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Chapter 7

2 mouths later.

I was in my rocking chair feeding been 2 mouths since I gave birth to my little girl and I love her so much. Im really worrid because Farthers due back anyday now and he might take my little Rosabella away from me.I cant let that happen. As I let out a frustated sigh I hear the front door open and slam shout loudly scaring Rosabella. I rock her gently calming her.

"ISABELLA!"I hear a voice shout and that voice was farther.

I quickly place Rosabella in her crib and straighting myself out as I quickly walk down the stairs to farther.

"Yes farther."I say my voice trembling slightly.

"Go get me some achol and Maria go cook me something."He demends walking into the living room.

I scurried of and got a glass and a bottle of rum passing it farther.

I was cringe slightly when I hear Rosabella start crying.

I whisper."Oh not now Rosa why now."

I follow farther as he stands up and heads for the stairs. He walks into my bedroom and looks shocked when he see's Rosabella laying in her crib crying. He walks over and picks her up holding her at arms length. I fight the urge to go snatch her out his filithy hands.

"Why is there a baby in your room Isabella."He ask sternly rasing a eyebrow.

"Ummm it's a umm."I say but get cut of by Maria.

"Sorry sir its my baby niece my sister she passed away a few weeks ago and I was left in care of the child."She says. I smile silently and mouth thank you to her.

"Oh well your in change of it and I do not want this child anyway near any of my stuff or me."He says placing her in the crib strolling out the room snacthing the bottle of Rum and glass out my hand on the way.

I sigh in the relife.

"Thank you sooo much Maria."I say greatful that she lied for me.

"Its okay Bella."She says smiling walk out the room.

I walk over the Rosabella crib and let her hold my pinky.

"I love you baby girl I will protect you with my whole life."I whisper to her. Promiseing every word I said.


4 years later.

I was cleaning up the mess in the kitchen after Rosa finshed eating. Farther was away and so it was calm around the house. I walked outside seeing Rosa talk to this stranger Stefan standing next to the stranger girl. I walk up tickling Rosa.

"Hey my little suger plum."I say smiling at her.

"Hey Momma!"She says back happily swinging her arms back and forwards.

The past few years Rosa has growns so much. She has long black hair and Green eyes. Her hair is perfectly curled and she is quite pale. She loves all the pretty dress she wears. She says it makes her feel like a princess.

"Who are you talking to sweetie?"I ask picking her up placing her on my hip.

"This is Kat Stephy girlfriend."She says giggling.

I rasie an eyebrow.

"Oh to meet you Kat."I say smiling at her.

"Nice to meet you to I'm Katherine."She says smiling tickles under Rosa chin.

"I'm Bella."I say smiling back.

"I have a feeling we will become good friends."She says.

"Well we have to wait and see."I say.

Over the past week me and Katherine became very close. She was like my best friend. We told eachother everything. A few more weeks passed by and we were Katherine were really close.

Rosabella loves her also but there is something what Katherines not telling me. And I'm focused on finding out.

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