Chapter 98- And Do Some Growing Up.

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"Luce, get down from there…" Reborn sighed.

Luce, however, wasn't listening.

"Target distance: 400 metres… 405…410…"

"You can ignore me all you like Luce, but I'm still punishing you when we get home. You disappeared without telling me."

Even with the promise of punishment, Luce still ignored Reborn. She might be the only person in the world who could get away with that. Well… get off without getting shot that is.

'*bzzt*… I've hacked the security cameras like you asked Luce. I'm going back to work now. Don't bother me again. *krrzt*'

Luce looked down at the small handheld monitor on the branch next to her and nodded in satisfaction; she could see everything that was going on now.

"Thanks Verde. But why aren't you going to watch? Don't you want to record this for your notes?" Luce asked, a pout heard in her voice.

'"No. I do not care about the effects on normal civilians. This is not worth my time."'

And with that the line went dead.

Reborn had to stop himself sighing once more. Really, this woman. Why did he follow her again?

"Really Luce… you've turned into a stalker."

"And proud of it!" She objected childishly. "Why isn't everyone else doing the same?!"

"Because this isn't that big a deal? You're overreacting." Maybe he should send her back to the Giglio Nero. Luce was never this sappy and silly when leading them. What was it about the Arcobaleno that had turned her into this?

"But this is important Reborn! This is Tsunayoshi's first-"

As per usual, one could hear the sound of a fight before seeing it.

"Che, wanna say that again, Birdy?"

"Hn. You are a puppy who only knows how to whine."

"Yaaah! Disappear, control freak!"

Tsunayoshi automatically covered his mouth with his jumper to combat the dust from the dynamite blast and ducked between the onlookers to see what was going on.

"What's the fight about this time?" Tsunayoshi asked when he finally got to the front.

"The Boss is having an argument with the DC Head. He thinks it's unfair that the First years aren't allowed to sit in the forest during lunch since the DC have taken it over. We're here to back him up."

Tsunayoshi nodded, that seemed like a fair reason for the fight. It was rather hot at the moment and the forest was the coolest place around. It was no wonder the DC had taken it over.

"Kufufufu~ The puppy is right there, Skylark." Mukuro chuckled from his place leaning against a wall. The Skylark had infuriated him ever since he had met the boy- admittedly not long ago, only since school had started, but that time was long enough.

"If Herbivores followed proper order then there would be no need for me to instil discipline." Kyoya growled, kicking one of the dynamites into the air, away from the other students.

Tsunayoshi sighed. If things had gotten down to name calling and personal ethos then it was time to intervene. Plus, Viper wouldn't be happy if the repair damage bill increased yet again. And it was always important to keep Viper happy.

"I had better stop this or else they'll be at it all day. I think Hayato's forgotten that Luce reduced his dynamite allowance again." Tsunayoshi sighed, a small pout on his face. Whilst it was clear that his friends liked fighting each other- and no doubt they were often baited by their followers to fight each other too- he didn't want any of them to get injured.

The people around- Hayato's First Year followers, some of which were classmates- looked at Tsunayoshi strangely at that remark. Hayato had limits on his Dynamite? That made it sound like pocket money. Plus, who handed out dynamites like they were sweets? Most people assumed he stole it from someone.

"Hayato, Kyoya, why can't you two share?" Tsunayoshi asked, loudly, talking over the shouting of the other students. Luce said that sharing was very important (although even the Arcobaleno hadn't mastered sharing between themselves yet.)

"Those at the top of the food chain do not share with those below." Kyoya replied confidently, smirking down at Hayato.

"But you're not at the top of the food chain either Kyoya." Tsunayoshi said aloud, a finger to his lips in thought. There were students older than Kyoya, and then there were all the adults too. If anyone was at the top, then it was going to be the Principal, right? Which of course, meant Reborn.

"Oh, you think you're higher up than the DC leader, do you?

Before anyone could react, one of the Discipline Committee had come up and pushed Tsunayoshi. Being unsuspecting of an attack from someone other than Kyoya, Tsunayoshi had been off balance, and went crashing into the wall.

Silence fell in the corridor.

Four pairs of hands grabbed the naughty member of the Committee and dragged him towards the exit.

"Don't follow." Warned Tetsuya, looking more dark and serious than his usual laid-back self. Hayato, Mukuro and Kyoya continued to drag the upperclassman out of the hallway, despite his protests.

"Guys…" Tsunayoshi sighed, watching the dramatic exit. Why was everyone around him so violent?

"A-are you okay, Tsunayoshi?" a girl asked him.

Tsunayoshi looked up and recognised it as Nina from his class. "Yeah, I'm okay thanks," He replied smiling.

The girl however gasped and grabbed his arm. "Ah! Your nose is bleeding. I'll take you to the nurse's office."

The walk to the nurse's office was rather quiet, the girl blushing and looking down at the blood, leading the way rather than standing next to him. Tsunayoshi had had enough nose bleeds by now to know what to do, but it would be nice to say hello to Dr Shamal.

They finally arrived at the nurse's office, and Tsunayoshi was about to open and walk in when Nina called his name.

"Um! Tsunayoshi…"

Tsunayoshi turned around and smiled at her as best as he could.

"Umm… I was wondering… well you were really brave telling those scary people to stop fighting and… you see… you're cute and sweet and a really nice person, so… umm… would you like to go out with me?"

Tsunayoshi noticed that Nina was blushing and could hardly look at him until she blurted the final bit out quite loudly. He didn't remember her as the quiet shy sort of person.

He smiled brightly and chirped "Sure! So, where would you like to go?"

Nina blushed even more, hiding behind her hair. 'Oh my god. He wants to go on a date already! How brave.'

"Well, would you like to come to the amusement park with me on Saturday?" Nina asked, gathering her courage once more.

"Wow, I haven't been to an amusement park before. I'd love to go!" The Arcobaleno were not the type to go to an amusement park- at least not altogether. Certain members wouldn't be seen dead there. Plus why pay all that money when they could play a horror shooting game made by Viper's illusions for free anyway? Who needed a bouncy castle, a maze or a playground when you had the CONSUBIM training grounds? Who needed a haunted house when you had the Vindice House?

Nina smiled, a rather pretty smile Tsunayoshi thought, and bounced in place. "Ah, okay then. Um, I'll meet you at the school gates at 10am then? My parents can take us from there. Okay then… um bye!"

And with that she ran off down the corridor without looking back.

"Wow, you're a natural charmer. You'll be almost as good as I am when you grow up."

That was Shamal, who had been eavesdropping, now leaning against the open door. He looked both impressed and smug. Obviously his Italian charms were rubbing off on the kid.

Tsunayoshi looked up and back at Shamal, confused about what Shamal had meant.

That's when Shamal sees the blood. "Ah damn it Chibi. Why didn't you tell me you were injured? Luce will kill me."

All thoughts of playboys and romantics went out the window as Shamal dragged the boy inside and took care of him. Considering just how many times Tsunayoshi ended up in his office with some kind of injury, Shamal really wished the boy was a cute girl- it would take the edge off. But he'd rather break his pride and treat a boy than be killed by Luce and Lal's lovely hands. His quest for hot sexy chicks would continue.

"Wow! This place is huge!" gaped Tsunayoshi after walking in the amusement park's gates. There was just soooo much to see and so many people. There was music and people chatting and huge animal and superhero costumes and food and- and!

Nina smiled and giggled. "I'm glad you like it. But it's much more fun once we get further in."

Tsunayoshi nodded before grabbing the girl's hand. "So we won't get separated." He explained when the girl blushed and looked embarrassed. He then turned to face Nina's parents and bowed politely to them. "Thank you for bringing me here~" He said, giving off one of his blinding smiles that could charm the socks off of even the hardest Mafioso.

Her parents stared for a second, blinded by the sparkles, assuming that the blooming flowers and balloons in the background were part of the amusement park. Didn't their daughter pick just the sweetest boy in existence? So polite too.

"It's no problem Tsunayoshi. We're glad to have you along. Please enjoy yourself here." Nina's mother replied. Tsunayoshi gave an agreement before turning and running in a random direction –'this way looked cool~'- dragging Nina after him.

'He's holding my hand!' Was all Nina could think as she squeezed his hand tighter and followed after him.

"Wait! Where did they go? Geez Reborn, you're distracting me~"

Luce flicked through the feeds from the security cameras until she found her darling Tsunayoshi once more.

"Skull they're coming your way!" Luce reported into her communication device.

"Gyahahah! Skull-sama has totally got this!" He exclaimed before starting to hum the spy theme tune to himself.

"Ah! Tsunayoshi, look. It's Piyo-chan!" Nina squealed, dragging Tsunayoshi towards a large square whether he wanted to come or not. Tsunayoshi gladly followed, spotting what had caught her attention.

Tsunayoshi couldn't help but laugh as the girl screamed the yellow chick's name once again and barrelled into the person wearing the costume.

"Piyo-Piyo-Piiiiyo-Piyo-Piyo-chan~ Piyo-chan no tamago, yorishiku desu~. Piyo-chan no tamago, hatsuba ichu~. Oishidesu yo~."

There was theme tune music in the background, with Nina and Piyo-chan singing the song at least twice before Nina burst into giggles and clapped.

"Cheep cheep~. It looks like some of Piyo-chan no tamago have arrived. Here take some of these, they're delicious desu~" The person in the costume said in a rather sing-song voice. They were holding a basket at the end of one of their wings, and held it out so that Nina and Tsunayoshi could grab some of the sweets advertised by the song.

"Thank you Piyo-chan!" Nina smiled. "I went to your last character show- the one at the end of HAYATO's concert. It was a shame that it had to be cancelled. I'm looking forwards to your next one though, I've already brought tickets!"

"Ahh… it was a shame the show was cancelled... Piyo-chan practiced sooo hard desu~. Piyo-chan looks forward to seeing you soon!" The giant chick said, still keeping up the sing-song voice. "Are Piyo-chan no tamago having fun at the park? It's a lovely sunny day."

Nina laughed again- she had a rather nice laugh actually- and nodded vigorously. "Yeah, we are! We've been on lots of rides already."

"Ah, so you two are together. You look very cute together desu~ Piyo-chan approves!"

Nina blushed again- she seemed to be doing that a lot recently, maybe something was wrong with her?- and looked up with sparkling eyes. "You really think so Piyo-chan?!" The opinion of this large, walking, talking, singing yellow chick seemed rather important to her.

"Yup! Piyo-chan does! 1000% Percent! Do you like him, little tamago?" Piyo-chan asked, leaning forwards in anticipation.

Nina looked down and nodded shyly.

"And you, little tamago. Do you like her?" Piyo-chan asked, turning to face Tsunayoshi.

Tsunayoshi smiled. "Nina is a very nice person."

"Well that settles it then! Piyo-chan wishes you both luck!" The chick said jubilantly, waving it's wings around.

"Piyo-Piyo-Piiiiyo-Piyo-Piyo-chan~ Piyo-chan no tamago, yorishiku desu~. Piyo-chan no tamago, hatsuba ichu~. Oishidesu yo~."

"Skull! You are in such trouble when we get home! You're not supposed to approve of them!"

"But Luce, why not? They looked cute together and Tsunayoshi seemed to be having fun."

"Aww, but I wanted him to be my little baby for a while longer yet~"

"Ahahaha… Luce, you're scaring me. Maybe Reborn-sempai should take you home"

"You shouldn't be worrying about me Skull. You're due on stage in 5 minutes~"

"What?! But I don't know any of the songs or words or anything. Luce, save me!"

"Hey, Tsunayoshi, should we have a go on those? Maybe we can win something to take home."

They had been walking around for a little while now, going on any rides that looked interesting. Their choice of rides was limited of course, due to their young age and short stature. But there had still been plenty of rides for them to choose between. There had been merry-go-rounds and tea cups and a rollercoaster that looked like a dragon! They'd also gotten a little bit wet at one point, but it was sunny enough that they dried off quite quickly.

Now they were at a parade of stalls, doing fairground games. The one Nina had pointed at was a shooting range with lots of prizes around the place.

"Yeah, that one does look fun, let's go. Tsunayoshi agreed, running over to the stand, still holding Nina's hand. They had to stand on boxes to be tall enough to shoot properly, but that was okay.

"Hmm, this is a little heavy for me." Nina admitted, holding the gun awkwardly.

"Here, let me help." Tsunayoshi offered, standing behind Nina and helping her support the gun. "You want to look through this bit here for the best aim, take your time to aim, breath in and…"


"Aww, we missed." Nina pouted.

"But I was sure that hit." Tsunayoshi objected, staring hard at the target before them. His aim wasn't that bad after all, and he'd even been following Lal and Colonnello's advice. Oh well. "Let's try again."

Nina nodded and pointed the gun back towards the target, Tsunayoshi's hands on hers to help hold and aim.


"No, we missed again. Maybe this game really is for adults." Commented Nina, looking sad.

Tsunayoshi shook his head- they had hit it that time, he was sure.

"Well, we've got one last shot, so let's try once more." Tsunayoshi said encouragingly. Nina nodded, and aimed the gun once more.

"Three… two… one…"



"Yes! We did it!" Nina shouted, putting the gun down before jumping up and down. "Tsunayoshi look, we did it!"

Tsunayoshi looked blankly at the target for a second. He was sure he had seen something back wizz past them and hit the target. Strange. "So which prize did you want Nina?" He asked, smiling at the happy girl.

"Umm… that one…" Nina said after some deliberation, choosing to go with a rather fluffy brown lion cub.

"How about we try that one next? We can see who can fill the balloon quicker~"

"Ha! Look at that shot, kora. Perfect!"

"So you can hit a stationary target whilst moving at a stupidly slow speed. Did you want a gold star?"

Lal and Colonnello were currently riding the Ferris wheel, almost at the top.

"Well, if you're offering a reward then… you know what you're supposed to do when the carriage reaches the zenith, right?"

Lal blushed, her hands curling into fists. "You even try that and I'll chuck you out of here and let you fall all the way to the ground, brat."

"Excuse me, little Miss."

Tsunayoshi and Nina stopped when they heard a gruff voice addressing them. After turning around they find that it's a police officer. But this officer was a little strange, despite having large sunglasses, a moustache and a deep gruff voice, the guard also seemed to have cleavage … of the female kind…

"Yes sir?" Nina said, starting to look a little scared. They hadn't done anything wrong, right?

"I'm going to need to check your bag." The Officer replied, holding a hand out, waiting for the item.

"A-ah… okay…" Nina said, looking suspicious, but handing her bag over anyway- this person looked official despite the weirdness. Maybe they were dressing up as part of the atmosphere?

Both Tsunayoshi and Nina were surprised when the officer pulled out some handcuffs and clicked them around Nina's petit wrists.

"Hey! What's that for?!" Tsunayoshi shouted, trying to push the officer away.

"You are under arrest for theft and grand larceny." The officer replied.

"Theft? But Nina didn't steal anything. She'd never do that. What did she steal? Show me!" Tsunayoshi insisted. Nina wasn't the type of person to steal something and there was definitely something wrong with this police officer.

The police officer froze for a second, as if unable to answer the question. 'For stealing him!'

Which was when yet another pair of handcuffs came into the fray. But this time they were around the wrists of the 'police officer'.

"You are coming with us. You're under arrest on charges of disguising as a police officer, stalking and suspicion of paedophilia."

This time it was two very real looking police officers, complete with shiny badges. "We are sorry for any inconvenience this person has caused you today." The other police officer said, addressing Tsunayoshi and Nina, undoing the handcuffs and returning Nina's bag to her. " Let's go find your parents, shall we?"

Tsunayoshi and Nina nodded, wanting to get as far away from the weirdo as possible, and started to follow the police officer to the entrance where they were going to meet Nina's parents anyway.

Yet as they were leaving, they couldn't help but hear the cries of the impostor. Wait! I'm that boy's guardian. I'm not anyone suspicious. Please let me go."

"Like we'd believe any of that." Scoffed the police officer. "We've had reports all day of a strange woman- sitting in a tree with binoculars and surveillance equipment, hiding in a bush, sabotaging the haunted house and other accounts. It seems like you've been following those children all day. We don't like people like you."

"No please, you don't understand!" The woman cried.

"Be quiet. We'll listen to your story down at the station."

"So then Tsunayoshi, how was your day at the amusement park?" Fon asked, giving the boy a glass of juice since he had just returned home.

"It was awesome!" Tsunayoshi said, grinning. He went into a detailed tale of his adventure today, hands waving in his excitement to explain everything to Fon.

"It sounds like your date went very well then Tsunayoshi." Fon said, smiling softly.

Tsunayoshi looked back confused. "Date? What's that?"

Fon blinked. "Well, you said she asked you if you 'want to go out'. This means she was asking you on a date. She wants to be your girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? That's the thing where you like a girl lots and lots and think you want to be together forever right. Luce and Lal and Viper are my girlfriends, right?"

Fon laughed. "I think we've been over this, but you can't go around calling them your girlfriends, people will get the wrong idea. A girlfriend isn't a member of your family- well not until you get married. But she was saying that she likes you a lot, enough to want to spend lots of time with you."

"Oh. Is that why she kept blushing all the time and acting shy? Lots of adults asked us today if we like each other. She even kissed me on the cheek as I got out of the car. I held her hand all day and helped her with the gun, and hugged her when we screamed from the rides…"

Fon sighed. "I think you might need to tell her that you just want to be friends and that you didn't understand she was asking you to be her boyfriend." Young children never really understood these things anyway, but it was cute to watch.

"Piyo-Piyo-Piiiiyo-Piyo-Piyo-chan~ Piyo-chan no tamago, yorishiku desu~. Piyo-chan no tamago, hatsuba ichu~. Oishidesu yo~."

Tsunayoshi looked up at the rather familiar tune to see Skull walking in through the front door.

"Skull, you're back!" Tsunayoshi shouted, running over to hug the stuntman. "You know, I heard that song a lot today. Nina really likes Piyo-chan."

Skull just laughed nervously. If the force of her hug was anything to go by, she loved Piyo-chan.

"Where is Luce? Weren't you two going somewhere today together?"

Reborn gave a short sharp laugh as he closed the door behind himself. "Luce won't be home tonight. She's spending the night in a police cell."

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