Hey, long time no see, right? I am sorry about that, but I've been BUSY! This isn't my best chapter, but it'll do. I know you guys have been complaining about the OCC of Sean and Puck, but honestly they are so hard to write for because they both have such distinct personalities that are really hard to portray.


Hanni {98}

Don't Fly Away


Sean Kendrick

From the moment I wake up I know that this was going to be a bad day; actually I knew it was going to be horrible.

I'm lying on a couch in my girlfriend's living room; my body covered with a blanket that smells suspiciously like a cat and Puck. My face is soaked with tears; as if I cried myself to sleep, and a faint memory starts to slither its way into my sleep muddled brain. I push it away; thinking of a bland, white, dull piece of paper.

I close my eyes that I had made into slits, and just think of that one piece of paper.


Absolutely nothing.

But then I think about how much I like pretending that I'm non-existent. I want to lie on Puck Connolly's couch and forget about my life, but I don't think she'll take to me lying in her couch with my eyes closed for all eternity.

I just about succeeded to forget about my miserable attitude when I open my eyes to see a picture of a chestnut red colored horse on the Connolly's fire place.


My horse, my wonderful, wild, amazing horse is dead, gone.


So I close my eyes and ignore the tears pouring down my cheeks.

Thinking of my peaceful white paper that suddenly just turned a violent shade of red: blood red.

After Puck kicked me off the couch stubbornly saying that I needed to stop moping; I was honestly going to go for a slow, rhythmic walk at the beach, but I found myself suddenly standing hesitantly on that one cliff that leans out into the deep water of the freezing sea that seemed to go on forever.

I looked down at the crashing waves that splashed half way along the jagged cliff face, wanting to join the rushing waters, wanting to answer the call; to join the capaill uisce; to join my beloved Corr.

I bend my knees, ready to jump into the cold waters, and leave this island before anyone else I love dies.

I count in my head:

One: Hello, Kate Connolly

Two: I love you, Puck Connolly

Three: Goodbye, Kate Connolly, Puck Connolly

I hesitate for a second, knees bent; about to jump, when I hear hoof beats, the calm steady, comforting sound just amplifies the reason to bend my knees and soar into the air.

I jump; I'm falling towards the waters for a second when I rope seams to attach myself to my torso, and I'm dangling above the sea, my arms slack at my sides: I don't feel like moving; don't want to.

I'm slowly being pulled up by a tough, woven rope. I try to twist myself free from its tight embrace, but I can't; as much as I try: I can't.

So I just hang limply over the water, letting whoever is at the end of the line to slowly pull me towards land.

When my face comes to eye level with the cliffs surface I see a woman on a horse. Puck.

"Sean, come on!" she shouts at me over the wind, "You are not leaving me!"

I look at her stubbornly set face, her eye brows crinkled in concentration, her eyes furious, and I realize that as long as Puck Connolly has her mind made up there's no point in flying away.

So I haul myself up and lay on the rock looking at the sea I desperately want to join.

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