To take back what's mine

Summary: Skyfire witnesses a rather brutal beating that Megatron gives Starscream and decides to take back his Star and not let him shoot away again.

Pairings: Skyfire/Starscream, implied-past- Megatron/Optimus (Orion), Thundercracker/Skywarp, Prowl/Jazz, Ratchet/Lambos, Optimus/Bee, Ironhide/OC (Changling), Megatron/Soundwave

Warnings: Beatings, cursing, side switching, mech on mech, Mech on Femme (Maybe), OC (Changling), sparking sparklings, past abuse, trauma, Skywarp being Skywarp.

Ch 1

"You failed me yet again Starscream!" Megatron's voice rang from where he had taken his SIC to lay on his punishment without having an interference from one of his other underlings. He threw the seeker against one of the many rocks on the shore near the Nemesis and grabbed Starscream's wings then lifted him up, ignoring the pained cry from his tightening hands on the seeker's fragile wings. He started swinging the seeker around until he heard a loud crack from the seeker's back and joints to show that the wings were not fully connected to Starscream.

Starscream cried and screamed when he felt his wings snap away from his back, the agonizing pain was enough to make him already start trying to plea to spare him if he wasn't in the amount of pain he was currently feeling at the moment. White hot agony spread from his back and downward until he felt it in his peds. He couldn't even activate his thrusters to try and escape as he needed his wings for balance and out of his master's grip; even if they were not fully connected. He felt himself fly out of Megatron's grasp and hit the same rock he had been thrown to and felt his wings snap again, this time making them useless as they broke into an unnatural angle with stripped, shorted and torn wires that hung loosely from his back struts.

He whimpered and tried to raise himself up, but only succeeded in harming his wings further. A sharp pain came to his side and he yelped when it connected. He gripped his side as he fell over and saw Megatron's foot come forward and catch his chin, making him bite his glossa in the process and start bleeding energon and oral lubricant.

The energon poured into his mouth and trailed down the sides of his lip and face plates before dripping down towards the ground. He gasped as a sharp, throbbing pain went through his chassis when Megatron kicked him squared in the cockpit, shattering the glass and ruining the wiring along with the framework. The Decepticon SIC wondered if he'd survive the beating as he continued to get beaten and busted from the tyrant's brutal hits continued to rain down upon him, servors punching against his face plates, peds connecting with his sides and legs.

The seeker felt things break, shatter, tear and grind against one another. He felt one of his arms get ripped out of place when his master had pulled them backwards from his body as he placed a ped in the middle of Starscream's back, which brought forth another scream of agony from his bloody lips. He was dropped to the ground after his master had lifted him and nearly crushed his vocal box as the elongated claws punctured several fuel lines in his neck so he couldn't heal naturally unless he had a medics help, which he doubted he would get from Hook or the other constructions as they would be ordered not to.

'Primus, I'm gonna die!' was what ran through the seeker's CPU as Megatron kicked him again, this time hard enough to send him flying towards the water. He landed then rolled until one of his servos got caught on some rubble and he laid limply against the ground, barely getting any intakes in his lines from the beating he got. He heard the heavy steps come from Megatron's peds and he heard his leader's voice in his audio receptors.

"Let Primus have mercy on your spark, Starscream" he heard his name be drawled out before the tyrant left, his rage have been depleted from the beating, leaving his SIC bleeding and broken against the ground, completely uncaring about his chances for survival.

He hoped that the seeker would offline permanently.

Starscream tried to get some intakes through him, but it hurt terribly and he couldn't even try and begin to heal himself, energon was running down his scratched and dented body from the breaks they had been freed from. His whole system was running on backup energy to try and keep him from going into stasis lock, but it wasn't enough from keeping him from falling into a deep recharge that was dangerously close to stasis. His cracked, red optics offlined and his body went lax just as he silently prayed that he would be found.


The event he witnessed left him shaken. He knew the Decepticon tyrant was cruel, but this...this was overkill to do to one of his own. Skyfire shook as he could still hear the SIC's screams in his audio receptors and then the deafening silence as the seeker had been cut off by a rough servo that tossed him to the ground like a broken toy.

The shuttle had been surprised when he had been off course to head back to base from the battle and decided to backtrack to get back on course. Along the way he had picked up two signals on a lone shore in the middle of the ocean and decided to check it out. To his shock it was Megatron and Starscream, he was about to call for backup when he heard Starscream live up to his namesake with a painful scream. Why he stayed was beyond his comprehension, but he couldn't leave while the seeker was being beaten to death, not while he knew. He stayed and listened, not being able to watch from his position, the screams, cries and blows being thrown around until he saw the SIC land and roll against the ground, unmoving. Then, just as he was about to go forward, he saw Megatron go forward and utter those cold, empty words towards the seeker before leaving.

Now Skyfire watched the unmoving seeker with two thoughts going through his head, one being that he used Starscream's comunication system, if it was still working, to call for help or...take him back with him to the ark.

He knew that the second was risky with many of the other 'bots having rather big grudge against Starscream, but this was his long time friend; despite having been called a traitor, that was injured and dying! Plus he had been hurt by his own leader! He was fading and wouldn't last long unless Skyfire did something...

The shuttle gave no more thought before making his decision and running forward to the injured seeker and carefully picked up his broken form. He winced at the painful image he had been witnessed to and ran a comforting servo against the unconscious seeker before placing him in his cockpit tenderly and shooting off quickly towards the ark, picking up his direction within seconds of passing over a certain stretch of water that had been part of the battlefield. All the while his arms encased his cockpit, as if he was trying to protect Starscream from anymore harm.

When he arrived he ran past many of his comrades that had been looking for him, ignoring their calls in favor of pinging Ratchet with urgency as his held his cockpit with his precious cargo inside that was quickly fading. Once arriving to the med bay, Skyfire shot through the door.

"Ratchet!" he bellowed for the medic as he quickly, yet carefully, pulled Starscream out of his cockpit and placed him on one of the medical berths, making sure he was not on the broken parts of his wings.

"RATCHET!" he called again when the CMO hadn't showed after his first called.

"Hold on! I'm right here!" he heard the grouchy medic come from behind him, he turned and looked at the medic.

"HELP HIM!" he shouted before Ratchet could even ask what was wrong. His large servo was held out to show Starscream's prone form upon the medical berth. Ratchet's optics widened before his medic coding kicked in and he rushed forward while calling for Hoist and First Aid. Skyfire got shoved out by the CMO as he was in hysterics and in no way of help towards the medic. He was locked out just as the two other protectbots ran through the door, it closed behind him and locked, leaving him against the wall, shaking before his struts gave and he slid down the wall of the ark.

He heard several pairs of peds hitting the floor as the 'bots that belonged to them arrived to his destination. The first 'bot Skyfire saw was Jazz, the special ops dropped down to his side and tried to snap him out of his stupor; which was working for the most part, but he was still in shock. Next came Optimus and Prowl then Wheeljack, Perceptor and Ironhide, Skyfire knew others would come if they hadn't been ordered to stay in their located perimeter.

"Skyfire, report what happened after the battle" the shuttle heard Optimus' voice after a long silence that ran through his audio receptors. He shuttered his optics before turning towards his leader, shaking slightly in the movement.

"I got booted off course by Seeker Skywarp and was backtracking to return to base. Along the way I registered two signals and investigated. To my immediate surprise it was Megatron and Starscream" he heard a small uproar from his right that was quieted by Prowl, "I dropped down to see what those two were doing, seeing as it was unusual for them to be seen after a battle. I heard Megatron tell Starscream that he 'failed' him again before..." he stopped as he replayed the sounds in his processor.

"Before what Sky?" He heard Jazz ask calmly.

"Before...before Megatron started brutally beating upon Starscream." He heard a quick intake from himself, "I couldn't see what was happening from my position, but I heard Starscream crying out and screaming in agony as Megatron beat him past submission and...Primus...I saw Starscream get kicked from a good distance away from my position and roll towards the water before laying silently against the ground" Skyfire stopped for an astrosecond.

"I then heard Megatron move forward towards Starscream's position and say 'Let Primus have mercy on your spark' before leaving...I couldn't leave him Optimus! I couldn't! Not after that beating, that was overkill!" the shuttle exclaimed while placing a servo on his leader's arm, "He was fading rapidly and I had to do something; no one deserved that, not even Starscream for all his treachery is worth" he said softly while shaking from the after flow of drained adrenaline-induced energon leave his system.

Optimus looked at the shuttle in a look of horror, he knew how brutal and cruel Megatron was, he knew how evil he was and this further proved it. He narrowed his optics as he thought of his last encounter with Megatron before the war broke out, how sadistic he was towards others who judged his words and power as well as how cold he was towards those who followed him.

Starscream, he heard, had been different before joining the Decepticons; a scientist that worked with Skyfire in Cyber City to create things to benefit Cybertronians in need such as the abandoned Sparklings in Tiger Pax who were slightly glitched and unwanted. Starscream had gone to a lower level of the Cybertronian government with a plan to help the Sparklings and give them a chance instead of deactivating them or leaving them to be lost, like Skywarp.

The purple and black seeker had been glitched at sparking and thus made him be able to warp, but it made his processor a little underdeveloped in certain areas of his logic. Optimus had heard about Skywarp in his early days as Prime and his spark went out to the seeker, even now after all these vorns he still felt like he could help the glitched seeker if he could get him away from Megatron's hold. Now he might have a chance with Starscream being in their med bay, on the threat of offlining, he doubted the rest of the injured seekers trine would stay with the mech who hurt one of their own and be incomplete.

He came back to the present to see Jazz calming Skyfire down again and Prowl ordering the others in for a meeting, minus the group here and the medics working on the seeker behind the locked door. He hoped he wasn't making a mistake by taking in the injured red and white seeker, otherwise he would have to pay dearly for the consequence of being softsparked and caring.

"Jazz, take Skyfire to the rec room and get him some energon, it's the closest to the med bay and he can be alerted when Ratchet and the others are done" he order the saboteur then turned to Prowl.

"I want you to debrief the others on the change in the events as I doubt Starscream will be returning to Megatron"if he wakes and survives this. The unsaid comment rang in the silence as the Autobot SIC nodded and went on to the gathering crowd he had called to the meeting hall. He watched Wheeljack and Perceptor get pinged into the medbay by Ratchet, as he heard the CMO start giving orders right after the inventor and scientist entered the room.

Soon Optimus was alone to contemplate his thoughts and actions. Could he help the seeker or would things be worse than before for him?

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