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"Karen I just dont know what to do anymore, my marriage is a total failure, me and Jill barely talk and it's like she doesnt want me to see my own kids, wehn she goes out she just arranges for them to go somewhere else; its like i dont exsist..."

"Chris don't worry, you'll probably work things out your're a strong man and things will probably pull through, have you tried talking to Jill?"

"Yes plenty of times but she just switches off and ignores me, its like a pointless conversation if you ask me, " Karenn took hold of his hand as a friendly gesture and squeezed it tightly reassuringly.

"How long has it been this bad?"

"About the past year its just been getting worse and worse but she doesn't seem to notice its just awful..." Karen knew exactly where Chris was coming from as she'd been divorced from her husband Stephen for nearly 5 years even though it really didnt seem that long. When they made the decision Karen wanted Stephen totally out of her life but it wasnt that easy with two teenage daughters aged 13 and 15, they had both been affected quite badly by the family split but they soon got used to the fact and they were even closer friends than they were before.

"Chris you know just because my marriage didnt quite work out doesnt mean that yours wont... have you tried seeing a solicitor?"

"No no id rather not get anyone else involved and if Jill found out I'd been she'd kill me," Chris said really not quite with it compared to normal as she sat next to karen in distress tying up his skates as the pair of them waited for Jayne who was late as usual.

"Well if you want it sorted properly I suggest thats what you do chris, because I cant exactly give you expert councilling can I? and you sound like its really bothering you you're not your usual self"

"Ok the thing is... I dont know if I can sort it out... maybe I should just get a divorce? I've been thinking about it for a while I mean what am I supposed to do? I've not told anyone else this karen, and I'd love it if you could promise me you wont tell anyone? please? I trust you and thats why I've told you and no one else yet,"

Karen didn't really know what to say back to Chris's confession but she wanted to help and she wasnt sure she could keep it from jayne but she nodded anyway to make chris happy.

"Look, why dont you come round to mine after work and I'll see what I can do..I think I still have my solicitors number she might be able to help you and we can talk properly, how that eh?"

"Ok I like that idea, thanks so much Karen shall we get on the ice and wait for Jayne?"

The two of them skated round for a while whilst they waiting for Jayne to arrive so they could get to work with the celebrities; jayne was over an hour late and when she did arrive karen was bursting to tell her about chris but knew she'd have to wait until chris was too busy to notice if they went off to have a chat and share gossip like they normally did anyway. After a while chris eventually went to go and get himself a coffee so Karen skated over to Jayne.

"Jayne I need to tell you something its about chris and its really urgent but you can't tell anyone because I'm the only one that knows and chris can't know that you know,"

"Ok right first of all calm down and take a deep breath because your talking really quickly," Jayne said with concern, wandering what the problem was. "Well I've got to tell you quickly before he comes back! Him and Jill haven't been getting on lately and he wants a divorce!"

"Really a divorce? When did he even tell you all this?"

"While we were getting our skates on waiting for you. Also he's coming over tonight to have a proper chat and I'm giving him my solicitors number to see if he can get some help,"

"Karen is that really a good idea after last time?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh come on honey don't tell me you're just going to put all those feelings behind you all of a sudden and forget about them, it took you so long to put your feelings for Chris behind you before..."

"Jayne that was all three years ago in the past and it wasn't anything serious, nothing happened they were just feelings," Karen quickly changed the subject after that as it made her feel slightly uncomfortable and seconds later chris returned -mug in his hand ready to get to work again.

Once they'd finished skating for the day Chris said he'd make his way over to Karen's a while later maybe after he'd eaten, and on her way driving home Karen couldn't stop thinking about what Jayne had said, she'd not thought about Chris in anyway other than just a very close friend in so long, but who was to say all her passionate feelings wouldn't come rushing back? She couldn't help thinking that if Chris did end up getting a divorce then maybe she would have a chance with him. she tried to push all those thoughts out of her mind but it was easier said than done, they just kept creeping back in unexpectedly. When she got home she put dinner in for her and the girls, just a quick and easy one. Laura at 18, was still fully living with Karen and every other weekend she would go and sty with her dad, much less now than how much she used to see him; Emma at 20, lived with Karen most of the time but lived partially with her long term boyfriend and rarely saw Stephen due to the fact that she had no interest to.

"Girls, Chris is coming over shortly to sort some things out for work okay?"

"Okay I'm going over to Josh's after dinner anyway but I'll be back later I think."

"Okay baby take overnight things with you and text me if you're not coming back," Karen said seriously as she was very protective over both girls.

"Yep," came the reply."And I've got tonnes of college work to do so I'll be in my room."

They all ate dinner together and then Emma went out to her boyfriend's while Laura took a whole large bottle of diet coke with her and disappeared upstairs, leaving Karen alone to wait for Chris and clear away the dishes. Just as she'd sat down to watch some TV Chris knocked the door; she got up and checked she looked okay in the mirror on her way to the door before letting him in, and then grabbing them a glass of wine each. Chris took a seat while Karen began routing around for the solicitor information while Chris told her about what happened when he got home.

"Jill never looked at me, she just put dinner on the table so i took mine upstairs and ate because I just couldn't bare the tension,"

"And does she know you're here?"

"No she doesn't I'm sure it would make her very happy to hear I'm at another single woman's house for some counselling advice," Chris said sarcastically.

"What did you tell her?"

"That I'd gone back to the rink for something I thought I'd lost, so it doesn't matter if I don't come back with anything because I'll just tell her I didn't loose anything after all."

"Okay you've thought about this a lot considering it's been not even an hour... Right here's the folder of all the stuff I kept from my divorce, all the numbers you need should be in here somewhere... are you really sure about this Chris?" Karen said gently putting her hand on his thigh for a few seconds before removing it.

"Yes I am, I can't cope with this anymore Karen, I hate it - I need to move on from Jill!"

"What about the kids though, they need you," Karen said softly.

"Well I'll only be moving local won't I? We'll make some kind of arrangement so I'll be able to see them whenever I can and whenever they want to see me," Chris said as he analysed the whole situation in his head. He looked deeply into Karen's eyes, his own filled with sadness and they shared a warm friendly hug. Then Karen began to sort through the papers and direct Chris, but he interrupted her by leaning in and romantically kissing her on the lips, gentle but loving.

Karen pulled away after a couple of seconds she was a bit taken by surprise to say the least. "Chris what are you doing? Are you sure you want..." but she was abruptly cut off by Chris again who leant in for a second, more passionate kiss longer than the first but certainly answered Karen's question and this time she kissed him back as all the feelings she'd felt a few years back had all flooded into her mind except this time she didn't mind because for the first time in years she actually felt loved back in return. They snuggled into each other's warm bodies, a new romance slightly unexpected was hovering in the atmosphere around had just come downstairs to get herself a snack to concentrate and she heard kissing coming from the living room, she was confused as she thought it was just Chris coming round, but just assumed her mum had a date over instead and didn't want the girls to find out yet, so she just went back upstairs thinking nothing of it.

"Karen I love you, I want you more and more every second," Chris said continuing to kiss Karen passionately for the next few minutes.

"I love you too but..." Chris put his finger to her lips to stop her saying anymore.

"No, no buts!" and kissed her again not knowing what he was doing except that it felt incredible, something he'd only ever dreamed of, yes Karen was not the only one that had had previous feelings in the past that had suddenly come rushing back.