About an hour into it, they were almost back in London, chriss phone rang a number neither of them recognised, but he picked up anyway using the hands free. "hello?" "hi chris.""who is it?" Karen whispered over from the passenger seat."Jill. What a surprise. Did you get my calls? My texts? ""yes actually I did... What do you want chris"" I'd like to know what the hell is going on, where are you? Where are my kids?" "I'm in Canada" Jill replied bluntly."with the kids?" "yes sorry is that a problem?" she said back rudely."actually yes it is a bloody problem! You've taken my kids away from me, out of the ****ing country and you wonder why I have a problem? You are so unbelievable..." he ranted back to her angrily, while Karen sat nervously next to him."chris look theres a layby here please pull over" she begged worriedly as chris got more and more worked up. He did as Karen suggested and continued arguing with Jill about his rights to see his kids. "can I at least speak to them?" he pleaded, about to give in hope of ever seeing them again, he knew hearing their voices would totally break his heart."mmm I suppose so" Jill agreed reluctantly. "jack! Sam! Tommy! Come here please" Chris put the phone on speaker and unplugged it, so Karen could hear to, the rain was now lashing down on the windscreen."hello?" jack spoke first as Jill thrust the phone towards him."jack baby!" chris's face lit up to hear his voice but his heart was breaking. "daddy!" "daddy?"hi dad" the last voice was an uneasy feeling jack, the eldest son who missed chris the most. "hi boys...how are you all?""we miss you daddy""I miss you too... All of you so much" he said , his voice breaking up a little but he tried his best to hold it together for their sake."mummy mean to us" tommy said."I hope not baby... Why?""she spends all the time with the new baby" A tear rolled down karen's cheek at the young boys talking, and chris had almost gone too."dad, the baby's not yours is it?" jack asked."no son, but I think you're the only one that will understand all that so lets leave it for now, I'll talk to you about it some other time if you still want me to... Now, tell me about where you're staying?""mummy bought a big house and we have a bedroom each and a play room and a computer and a big garden with a trampoline" Sam told him excitedly."ok it sounds great... How long have you been there?""we got here this morning" jack said. The 3 boys and chris chatted for a bit longer, it hurt chris a great deal to hear it all . "mummy says we have to go now and she wants to talk to you" said sam "okay then babies... Goodbye for now but I promise I will see you very soon, I love you all so so so so much" he said as a tear rolled down his cold cheek. "love you daddy""love you""love you lots and lots and lots""Jill when can I see them?" chris begged as the phone got passed back and a screaming baby could be heard in the background. "unless you want to fly over here and see them then I guess the answer is never" Jill answered icily."you can't do that Jill... And if that's what it takes I will fly out there, I'd like the address of the house please, and I'm booking the first flights over there ""oh and I don't want to see that slut with you either" Jill added before cutting off the call and slamming the phone down, chris burst into tears, not like him at all and Karen gave him a comforting hug.