Warnings: Implied oral sex, MPREG! (that's male pregnancy; if it squicks you, avert your eyes), cursing.

Pairing: Tetsu x Sou

Notes: This one… Well, it's weird. Fair warning. Oh, and this pretty much follows the first volume of the manga. I didn't write in a lot of parts because I didn't want to basically re-write the manga (and it would basically be cheating if I just wrote down the manga dialogue for half of the story; I'm pretty sure that's plagiarism), but I think you can tell where this fits into it.


It had finally happened. After worrying and angsting for five years, Tetsuhiro finally had his glorious night with his senpai. He also had his answer on whether or not they would ever be together: "I never want to see you again!"

It had hurt. A lot. Tetsuhiro had almost been expecting it, yet the actual thing was far more painful than his imagination could ever have made it seem. He had left Souichi at his apartment that day, not surprised at all to find that he hadn't stayed when he came back that evening. After calling Souichi and confirming that his senpai would be back at school on Monday, Tetsuhiro had made up his mind what to do. He would go back home.

He stayed in Nagoya until Sunday night, true to his word that he would look after Souichi's experiments. He packed a few clothes and set out long after dark, walking aimlessly until he found himself at Souichi's house.

What he did next was a stupid move, but he was desperate. He was in pain, and he was about to leave behind the one person he had loved more than anyone or anything. Creeping silently, he let himself into the house with the key under the door mat. Both occupants were asleep; he could hear Kanako snoring in her room, having just gotten over a cold.

He had never actually been to Souichi's room, though he'd visited the house many times. He let himself be led by Kanako's wheezes, then peered into each door until he saw Souichi asleep on his bed. Carefully, Tetsuhiro slipped through the door and closed it softly behind him, padding to the bed and sitting beside the man he loved.

It took all his willpower to keep Souichi snoozing, but he was able to spend one last night with him. He didn't penetrate the man, though. He was content to just cuddle and kiss. Finally, when dawn approached, Tetsuhiro lowered himself to taste his senpai one last time. His essence was salty and rich and so human that Tetsuhiro's head spun from arousal. He had always had a thing for humans, though he had to admit it often got him into trouble.

This final act done, Tetsuhiro buttoned Souichi's pajama bottoms again and let himself out of the house as silently as he had come in. With one last look back, Tetsuhiro walked into an alley and took flight. His black feathered wings took him up and far away from Nagoya, and with a final flash of light he was gone.


"Huh. Tetsuhiro. What a surprise…" Kunihiro didn't sound or look surprised at all. Tetsuhiro sighed as he was ushered into his brother's living room. The house was modern by angel standards, with tall arching ceilings. The floor was entirely marble tile; Kunihiro was a bit of a neat freak, and he insisted that carpets caused too much dust and lint to build up and that they were harder to clean. Tetsuhiro set his backpack down on the sofa, sitting beside it as Kunihiro sat across from him in an armchair, taking time to arrange his tawny wings behind him comfortably.

For a moment, Kunihiro looked at Tetsuhiro with one eyebrow raised, expectantly. Tetsuhiro avoided his gaze. He was beginning to feel a little ashamed of himself, and he knew that he would be lucky if Kunihiro didn't throw him out on the street after hearing his story.

Finally, Kunihiro said, "Well, let's hear it. He let you have it, right?"

"Y- yeah… He said he never wanted to see me again…"

"I thought so," Kunihiro said in his haughtiest tone, "I told you, Tetsuhiro. Humans can't be trusted. They're not loving creatures, and that particular human is as good as a demon."

"It wasn't his fault!" Tetsuhiro exclaimed, "I did something stupid, and made him angry at me…"

"What did you do?"

"I… I had sex with him…"

"Of course you did. We angels aren't very good at concealing our emotions; it was only a matter of time before you basically raped him. And of course he wouldn't understand. Because…?"

"Because he's a human…" Tetsuhiro finished with a sigh. He knew this song and dance.

"And you're an angel who can't control his emotions, and he now thinks that you're an aggressive sex maniac. This is why angels and humans can't mix, Tetsuhiro. I assume you've finally seen that?"

"… Yeah…" Tetsuhiro hung his head, his eyes watering again. He didn't want to cry in front of his brother, but the emotionless mask he had tried to put up was cracking.

"Well, not that I'm surprised, but I guess I should feel sorry for you," Kunihiro didn't sound sorry in the least, "I suppose you need a place to stay?"

"Yeah… I- I probably will for a while, because…" Tetsuhiro bit his bottom lip, unsure of how to say it.

"Because of what?" For once, Kunihiro looked a little taken aback. He thought he had guessed everything there was to guess, but now it seemed there was something else.

"I- I'm, um… I kinda did something before I left… I…" Tetsuhiro's face burned red, and he studied the tile patterns intensely. "I drank… um… his…"

"His what?"

"B- before I left, I- I sucked him off!" Tetsuhiro buried his face in his hands, unable to hold back tears, "I took him in my mouth! It's what humans call a blow job – I took his seed inside of me!"

There was a long, heavy silence. Kunihiro cleared his throat. That was certainly something unexpected. He had trouble wrapping his head around it. "Y- you know… what that means, right?" he asked. Tetsuhiro nodded, sobbing miserably. The stupidity of his decision had hit him full-force. "How long ago was that?" Kunihiro asked.

"A- about half a d- day… I hesitated coming here…"

"Ah. So now it's too late…" Kunihiro sighed heavily, slumping in his chair. "And now you're pregnant. I see."

Surprisingly, Kunihiro didn't throw his brother out. He waited until Tetsuhiro calmed down, then got him a glass of water. "Well, you can't go back out on the streets in your… condition…" Kunihiro said, "You'll have to stay here."

"You'll let me stay?" Tetsuhiro looked up, a little bit of hope shining in his eyes.

"Yes, but only on one condition," Kunihiro said sternly, "You must not tell anyone who the father is. If anyone knew about this… If they knew you were carrying a human's child…"

"I- I know… I won't let anyone know," Tetsuhiro said.

He really didn't plan on it, either. The ability of male angels to have children was considered a divine gift, a miracle. To waste that miracle on the child of a human or, worse, a demon was considered blasphemous to the body and to the gods. Tetsuhiro had already come under fire from other angels over his obsession with humans; he didn't want his child to be outcast, either.

"We'll tell everyone that the father left you," Kunihiro said, "You two split up over some dispute, and he took off somewhere."

"OK," Tetsuhiro nodded, but he wasn't really listening. His mind was a storm of conflicting emotions; hurt lingering from Souichi's rejection, love for his brother who was now offering him sanctuary, fear for his unborn child's future, and shame that he had even let himself get into this predicament in the first place. Still, above all else, he was glad that he had a home to go to.

"I just have to ask," Kunihiro said after a momentary silence, "Why did you do something like this?"

"I... I just wanted to take a part of him with me..."

"You know, babies aren't usually the best souveneers." Tetsuhiro actually laughed at this comment. Was he just going insane, or had Kunihiro tried to joke?


Over the next two weeks, Kunihiro coached Tetsuhiro on what to say to others who came by, curious about his return. In the end, though, he didn't need it. He had no idea that when he came back to the human world to gather his things, Souichi would storm back into his life.

The encounter was surprising, to say the least. As much as Tetsuhiro wanted to call it quits, he just couldn't when Souichi burst into tears and said that he had missed him. That had done it; Tetsuhiro took another leap into the murky waters of love and took his senpai in his arms.

"I'm sorry, Senpai…" he sighed, holding the long-haired man tightly, "I'll never leave again. I promise…"

"Make sure you don't…" Souichi said, returning the embrace hesitantly. When Tetsuhiro kissed him, though, he pulled away. "What do you think you're doing?" he asked, face flushed.

"Well, after all that… Doesn't that mean it's OK now?" Tetsuhiro said, pushing Souichi into the wall and kissing up his neck.

"I- it does not!" Souichi cried, but he didn't stop Tetsuhiro's advances. They spent a passionate night together, and in the morning Tetsuhiro lay watching his senpai contentedly.

Then it hit him; he had a lot of explaining to do…

For the rest of the morning, Tetsuhiro was in shock. Even when Souichi berated him for leaving his "mark" inside his body, Tetsuhiro didn't flinch. "Hey, Morinaga!" Souichi finally said, "What's wrong with you? You've been spacing out for a while now!"

Tetsuhiro gulped, looked up at his now-fully-clothed lover, and smiled nervously.

"Senpai, I, uh… I have something to tell you…"


And then Souichi died of a heart attack.

What do you think? Too strange? If anyone likes this idea, I might write a second part.