Excalibur Keeperoliver Chapter 6

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Ginny and Hermione could not believe where Harry told them they were. In a spaceship behind the moon. They could not believe him when he told them that the three people that greeted them were his mum, dad and great grand son many times over. There were many things they could not believe about his story, but they could not doubt the fact that they were not at Hogwarts anymore, and that they never saw anything like this earth. Everything around them was all metal, yet it gave off a warm feeling, rather than the cold one it should normally radiate.

As they walked through the halls of the ship Hermione wondered why there were no windows. She sped her walk to talk to the only adult who wasn't in conversation with Harry and Luna. "Sir, can you tell me why there are no windows in the walls?"

Data looked to Hermione, and explained, "My name is Data, and the reason there are no windows, is because we are in the center of the ship. We are headed to a room that will have windows for you to look out of. It is the dining area, and it will be facing what you would call the east side of the ship. You will not be able to see much, but it is still very impressive. The stars up here are much easier to view than from the surface of you home planet. There are no lights interfering with your view."

Ginny had listened to the talk between Hermione and Data. "You say home planet like it is not your home. Could you tell us where you are from?"

"My creator was from your home planet, but he tired of the busy life style and the number of requests he received for his help. He never had time for his own enjoyment, and decided to find a place where he could live in peace, and do what he always wanted to do. He created me. So, in answer to your question, I would say that I am from the genius of my creator who happened to be on a small planet named Ryah. It had all the qualities of earth, but was uninhabited."

Ginny was confused, "You have a strange way of explaining your birth. Even Miss Dictionary doesn't explain things like that."

Hermione shot her a glare causing Ginny to snicker. Then Ginny was shocked by Data's response.

"If I were born, I would have explained it like that. I was not born, I was created in a laboratory. I am what you would call a robot, but what we call an android. My creator made two of us, but the other one is no longer functioning. I was the second one he built. That would make me unique, as I am the only one of my kind."

Hermione began her one hundred questions as soon as he finished, "You're an android? Yo aren't real? You're the only one of your kind? Why haven't they made more of you? How smart are you?"

The smile on Data's face spread from ear to ear, "Goodness, so many questions in one breath? Are you sure you aren't an android your self? Normally one has to breathe between questions."

The blush on Hermione's face turned the brightest red Ginny had ever seen, "Ya Hermione are you human or robot?"

"I'm quite human Ginevra, as you very well know. I am just curious. I mean how often have we had the chance to talk to someone who has seen the universe, talked to alien life forms, seen worlds that support life forms different from our own? Aren't you just the least bit curious about what Data just said?"

"Yes Hermione, I am. But unlike you, I wait until I get to know a person, before I ask personal questions. I mean how would you like it if someone you just met started asking you questions about your life as if you were from a different species than them?"

Hermione remained quiet for a while after Ginny's question.

Once the group was in the dining area they were led to a table near the windows Hermione was looking for. They all went t the windows to gaze out at the stars. Data was correct. The stars were much clearer here in space than on earth. The number of them amazed even Abus. So many more were seen without the interference from lights, clouds, haze, and any other form that blocked out the view. It was beautiful.


The next two weeks were ones of incredible wonder for the four visitors. Once, Data found Hermione on the Holodeck using the program he showed them of the bridge of the Excalibur. She was found sitting in the captain's chair directing the crew to complete their duties to her requests. Data was amazed at her level of command. Her demeanor was not one of demand, but of respect. She asked if there was anything they could suggest for a possible small adventure.

Data watched as the crew responded to her direction, and how they worked well as a team. Even though it was a simulation, the program was played as if the crew would respond to who ever was in command, and the way they command. They had even been programed to become rebellious if the person in command was too dominating and strict.

After he saw Hermione in the simulation, he asked the others if they wished to try it. They all agreed, and and when the two Professors too the command, they found it difficult to control some of the crew members because of their control methods. They worked a split crew. Some were loyal to the Professors, while some rebelled against them for their strict command levels. Not to the point of mutiny, but questioning their decisions. Data had to hold back his mirth at this situation. The two who were in command in their work place were the two had difficulties with a simulated work force.

Hermione and Ginny retained the crews respect through out their simulated flights.


Harry and Luna had been told that Jamie figured out a way to destroy the Horcruxes by using magic and the sun. Only with the two combined could the pieces of the souls they held could be destroyed. Jamie was a wizard, but his magic knowledge was limited, and so Lily and James performed the spells that would ensure the horcruxes would be destroyed. With just the one horcrux left to destroy, it was Lily who thought that perhaps Harry should go ahead and face the Basilisk sooner rather than wait for the next school year. Albus and Minerva questioned this, as they both didn't like the idea of Harry facing a Basilisk. However, it was when both Sirius and Remus told them that he would not be facing it alone when they both agreed.

On Christmas Day, the crew was greeted with songs of the season from a signal form a radio station on earth. They were a mixture of inspirational and humorous. It was the first time hearing them, and it was a welcomed sound for all. It told them of the true meaning of the Holiday for their captain's home planet. It was also the day that it would be the last in this time period, as the Anomaly they had been searching for all these years was finally found.

There wasn't much time for goodbyes as the crew did not want to miss their chance to return. Lily and James took the longest to say their good yes with their great grand son as they were closer that the rest. Jamie and his grand parents she may tears between the as they said their goodbyes, and finally they departed the ship and were sent to Potter Manor where Lily and James would take up residence and wait until their return was announced to the world.

In the mean time, the Excalibur made it's way to the Anomaly and their return to their own time. As they approached the sight that would be their return ticket, they all thought back over the last ten years and all that they would be missing. James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Harry and Luna had become very close to the crew, and when they finally go to meet the four friends of the family, they knew that the Potters would be alright and that they were in capable hands.

Once they were in the sphere of the drawing power of the Anomaly, the ship began to accelerate to the center, and as soon as the trip back began, it was over. Jamie looked out the main viewing screen, and the sight that was shown was the last sight they saw when they first entered the field. The Enterprise was being pushed out of the field, and the Excalibur joined it as it exited the field.

They were being hailed as they first saw the Enterprise. "Excalibur, this is the Enterprise. Is everyone all right? Captain Potter report your condition."

"This is Captain Potter. Every thing is fine Jean Luc. There is no damage to report, and no casualties to report either. How ever, If you would agree to come aboard, there is an adventure I would like to share with you."

The look on Jean Luc's face was comical, "What kind of an adventure could you have in the span of a minute Jamie?"

"The adventure of a life time J Luc. Please come aboard so that I could explain it to you. If you have any thing to celebrate with bring it, and I will share with you something that you may have never tasted before. I am sure you will love it."

"It sounds as if you have been some where and you brought something back with you. I think this could be a very interesting social gathering. I look forward to it. Give me an hour, and I will join you."

"Looking forward to it J Luc."

"As am I, Jamie. Enterprise out."

An hour later found Jamie waiting in the transporter room for his friend. He was with Data and the two were talking when the transporter activated, and the figure of Jean Luc Picard materialized on the platform.

When Jean Luc looked at his friend, he thought he was seeing things. He looked much older than he was just hours ago. "OK, Jamie. I just got here, and already I have a dozen questions for you. The first being, How old are you?"

"Oh this is going to be fun. Come J Luc, and I will take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

The three went to Jamie's private quarters, and Jamie brought out a bottle of Southern Comfort for them all to share. When Jean Luc saw this he raised an eye brow. "Is this real, Jaime?"

"Oh yes, J Luc, as real as it gets." He poured Jean Luc, Data and himself a glass of the liquid, and Jean Luc sniffed it to see if it was the real thing, He then tasted the drink, and he smiled. It was his first time tasting anything that was over 900 years old. It was the best tasting drink he ever had the pleasure to enjoy. "I hope this is not your only bottle Jamie. It would be a shame to drink it all on this one visit."

"Oh no J Luc, it's not the only one, plus there are others to enjoy as well. You will be given a variety of spirits to take with you, among other things. Now, shall we begin. When we pushed you out of the pull of the Anomaly, we were pulled into it's center and sent back in time. A time in which I had a chance to save someone that did not deserve to die. I know what you are thinking Jean Luc, the Prime Directive strictly forbids interfering with changing the past, but, it was my family, and damn it I couldn't sit back and watch as my family was killed by an evil that rivals the Borgs."

Jean Luc stopped James there, "If given the same opportunity, I would have changed a certain moment in my family's past, so don't worry about what the Prime Directive states, Jamie. Now please go on with you story." as he poured himself another stiff drink. He savored the taste of the alcohol as it entered his mouth. He swished it around and swallowed the pleasant drink. "I hope you brought back more than on bottle of this for me Jamie. I could get to like this."

"I have a case of this and several others as well. Plus some treats from the time period you may enjoy as well. Now, back to my story." and the next few hours were spent in filling in what occurred during their time spent in the past. Jamie even had pictures of his family to show Jean Luc. Pictures that if they were of the past as far back as Jamie said would normally be faded and beyond recognition. The ones he looked at were new, as if just taken recently.

Jean Luc listened as Jamie continued his tale of the Horcruxes, the food and other drinks. The people they met, such as Hermone Granger, Luna Lovegood, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, who was his name sake for his first name. Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagal. He then went into his family, beginning with Lily and James Potter. He then went into Harry and Ginny. He laughed at how he remembered what Harry and Ginny felt about calling him their grand son, when he was forty years their elder. Jean Luc also found this funny. The affects of the alcohol was beginning to get to them both where as Data just kept drinking with the alcohol having no affect on him at all. Jean Luc envied this ability of Data's, then thought what was the sense of drinking if it didn't affect you.

When the bottle of Southern Comfort was finished, Jamie brought out a bottle of Seagram's Crown Royal. When Jean Luc tasted this, he had a different opinion about life in the past. He thought there was no way he could survive in the past with out the amenities of his time period. How wrong he was. If they had drinks like this to pass the time, then he would indeed survive, as long as he drank it with responsibilities. Libation with a modicum of reserve.

Jamie also brought out something for them to snack on. A bag of what he called Potato Chips, and a cheese dip that was a bit spicy. "Damn it Jamie, now I wish I had gone with you. You had all this available to you back then?"

"I told you J Luc, I brought you back some treats. We also had real food. Not replicator food, but food that we prepared our selves. Food from the twentieth century. Food we can only describe as..."

Data answered this for him, "Fit for a king. Food that tickled the palette. Food for thought. Food of the gods. Any way you wish to say it, it was all fine cuisine."

Jamie laughed at this."I couldn't have said it better myself, Data. It was food fit for a king. Lasagna, Chili, sea food. Steak and fries, with a glass of wine that rivals your own J Luc. All of this we brought back with us to enjoy for a while. Being there for ten years, every one on board ship was able to find something they liked and stocked up on it. Some of it may sound barbaric, but if you try it, you may change your mind, just like the crew did. They called it meat."

"How do you mean Barbaric? Did they eat others of their own kind?"

"No, no, no, J Luc. They were not cannibals. They did eat the flesh of dead animals though."

"Well, during our missions, we have had to eat flesh at times to be able to speak to officials of another planet. Some of it was quite good even. So I am not opposed to eating what did you call it, meat? So, what else did you bring back with you that I may like"

As the conversation moved on, Jaime bought up a point that he wished the time travel could have saved someone else from his past.

"Who would that be Jaime. I don't remember you ever telling me of someone else you lost?"

"Have you forgotten Amanda so soon J Luc?"

"Of course I haven't forgotten Amanda Jaime, but why bring her up as if speaking of the dead?"

Jaime's eyes got big around, "J Luc. Are you telling me that Amanda is alive?"

"Of course she is alive. Why would she be dead?"

The tears streaming down Jamie's cheeks were tears of joy having just heard that his wife was alive. "Jean Luc, when we left this time frame the first time, Amanda was dead when she saved her team on a rescue mission."

"Oh that, Well, when she tried to send her team back, They refused to go with out her, and managed to get the injured crew member out and back to their ship. She was burned a little, but she most definitely survived the ordeal. This going back in time seems to have changed more of your history than you thought Jamie. It is good to hear that your life is now in a better place what with you now knowing your wife is waiting for you. Now, what else have you got to drink that I may like?"

"Tequila. It even has the worm in it."


"Yup, you can't have it until the bottle is empty. That's the tradition."

"Who would want it?"

"Drink the tequila then ask that again."

By the time they had finished the bottle, Jean Luc was tipping the bottle to get the worm. Jaime told him that the worm was filled with the tequila. He finally got the worm and swallowed it. By this time, the two friends were so drunk, it took two days for them to sober up. Luckily Lily left him some of the potion used for sobering up. After taking it, they were ready to begin their voyage home, and for Jamie to see his wife after twenty years. The funny thing was, during the time that Jean Luc and him were recovering from their drunken state, Jamie and the rest of the crew began to de-age. They returned to the age they were when they left.

Jaime would never forget his time spent with his grand parents, but both him and Jean Luc felt that no one else needed to know that he had visited the past, and changed the future. How much they had changed the future he would find out when he returned home to his family.


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