A/N so here's a story about Bella as a orignal vampire aefannd her brothers are Damon and stefans sister. Summary: Bella is the little sister of Damon and Stefan salvourte. Damon and stefan thourght Bella died years ago but she's not what happens when they fing out she's alive set in breaking dawn and set in season 2 of the vampire diaries yay ;)

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Chapter 1


I had that little bitch katherine pinned up to the wall.

"Why are you here."I snarled

"You know why I told you yesterday I came back for Stefan."She said a smirk playing on her lips

"Why should I let you live."I said hoding a stake right above her heart.

"Because I know where Bella is."She said

Bella?Bella died years ago.

"Bellas dead."I snapped

"She's not we've been in touched for a while."She said

"Then where is she."I asked

"Ask her yourself." said katherine tilting her head to her bag

"If this is one of your little games I swear I rip your head of."I said

"I like to see you trie."She said shoving me of her and then ran into the forest.

I stood back up and looked through katherines bag and got here phone and sherched thorugh he contacts and there it was bellas name. I pressed called and waited for her to pick up.

"Katherine what do you want im kind of busy at the momment."She said

"It's not katherine it's Damon."I said

"What she lied."I heard bella whisper

"Wait on sec."She said

"Damon I throught you were dead."She said

"I throught you were dead."I said

"Well I kind of am."She said teasingly

"So what have you been up to for all these years."I asked.

She told me all about her life but she was missing out bits Then I told her all about what happend through the years of my life

"So when can I come and see you."I asked

"Soon."She said

"Well I have to go love you."She said

"Oh and tell stefan I said hi."She said

"Bye."I said then she hung up there's something Bella's not telling me. I went hunting and came back Stefan was home with Elena.

"Bella said hi."I said to him

"Bella she's not dead."He asked shock written all over his face.

"Yep."I said

"Umm who's Bella."Asked Elena

"Our baby sis didnt Stefan tell you."I asked

" I Throught you said no more secrets."Said Elena glaring at Stefan

I chuckled "Stefy boy is in trouble."I said

"So how is Bella."Asked Stefan ingoring my comment.

I told him all about the things she's been doing and then he went to drop Elena home.


After I hung up on Damon I ran back to the cullens house next time I see katherine she is soo dead.

"Finally Bella your back you were gone for ages."Said Alice

"I was gone for 10 mintues Aice."I said

"Come on we have more planning to do."Said Alice dragging me to the dining room.

"Fine."I grumbled and plonked myself in the chair.

After Alice finshed torutering me with wedding plans she dropped me home and said that all of them are going hunting. Finally I need to hunt for days. I went to Port Angels and fed of some drunking guy and some guy which was high. After I was done I ran back home and got in the shower and got changed in my pj's and went to sleep.

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