Chapter 96:

School is a place

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A few weeks has passed, and the incident hadn't been brought back up again. The next day his friends had fawned over Tsunayoshi more than usual, even Hana dropped her harsh tones. He assured them all he was fine, explaining that he and the Arcobaleno had 'had a talk' about it and left the matter as that. His friends thankfully didn't push for a better explanation. Nor, strangely enough, did his classmates. Although they looked a little more scared than usual, being rather wary around Hayato, Ken and Chikusa. Tsunayoshi had to wonder what his rather violent friends had done whilst he was away. At least there was still a classroom to return to, that was good.

Today though…

Today is a very special day.

For it's the day a lion comes to school.

Amongst a variety of other creatures.

Tsunayoshi happily hums in the car as they are taken to school, looking forwards to today. There were going to be lots of surprises, he just knew it.

"Nee, Hayato, please show meee~" Tsunayoshi whines, cuddling up to Hayato in the back seat of the car, putting on a pleading expression. Hayato blushes and stutters, looking away from Tsunayoshi and holding his school bag closer to his chest.

"I'm sorry Tsunayoshi-sama, but not until we get to school." The boy explains, feeling bad for denying Tsunayoshi something.

"Kufufufu, look at that, Hayato all embarrassed." Mukuro teases, a grin on his face. Hayato growls and retorts back, a small stick of dynamite coming from somewhere. Tsunayoshi is quick to take the stick off of Hayato before the bomb-fanatic can light it and blow up the inside of the car- Viper would NOT be happy at having to pay for a new car.

"So what about you guys, Ken, Chikusa?" Tsunayoshi asks, looking to his other side at Chikusa and over the other side to where Ken was sat. "Tell me what you brought~"

The pair of boys watch Tsunayoshi plead and beg with them, the puppy-dog eyes coming out at some point, as well as a quivering lip. Why did this boy have to be so damn adorable?

"How troublesome." Chikusa mutters, looking out of the window instead of at Tsunayoshi.

"I'm not telling! Nyeeh!" Ken shouts, pulling down his eyelid and sticking his tongue out at Tsunayoshi.

"Now now, would everyone please calm down? Hayato, how many times do I have to tell you no dynamite in the car?" Chides Fon, who was their driver for today.

The children apologise and settle down, Tsunayoshi still pouting. He didn't want to wait, he wanted to know now!

Eventually they arrive as school, and after saying goodbye to Fon, Tsunayoshi gets out of the car and skips towards his class. He was interested in what everyone else would bring with them today. Ooh, it was going to be so exciting!

Some members of the class turn to look at the door as it is opened, but find it strange when no one walks in. Instead, a small lion head peers around the doorframe and looks around the classroom. Some girls coo at the adorable little lion, which draws the attention of the rest of the class. The lion disappears for a few seconds before returning, waving one paw at the people watching. Then it disappears again.

"GAAO!" Tsunayoshi growls as he jumps into the classroom, lion held high, a massive grin on his face.

There is a collective high pitched squeal from most of the girl population of the class and in less than five seconds Tsunayoshi finds himself under a pile of squealing girls who are determined to coo at and nuzzle not only Natsu but him as well. Tsunayoshi couldn't help but laugh at their enthusiasm and show of affection.

"Maa Maa, what's going on here then?"

"Hahi! What have we missed?"

"Maybe someone brought in something extra cute?"

That was Takeshi, Haru and Kyoko, standing at the entrance of the classroom, looking at the rather loud pile of girls on the floor just inside the doorway.

"Heeii! Can you all get off me please? Natsu can't breathe."

The trio look at each other, realising just who was under the pile of girls. They had better save him. Quick.

"Good morning everyone!" Takeshi says extra loudly, making sure he was noticed. Some of the pile of girls stop and look up, before clambering off to go stand around the sporty male.

Who himself was looking cute with a small plush bird sat on his shoulder and a dog tucked under his arm, as well as something strapped to his back in a case. The girls smile and wish him a good morning before commenting about the items he was carrying.

In the meanwhile, Haru and Kyoko look at each other before smiling (possibly too broadly) and starting to worm their way through the crowd and divest Tsunayoshi of his fans. And it wasn't either of their faults if a few girls shouted out because of needle pricks or harsh pinches to sensitive muscles. Both girls had been taught about 'stranger danger' by their mothers- all the more important considering the type of people they lived with- and had been taught a few self defence techniques.

Eventually the pile dissipates as the girls lose interest or leave because of injury, and finally Tsunayoshi has clean air to breathe. Haru and Kyoko smile at him and help him straighten out his clothes and pat his hair back down, so that he looks presentable once more.

"Haah… thank… thank you." Tsunayoshi pants, collecting his breath- those girls had been heavy.

"No problem~" The girls chorus, smiling brightly and looking cute despite the tiny act of violence they've just committed to protect Their little cutie.

Tsunayoshi smiles back before taking a few moments to check on Natsu and to sort his fur back into some semblance of normalcy.

"Aah, so Tsunayoshi brought Natsu. It's no wonder the girls did that, desu~" Haru claims, Kyoko nodding along. They both knew how devastatingly cute Tsunayoshi was along with Natsu as his 'lovely item'.

"Yup," Tsunayoshi beams, hugging Natsu tightly as he and the girls walked towards their desks. At some time during his rescue and their conversation, most of their friends had arrived and were now sitting at their desks. But before he can talk to the others and ask them (using Reborn's super-secret interrogation techniques!) what they had brought with them, the teacher enters the room and calls for quiet. They go through the usual boring stuff, news updates, the register and such, before they can finally start homeroom.

"So then class, I asked everyone to bring in something that was either precious or important to them. I can see quite a few items out on desks already, but for those who haven't," And here she looked over at Tsunayoshi's side of the room for some reason, "please get them out now."

She had had a talk with the Mafia-born students and reminded them not to bring in any weapons, or something that a normal person wouldn't have on them. Not that she was expecting any students to bring guns or the like to school, hoping that their families weren't the type to use child-hitmen, but you could never tell these days. Taking a look around the room she breaths a mental sigh of relief since it seems like all of the students have followed her wishes, bringing with them toys or pieces of clothes or blankets.


If she had to take a guess she would have said that voice belonged to the silver–haired Hayato, but that couldn't be right, because Hayato didn't make noises like that, instead growling at anyone who came near, unless it was Tsunayoshi.

Except that her guess was correct.

It was a look she had never seen on the usually scowling boy's face. He was blushing, looking as embarrassed as could be, yet as happy as if he were in heaven. A strange look indeed, especially when half his face was hidden under the little boy who was determined to hug Hayato to death.

"Tsunayoshi, let Hayato go, he's going to faint if you keep squeezing him like that." The teacher says, voice raised to be heard over Tsunayoshi's squealing. The pair's friends laugh at her comment, deciding that if Hayato was going to faint, it wouldn't be from the hug itself, but from the idea that he'd gotten such affection from 'Tsunayoshi-sama' in the first place.

Tsunayoshi looks up owlishly and then takes a better look at Hayato, who seemed to be in a half conscious daze mumbling, "Tsunayoshi-sama is hugging me. Tsunayoshi-sama is hugging me Tsunayoshi-sama is hugging me.". Tsunayoshi lets out a small giggle over Hayato's antics, he was being ever endearing as usual.

But then something else catches his eye, and before the teacher can tell Tsunayoshi to get off Hayato and return to his seat, he's already gone, instead hugging Takeshi to death.

"Oi, you'd better not come to us next," Ken growls, bearing his teeth in a disgusted and threatening way. "You're giving out 'Luce Hugs', byon." His preferred term was the hug of doom.

Chikusa sighs at Ken, the silly mutt should have known better. Now he had attracted Tsunayoshi's attention whilst not having hidden what he'd brought with him today. The result is wide sparkling doe eyes, Tsunayoshi leaping over Takeshi to land on Ken's desk and give him the hug Ken was trying not to receive. The way Ken fought the grip, hissing and clawing, reminded Chikusa of whenever they tried to get Ken to take a bath, or indeed most felines when brought near water.

Chikusa would make sure to tell Mukuro and Chrome about this later and watch Ken blush and squirm under Mukuro's amused gaze.

When the same doe eyes turn to him and the item he had brought along, Chikusa just holds his arms open, a look of boredom on his face as usual. He knew from experience with both Luce and Tsunayoshi that things went quicker if he gave up and accepted the show of affection. It may not be to his liking, but he appreciated the gesture. It was incredibly warm, something the Estraneo children had been starved of for a very long time.

"So troublesome." He grumbles for only Tsunayoshi to hear. The boy giggles once more before climbing off.

In actuality Tsunayoshi had been hauled off by the teacher who had had enough of Tsunayoshi's misbehaviour. She had no clue why Tsunayoshi was acting like this, but it was time he stopped. Tsunayoshi's friends were already getting jealous stares as it was. She hefts Tsunayoshi onto her hip with the intent to put him back in his chair by force. But something else had caught Tsunayoshi's eye from this higher vantage point, and the boy managed to tumble out of her grip with surprising dexterity before tackling the pair of boys sat at the front with yet another squealing hug.

By now the class was laughing at Tsunayoshi and the blushes his victims had on their faces. The teacher herself couldn't help but smile, even if she wanted to get on with the lesson already. There were guesses at who was going to be the next casualty, along with who had the best reactions to getting leaped on by the excitable child. By the time Tsunayoshi had stopped, practically all of his friends had been attacked with the exception of the ones he had made at school.

Although the excited chatter quickly drew to a close when the sound of sobbing filled the air.

For Tsunayoshi was crying.

In most instances of Tsunayoshi crying, his friends would have been around him in an instant, and whoever had caused the crying would be getting a firm talking to that confirmed to the teacher they were all Mafia students and not the innocent civilians she'd hope they had been. However instead, all those who had been pounced upon were softly smiling at Tsunayoshi with a look of loving care that said they had seen this type of crying before and were not surprised by it.

Tsunayoshi brings his knees up to his chest, Natsu squeezed between, crying into the lion's fluffy mane, feeling incredibly guilty. "I… I should'a… have… have brought things from… you guys… tooooo!" He sobbed between choking breaths and a runny nose.

Kyoko stands from her seat and walks over to Tsunayoshi, pulling his face up and wiping away his tears. "It's okay Tsunayoshi. We all know how important Natsu is to you. And if you'd brought something from each of us, you wouldn't be able to carry it all." Tsunayoshi sniffs and gives a faltering laugh at the picture of himself carrying so much stuff. "So just smile for us like you do at home or else Hayato is going to have a panic attack." Tsunayoshi looks over and sees that Hayato is indeed worrying over his wellbeing like usual. That, along with the feeling that if he cried any longer Reborn would show up (Reborn always managed to walk into the class as the Dean at just the right moment to see Tsunayoshi either get something wrong or embarrass himself), made him stop crying and attempt the smile Kyoko wanted. It wasn't perfect but it was close enough.

Kyoko smiles in return before sitting back at her seat. "Everything's fine now Sensei. You can start the lesson now."

The teacher nods hesitantly, but it did seem like Tsunayoshi was cheering up once again. She still had no clue why the child had burst into tears in the first place. Maybe she should ask some of his friends after class. She didn't want a repeat happening.

"Now that everyone is settled," She starts, drawing the class's attention back to the topic of today, "I believe it's best we start now. So who wants to go first?"

The class take it in turns to explain what the item was and why it was important to them. As the lesson goes on, it soon becomes clear to the teacher why Tsunayoshi had gotten excited by the items his friends had brought and why he had burst into tears over them. They had been sentimental happy tears.

Tsunayoshi couldn't help but blush at how many times his name was mentioned. He would have liked to hear about the other members of the class too, but the problem was he was getting another headache. There were pictures and voices in his memory again, although all of it seemed to be happy memories rather than scary ones.

"This is the first piece of robotics we have done without Verde's help. Tsunayoshi was there to help us and tell us to keep going when we thought we couldn't do it."

"You guys have been in here for three weeks straight! If you don't finish it by dinner tonight, I'm coming down there and dragging the both of you out. We can wait a little longer for moe-neko-robot-maids for heaven's sake!"

"This is the first piece of cosplay that Tsunayoshi and I made together desu~. See, isn't the cake bracelet pretty?"

"Sky! Sky! Look! Haru won first place in the international cosplay competition. And guess who was the key judge?! It was Lord Restitch! See I've got a photo here!"

"Tsunayoshi fell out of a tree getting this flower for me. Onii-san was there to catch him, although he had been the one to bait Tsunayoshi into getting the flower for me in the first place. I gave them a really long telling off after that."

"I'm sorry, I missed Self-Appreciation Day when I promised that I would come. I hope you two got the cake that I sent you both?... Guys please don't be mad at me… I picked these flowers just for you, see, I've even got the mud on my shoes to prove it!... Forgive me?"

"Tsunayoshi gave me this beanie, it was my first ever present after getting released."

"You know, it's always amazed me how as a whole, you guys are very conscious about your image. I'd hate to think how early in the morning you guys get up at to fix your hair. And talking of hair, you guys know that you spend more on hair care products than the Japanese branch as a whole, right?"

"This is the wrapper of the first bit of bubblegum I ever ate. Tsunayoshi gave it to me since he said Skull had brought too much of it back from his trip."

"I don't know why you are complaining to me, it's not my fault you brought out this store's entire supply of bubblegum and then ate it all. Getting new stock in takes time you know. Maybe you should learn the virtue of pacing yourself. Gluttony and greed are sins for a reason… Wait… why are they out of vanilla cream wafers?! I need some of it now, damnit! Oi, stop laughing at me, at least I can go home and get the girls to make me some instead, so there!"

"Umm… this is the box for all the plasters Tsunayoshi and I went through… when playing at my house… ah, for the first time…"

"HEEII! Oof. Damn, this cliff never gets any easier to climb no matter how many times I try. Are you okay? HEEII! You're bleeding. Oh god, where is the first aid kit?!... What do you mean you left it at the top?!"

"This is Jirou and Kojirou and Tsunayoshi gave them to me when we first became friends. They're my good luck charms, haha~! And this here is my lucky bat that my pops gave me. I'm gonna be the best player in the world with this bat!"

"Hahaa~ wow that was a great hit! I've never seen you hit the ball that far before. Hey, Jirou, go fetch!"

"This is Uri. Tsunayoshi-sama gave her to me to cheer me up after I found out the truth about my mother."

"For heaven's sake you god-blasted cat! Stop interrupting me. I can't play the piano with you playing whatever the hell you feel like. If you're going to play a note then at least make it in time with the music!"

"These are the masks we were wearing when we won the Cervello Hide and Seek Battle Royale for the first time ever as part of a three man team with Tsunayoshi-sama."

"We declare you as the loser. As the rules state, the loser must now wander around the party in nothing but this special underwear prepared by Reborn-sama."

When his name is called to go next, Tsunayoshi shakes his head to clear the moment and smiles brightly at the teacher. There is no sign that he had been crying, the boy looking as perky as usual. He holds the toy lion up to his face and nuzzles it lovingly, the adoration clear in his eyes for all to see. The image makes some girls sigh or squeal.

"Heh, he brought a kitty cat to class? How girly." Scoffed a male student.

Tsunayoshi pouts and holds Natsu closer. "That's not a very nice thing to say." He admonishes. "I don't care what you say, Natsu is very special to me. It doesn't matter what you say about him."

The boy shuts up, suddenly not so courageous when he notices over three-quarters of the class glaring at him.

"This is Natsu." Tsunayoshi starts, making the lion wave his paw. Many of the class waved back. "I've had him for a very long time now. I remember wanting a pet of my own since everyone at home had one, but I was too young for a real pet and scared of animals other than the ones they had. So they decided to get me a toy one I could carry everywhere instead. When I saw Natsu in a store I knew I had to have him. It kinda… felt like we were supposed to be together. I had the same feelings with the other toys there and cried until the others got them for me. Eventually I realised who they were for since that just felt 'right' too. I feel stronger and braver when Natsu is around and he keeps me company when everyone else is too busy working. Sometimes when I dream, I dream he's a real lion that helps me to fight evil! His roar is so scary that the bad guys can't even move afterwards! It's as if they've turned to stone!"

To demonstrate, Tsunayoshi make Natsu bounce forwards and shake his head as if he was a big strong lion roaring, adding in the suitable sound effects. "ROAR!" The noise would not have been fear-inducing to anyone other than the Vendice, who would worry once again that the boy's sweetness was going to rot through their bones.

The class laugh and burst into giggles, the odd person roaring back at Natsu to show they weren't afraid and could do it better.


Silence falls immediately at the extremely loud and very scary lion's roar. Everyone's gaze turns to Fran who seemed to be the source. Tsunayoshi swore he saw a miniature lion sat on Fran's desk for a second.

Oh, that's right. Tsunayoshi was going to take Fran home with him today. He'd almost forgotten in the excitement of bringing Natsu to school.

It was time Fran actually learnt a lesson~

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