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He holds her tight and whispers in her ear all the things that any good boyfriend should say. Things that should bring up Yellow's confidence. Things that should have her heart fluttering and face coloring cherry red. Should.

But this is just a fantasy, and Yellow is merely dreaming. The real Red is miles away, standing on a great mountain, a crimson patch in a world of white.

Nights have been the same for the past weeks, melting together into a period of bland nothing. Yellow can't remember the last time she saw his fiery eyes and warm smile, and that leaves a giant crater in her fragile heart. The bed is cold and the sunrise has lost its luster. (For anything that has the grand combination of red and yellow leaves her in a frown.) She misses him dearly, and her appearance shows. Her golden eyes have paled and her slender fingers have grayed and taken on a skeleton-like demeanor. She's gotton careless with her hair, her golden locks unwashed and unbrushed.

Her new favorite spot to remain (and never move from, for that matter) is on her bed, curled up in a ball with the blankets heedlessly tossed to the side, waiting for any sign of his return. Chu Chu has given up trying to rouse Yellow from this trance and has settled to resting at her friend's side, curled up in the fold of her stomache.

There was once a time when Red made her feel special.

There's a knock on the door, but like all the other vistors looking for Yellow, she just ignores the sound of beating on her wooden door. She's gotten pretty good at tuning out the rythmic tapping. Chu Chu springs from her lap and races to the window like she does with all comers.

Chu Chu lets out an excited squeek and bounds back to her master laying on the bed. She jumps on Yellow and noses her face in an attempt to get her attention. Yellow shakes her head and turns from the Pikachu. Chu Chu grunts and worms her way underneath her master's hand. Chu Chu tries to relinquish just enough imformation to get Yellow interested and out of bed without giving away the surprise.

Yellow is surprised to find Chu Chu so happy when the Pikachu had become as lifeless as the girl. The Healer sighs and decides that she owes Chu Chu the ability to rise from her pitiful position and check the door. So Yellow heaves herself up, ignoring the stiffness of her bones and quickly glances at the mirror on her bedrooom door. Her hair is unkempt and her face is sunken. Her white teeshirt and black sweats might not be much to impress anyone, but she doesn't exactly care that she looks like a complete mess. She's doing this for Chu Chu and no one else.

It's a short trudge to the door, but it leaves Yellow in pain. Slowly, she reaches for the doorknob and turns it with a click. Before Yellow can open the door, a Pikachu barrels inside and rushes to Chu Chu, pressing his cheeck against the flower-bearing electic mouse. Yellow's breath is caught in her throat when she looks out the open door.

Crimson eyes are staring at her with soft love.

And then she's in his arms and he holds her tight and whispers in her ear all the things that any good boyfriend would say. Things that bring up Yellow's confidence. Things that have her heart fluttering and face coloring cherry red. A single tear slides off her cheeck and plops unto his shirt. For the first time in ages, she smiles. He tells her that she looks beautiful, and Yellow burries her head in his chest. (Because she's certain right now that the only person she would look beautiful to is the boy she missed so dearly.)

It's amazing how he's always managed to make her feel special.

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