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It was a normal enough day in Gensokyo. Rain was gently falling and everyone-or near enough everyone-was doing the sensible thing and staying indoors where it was dry, except for those youkai that had nowhere to go. One such person, annoyed that their planned excursion to the human village had been ruined by inclement weather, was a certain blonde youkai magician and had decided to spend her time making even more dolls.

Not everyone in Gensokyo was remotely sensible, however. It was such a case with one of the aforementioned blonde youkai magician's closest friends. The doll-maker would be facing a visit from her soon, a visit she'd be rather unlikely to forget any time soon. Kirisame Marisa, the perfect and ordinary witch, did not care if it was raining. Instead, she was more focused on finding out just what the hell she had managed to find in her own home. She cruised low towards the small, rounded building that served as Alice Margatroid's home, and landed just in front of the front door. Knocking, such a foreign concept to the witch, was ignore in favor of loudly kicking the door open. Grinning as she took a completely uninvited step inside, Marisa spoke up. "Ari-chan, hi!"

"You didn't have to attack the door," Alice complained, placing a half-finished doll on the table in front of her and turning to look at Marisa. Behind the witch, a doll moved to close the door and keep the rain outside. It was strange to complain about attacking the door rather than entering completely uninvited but that sort of thing never sunk in. It was a complete waste of time, really.

"Kicking the door open is way more awesome then just doing it the normal way, Ari-chan," Marisa replied. Her grin had managed to grow since entering the house. There was one of her closest friends(along with the shrine maiden), Alice Margatroid. In her house full of dolls. Shelves and shelves of the diminutive effigies of humanoid girls filled the small house. By now, Marisa was used to that. And really, Alice was pretty good at doll-making. The dolls themselves were fairly cute. In any case, there was more important matters to attend to. "I've got a question for you!"

"Is that all? Eugh... go on."

Marisa's grin faded into a simple smile, as she reached into her skirt. Her hammerspace spell, which allowed her to carry a great deal of items without feeling any weight by storing them in a pocket dimension, was located under her skirt. It might not seem like the best location, but it was strangely convenient in Marisa's opinion. From the spell, she withdrew the item in question. Earlier that day she had found it while rummaging through the junk lying around her house. Having no idea what it was, she immediately decided to see if Alice had any kind of idea about it. It was a strange little item, a pale blue crystal that had a vague arrowhead shape. This wasn't particularly indicative of what it did, so needless to say, Marisa had to ask. "Any idea what this is, Ari-chan?"

The youkai magician's curiosity was piqued. Normally, if Marisa came over, she might bring something edible... and then proceed to make off with more than she'd been carrying when she got here. For once, though, it seemed that the other witch had brought something unusual along. Not that Alice was entirely sure what it was... "Not really. It's magical; I can tell that much."

Marisa's smile became a frown. Alice couldn't figure out what it was, either? That was kinda strange, Alice was pretty good with this kind of thing. The only person who might be better was Patchouli Knowledge, and that was a pretty big maybe. Both of the youkai magicians seemed to have a vast knowledge of magical items and their effects. Marisa offered the arrowhead to Alice. "Wanna take a closer look?"

Wordlessly, Alice picked up the item and brought it closer to her eye. Was that... writing? Yes, it was: all around the edge of the crystal were tiny little symbols, most likely stating what the object was for. This, then, was something quite comfortably within Alice's grasp: translating from a magical text to one that she could vaguely understand.

A minute passed before the hatless magician placed the arrowhead crystal onto the table, grabbing a nearby piece of paper and writing out what was still legible on the item's somewhat marred surface. As expected, they were instructions: point the arrow at someone, put in magic and... something. At that point, the message was too scratched to be readable. All that she could work out was that any offensive magic would be less dangerous than a Master Spark. And there was only one way to test it...

"So, do you have any idea what it does now, Ari-chan?" Marisa asked. She'd already been growing impatient. Not waiting for an answer, Marisa snatched the piece of paper and looked it over.7

"No, but I-," Alice answered, leaning back and pointing at the piece of paper before being interrupted. In use, the closest analogue that Marisa could understand was probably a spell-less Master Spark-type casting, rather than the potions she normally got most of her power from.

Marisa grinned. Well, the arrow was right here, the instructions were right here... and there was a test subject. It wouldn't be dangerous, right? She didn't have any desire to hurt Alice... so as long as her hypothesis that it was harmless was correct, this would be fine. Suddenly, she tossed the arrowhead into the air, and as it fell, pointing towards Alice, she pointed at it. A thin magical laser fired from the tip of her finger, and struck the stone, before the arrowhead landed on the table between them.

Alice made to stand up but stopped halfway when the arrowhead did nothing. It was almost disappointing that it had absorbed the laser but had no effect after that. It wasn't until Alice had seated herself again and opened her mouth to speak that the crystal reacted: pale blue darkened to purple, a beam shot into Alice's chest, and there was a distant rumbling sound.

Briefly, Alice looked stunned, then her clothes collapsed into a seemingly empty pile... and the source of the mysterious rumbling sound became clear. Whatever the arrowhead had actually done, it seemed to have broken a similar spell to Marisa's storage enchantment; every doll Alice had been hiding on her person was now pouring from thin air and creating a vast, steadily-spreading mess.

Marisa had for a moment been unimpressed... until Alice vanished. Shock and fear became utter confusion and dolls suddenly sprayed out from Alice's clothing. Had she just turned Alice into a ton of dolls? Or were these all the dolls that alice normally carried on her? Whichever it was, Marisa(now deeply worried that she might have accidentally disintergrated her friend), made and attempt to push her way through the dolls to get to the seemingly empty pile of clothing. "Ari-chan!"

Alice was certainly still there, since she could be heard grumbling to herself from somewhere inside the still-growing pile, but it sounded slightly... wrong. It was still Alice's voice, that was certain, but not the same Alice that had been sat at the table until a minute before.

Marisa let out a sigh of relief when she heard Alice's voice. But... something seemed off. Very off... but it was hard to tell what. More pressing was finding out what had happened to Alice. Marisa fought her way through the pile of dolls, to the pile of clothes at the center. Without hesitation, she reached in and started picking the clothing up. "Ari-chan! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine... no thanks to you..." Alice complained, emerging from inside her dress and glaring at Marisa. She didn't seem to be very happy about this chain of events but who would be?

"... Eh...?" Marisa... was not sure what she could say to this. That was definitely Alice, but... tiny. And clothing-less. There were few situations that the perfect and ordinary witch would remember that were as odd as this.

"Try firing the thing again, see if it changes me back!" Alice demanded, face crimson as she attempted to cover as much as she could with her arms. It seemed that the change in voice was just a result of being muffled. Well, that and being about level with Marisa's stomach...

Marisa looked over her shoulder. The arrowhead, now covered in dolls, was... somewhere. "Um... there's dolls. Lots of them. I don't see it... um..."

She looked back towards Alice. "... You're tiny."

Marisa nodded, and turned around once more, rummaging through the piles of dolls. After a few moments, she managed to uncover the arrowhead, and quickly turned back towards Alice. "Alright, Ari-chan!"

She pointed it at Alice, and pointed her finger towards it once more, and fired a laser into it.

This time, when the arrowhead was fired, it went straight to white and, with a chiming noise, shot a blinding light into the shrunken youkai magician. There was no delay like the first time round... but the arrowhead promptly shattered as soon as it stopped firing, leaving Alice tiny and, now, aged backwards to her nine year old self.

Marisa flinched, stumbling back as the arrowhead shattered. Luckily, none of the shards were large enough to hurt. At this point, she was able to get a good look at Alice... and stared. This was... just... what the hell? "Um... Ari-chan, you're... you're tiny. And you're little."

There wasn't much else Marisa could think to say.

"Marisa, this is all your fault."

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