Something happened.

The something that happened, though, wasn't meant to happen.

That something that wasn't meant to happen was something bad.

Altogether, this means that something bad happened that wasn't supposed to happen.

God decided that this bad thing that happened that wasn't supposed to happen shouldn't really have happened.

So God decided that He would send the souls of those who were victims of this something bad that happened to another dimension of His, onto another planet, called Earth.

He was about to restore their memories immediately, but then, God decided something.

God decided that He wasn't really all that bothered, and besides, the victims were smart enough to figure things out for themselves.

So God left them alone, and decided to deal with them when the time came.

He froze time on the planet in the other dimension, where the bad something first occurred.

Then He went on with His own business and left the reincarnates on Earth.

Somewhere on Earth, there are souls which feel something wrong with where they are.

From those souls, there are seven that take a major part in their recovery.

There is a green-haired college student who feels empty because he is missing something very important to him. He is about to enter a new university because he has just moved.

There is a popular university girl who is trying to figure what she feels wrong with herself everytime she looks at her reflection. She is seconds away from greeting a friend of hers.

There is a young engineer who dreams of people he does not know, yet recognises. Currently, he is waiting for someone he thankfully knows and recognises.

There is a young male model who is cool and laid-back on the surface, but deep within lies an interior of desperacy and confusion. He is smoking a cigarette as he walks along the corridoors of his university.

There is a swordswoman who takes pride in her sword but none in herself, and is seeking unconciously for someone to understand her. At the moment she is being screamed obscenities at as she cowers in a bathroom cubicle.

There is a young actress who carries a great loneliness and despression in her weak heart and doesn't know why uptil this very moment. She is being shielded by her manager from screaming fans as she walks to a studio.

There is an orphan who knows the truth, knows what he's doing here, and is searching for the others.

These seven people are destined to meet again.

However, out of the seven, only one has been awakened.

Only when the six ignorant ones are awakened can their fate be fully decided.

And once awakened, all of them must take their part in recovering their past lives, where they truly belong.

They have no idea that their lives are about to take an enormous twist the day a certain student enters the university building.

Which he is about to, actually..., right about now.