as this is all new to me."

Jean Luc was finally able to gain control of him self, "Commander, what would you say if I told you that you could have your chance for payback?"

"I would say thank you Captain, but how?"

"Data, Captain Potter, with the backing of starfleet has asked that you become his first officer for the voyage back to Command to get refitted. You will transfer to the Excalibur and take this post, if you agree."

Never having seen Data smile before, and with the soot that covered his face, it was a strange look when all you could see were Data's eyes and teeth as he smiled. "Thank you captain, I accept this post until properly relieved of this command. I look forward to it and to the challenge it presents."

James smiled at Data, and said, "Commander Data, I look forward to our return voyage now, with the expectation of you returning the the greeting that Dulak and Nulak gave you. May the fun begin.


With the final repairs made, the Excalibur was ready to take it's first voyage in over a month. The crew was excited to finally be able to move from this spot they maintained for so long. Chief Engineer Robert Bicker was at the panel when the command to engage was made. He took the spot as helmsman for the test, to ensure that all was in perfect order. Their first flight had it's problems, but for the most part, it was a success. A few minor alterations and adjustments needed to be made, and some minor repairs and new components put in place of some bad ones, and a second test was ready to be made.

The Enterprise followed closely as the Excalibur went through these tests, and before long, they were ready to start their voyage back to Command. However, before they started out, a message from starfleet delayed their return, as an Anomaly was needed to be checked out, and they were the closest tom the location. It meant another week before the Excalibur could return to receive it's repairs, that would bring it back to it's pristine shape. The Anomaly was three days away.

When the two ships arrived at the coordinates of the Anomaly, it was not what they expected. The Anomaly was a wormhole with a very strong pull that would pull ships into it's center. One such ship was in it's clutches. A large Madrasian liner was being pulled into it's center.

Both the Enterprise and the Excalibur used their Tractor Beams to attempt to pull the Liner out. It wasn't working, so they had to use their thrusters to add to their pulling power. It worked for the Liner, but, when the Excalibur lost thruster power, it began to enter the pull of the worm hole.

Jean Luc saw this, and used the Enterprise's tractor beam to try and pull out the Excalibur. What it did, was put them both in the drawing power of the wormhole. James couldn't let both ships become lost in the hole, so he had his crew fire a repulsor at the Enterprise that sent it clear of the pull, while it was drawn closer to the center. When the repulsor hit the Enterprise, it acted in reverse to the Excalibur, and it sent it to the center faster.

Jean Luc watched as the Excalibur was sucked into the eye of the worm hole. He cried at the loss of his friends, thinking they had been destroyed.

On board the Excalibur, the crew was going through the most bizarre set of circumstances they ever experienced. They had no control of the ship, yet it never varied from it's course. It was like they were traveling through a sort of time warp. Their instruments were going crazy, so there was no way of knowing if they were going forward or backwards in time, but they knew that it definitely was time travel.

The crew was unable to move, except for Data. For some reason he was unaffected by the time travel, and he was able to make any corrections needed to maintain a safe voyage. Finally they were through the hole, and every thing returned to normal, operational wise that is. Time wise they were any thing but sure of any thing.


She had just gone through the worst yet most thrilling experience of her young life. Giving birth to her first child. The pain she endured was worth it, in order to hold the blessing that was her son in her arms. Her husband was at her side sharing in her happiness, as he was as proud as any man could be seeing his son for the first time.

James and Lily Potter looked down at their son Harry James Potter with the love they both shared. They had only been married for nine months, and already were reaping in it's benefits. James couldn't wait to share his joy with his mates, Remus, Sirius, Frank, Arthur and Peter. Lily had been thinking along the same lines as she wished to share her joy with Alice, who had just given birth to her new son Neville Francis Longbottom, Selena, Molly and Andromeda. It was a ray of hope during these dark times. She was the fourth among her friends to give birth to a child. Molly being older had given birth to six boys, and Andromeda had given birth to a girl. Then Alice with her son. Yes, the dark was growing, but the light that her and her friends were spreading began to shine through this darkness.

Little did she know that in another part of the country, a prophecy was being made that would affect all who were her friends, especially her and Alice. One that for told of a future that would mean an encounter that would bring death to one of their children, or the end of the darkness that filled the world. She would not learn of this for a few months.

James and Lily had lived in a small flat in London, and knew that they needed to find a larger home. The flat suited their purpose as it was close to the Ministry where they both worked. Now that Lily had given birth, she was giving up her job, to raise her child. Alice was going to join her in giving up work in order to raise Neville. That would leave Selena as the last member of the group working for the Ministry, and the Dept of Mysteries. Her, Lily and Alice had worked there since they left Hogwarts.

Lily decided to wait until Harry was a bit older to start looking for a new place. After three months, she was forced to move, when Albus Dumbledore told her and Alice of the prophecy, and that the only two possibilities for it were Harry and Neville. Both had been born at the end of July. Neville, on the 30th, and Harry on the 31st.

James and Lily found a home in Godrick's Hollow, and Albus put the protection around the home to ward it from evil.

As the time went by, Lily and James saw less and less of their friends, due to the dark times. However, on Harry's first birthday they were surprised by a party thrown by Sirius and Remus, in which Selena attended with her newborn girl, Luna. She was precious little baby that Harry took to right away. Which was good, because while there, Selena was called back to work by her superiors in a secretive manner. It was the last time the two friends met, and was tasked to care for Luna until Selena's return because of Xenophilius' inability to properly care for the baby.

During the time they had Luna, Harry and her grew very close. So close that neither could sleep unless they were together.

It had been almost three months now, and there was still no word from Selena. Lily began to fret for her friends safety, and James often found her crying over the loss of her friend. His attempts to comfort her were often enough to get her through these moments, but they were becoming more frequent as time went by.

Then one night about one week before Halloween, the strangest visitor they ever had showed up on their front door step.


Once they arrived in this new time, James made it a priority to find out where in time they were. He was taken back when he learned they were in the 20th Century, in the year 1981. James immediately went to his family history to make sure about what he remembered about it, and nearly cried when what he expected, was in fact the truth. It was the time in his family history, that was the foulest moment ever. It was the time his great grand mother and father of many times over were killed by the vilest creature to walk the planet. James and Lily Potter were killed by Lord Voldermort, and Harry was left with a piece of his soul embedded in his body.

James called for his First Officer to join him in the ready room. Data soon entered, and James had him take a seat. "Data, I was hoping you would do a favor for me. It would expose you to the people of this time, but, I fear that if you don't go, then someone will die, that was a part of my family history. I wish to stop that from happening, with your help."

"Of course sir. You know I would do it if you asked. Do you mind my asking who it is that I will be in contact with?"

"Of course not, Data. They were my Great grand parents of 100 generations back. They were killed by a very dark being, and left another great grand parent with a piece of his soul in his body. He had to die to rid himself of this piece of soul. It was the darkest time of my family history."

"Well then Captain, when do you wish me to visit them? When was it they died to this creature called Voldemort?"

"October 31st, 1981. One week from today. Also, no one can know they were taken, and we have to leave behind a replica of the family, so as what ever happens, it will still continue."

"Yes sir. I can create duplicates of them once we have them back here on the ship. We can then beam them back down and they can fulfill their destiny."

"No Data, I don't like that, as even duplicates are real. I could never do that to a living being. Use the replicator to create false beings that are more replicator material than human."

"That would take quite a bit of replicator material to complete sir."

"Yes Data, but while we are here, we will have access to real food, which the crew has never tasted, and may enjoy. As long as we are here, let's live life like they did back then in the good old days. Be adventurous. Live life like we never lived it before. I don't know how long we will be here, as we have to wait for another worm hole to appear, so we might as well make the best of it, and maybe save a few people while doing it."

"As you wish Captain. I will find out what clothing they were wearing back then, and make a set to wear for the trip down. I hope I can convince them that what I say is true."

"If they doubt you Data, just tell James 'I solemnly swear I'm up to no good!', and that should convince him. If not, then tell him Prongs, Padfoot and Moony would believe you. If he asks about Wormtail or Peter, just tell him that is not up to you to discuss."

"Are these code names they used sir?"

"Sort of Data. If he asks that, then tell him it's their Animagus forms."

"What is an Animagus?"

"Please Data, time is of the essence. I haven't got time to explain."

"Of course sir. Is there anything else I should know?"

"Yes there is Data. You need to bring a personal shielding device to protect you against something they are capable of doing. Magic."

"Magic Captain? Like what kind of magic are we talking about?"

"This kind of magic Data." and James disintegrated a chair with a wave of his hand.

Data's only reaction was the raising of an eyebrow, "Impressive."

James laughed at his first officer. He was grateful for the loan by Jean Luc, and he hoped he would be able to return the favor, if they ever got back to their own time.


Lily was surprised by someone knocking on the door. Only her closest friends knew where they lived, and they didn't knock. They just entered. Unless they were with someone that shouldn't be there. Lily pulled her wand, and called for James. He was at her side immediately and she went to the door, and James was behind it to protect her.

When Lily opened the door, the palest person she ever saw was standing there looking around at the surrounding area, as if seeing it for the first time. He quickly turned to face her once she opened the door. "Mrs. Potter I presume?"

"Who wants to know?"

"You don't know me Mrs. Potter, but my name is Data. A relative of yours sent me to ask you something."

"Why would Petunia want to ask me anything? She hates me and everything I stand for."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Potter I don't know Petunia. The person I am referencing is James Potter."

Behind the door, James shook his head to tell Lily he didn't know this Data. "James you say? Why would my husband need to send someone to ask me something, when he could do it himself?"

"Your husband? Oh that's right. Your husband's name is James, isn't it. No Mrs,. Potter, not your husband. If you would let me in, I could explain"

Lily saw James nod his head, and Lily let Data in. As soon as Data passed, James hit him with a stunner, which never reached him. Data turned to see what attacked him, "Ah, you must be James, Lily's husband. Hello sir, My name is Data." and he reached his hand out tot shake James' hand.

James saw this, and scratched his head. He just attacked this guy, and it was blocked, and now he was holding out his hand in welcome. He saw Lily with her wand pointed at Data's head, so he figured he was safe. He took the offered hand and winced when Data squeezed just a tad to tight. Data saw the look of pain on James' face and apologized. "Please forgive me, I sometimes forget my own strength."

When Data released his hand, James had to shake it to get the circulation flowing once again. Still, Data should no hostile actions. He just stood there, knowing that Lily was behind him, holding that stick to the back of his head. "Please Mrs. Potter, I mean you no harm. If anything, I am here to save you all."

"Save us from what?" likely asked.

"This Voldemort creature. It's a long story, and one that I don't truly know. That would be the other James' tale to tell."

"Who is this other James you keep mentioning?" James asked.

"There again, it is not my story to tell."

"If you want us to listen, then it better become your story. How can you expect us to trust you when we don't even know you, or your intentions." James harshly intoned.

"As you wish sir. Won't you please be seated, as this could take a while."

"James, keep your wand on him, while I go get Harry and Luna. It was time I fed them."

If this was going to take while, then she might as well make sure the children were taken care of before she got comfortable.

When she returned with the children, Data looked up and saw Mrs. Potter with both her arms full. He went and offered her his assistance, and was about to refuse, when Harry held his arms out, and Data took him, and tickled Harry's chin to which he laughed. Data did it again, and once again Harry laughed, and now Luna was getting jealous, and wanted some attention. She reached for Data as well, and he soon had his arms full of two laughing children.

Lily and James stood next to each other, watching this strange man interact with their children. Well one was theirs, while the other one might as well be. Luna had pulled the couple into her heart. And wormed her way into theirs.

Lily got a bottle for Luna, and a teething biscuit for Harry, and sat down to hear the tale data had to give.

"To start with, this James I refer to is Captain Remus James Potter of the USS Excalibur."

"He's a sailor?" James asked incredulously.

"Not of the sea sir. Of space." Data watched as the couple were sitting there laughing at what He told them.

"OK, we get it, Padfoot sent you here with stupid story, didn't he?" James laughed out.

"Ah, Padfoot of the Prongs, Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail fame. No sir I'm afraid that Padfoot doesn't know me, and I don't know him either. I assure you it was Captain Potter who asked me to pay you this visit."

"You know of Wormy and Moony too?"

"So that would make you Prongs. Now could you please tell me what an Animagus is?" Data asked. Harry and Luna were still sitting quietly in Data's arms, playing with each others hands.

James settled in to what looked like could be a long evening.