To take back what's mine.

Summary: Skyfire witnesses a rather brutal beating that Megatron gives Starscream and decides to take back his Star and not let him shoot away again.

Pairings: Skyfire/Starscream, implied-past- Megatron/Optimus (Orion), Thundercracker/Skywarp, Prowl/Jazz, Ratchet/Lambos, Optimus/Bee, Ironhide/OC (Changling), Megatron/Soundwave

Warning: Beatings, cursing, side switching, mech on mech, Mech on Femme (Maybe), OC (Changling), sparking sparklings, past abuse, trauma, Skywarp being Skywarp, glitching.

Joor - 6.5 earth hours
Solarcycle - one earth day
Astrosecond - .483 earth second
Breem - 8.3 earth minutes

Ch 6

Medbays were all the same, regardless of the layout and location. Starscream knew this better than most Cybertronians, minus Wheeljack and the Lamborghini twins as he knew those three had a somewhat worse track record than him, but the seeker still knew that this medbay was the same as Hooks and it was the same as the ones back on Cybertron in the Golden Age. All clean, all full of equipment, all full of medics and all full of things that could either help him or hurt him, Starscream just wasn't sure of which this one was capable of yet.

'Most likely both knowing Ratchet's legendary temper' the Decepticon thought to himself as he sat on the medical berth with Skyfire off to the side of the medbay, as ordered by Ratchet when the CMO came in just astroseconds ago. The seeker wasn't happy to be in the medbay, he was in one too often because of Megatron rather than his carelessness and it always reminded him of how the tyrant always seemed to send him closer to his deactivation ever since he joined the Decepticons.

He shifted slightly in his uncomfortable manner, knowing full well that Skyfire was watching him and yet he didn't bark at him to stop it like he did others when he was in the medbay being repaired. He had made it a rule that if he was in the medbay that he wasn't to be visited by anyway, his trine included, unless he was offline and unaware. Here though, with just him and Skyfire, and Ratchet in his office gathering equipment but Stsrscream wasn't including him at the moment, he didn't seem to mind.

In fact the larger seeker's presence kept him calm with the knowledge that he wasn't going to be attacked if another seeker was in the area. He thanked Primus that seekers didn't attack each other and would protect one another if their programming called for it since they were connected through their coding as wingbrothers and sisters. Starscream relaxed as much as he could with this knowledge and the knowledge that no medic would attack an injured mech.

'Rather fortunate that I'm in the situation, I can get fixed then leave before they notice' Starscream made the quick witted plan, sure it would need a lot of fine tuning, but it was a plan at least. From there he needed more thought about it and from the notion he had now, he had a while before he was even up to par with being able to fly properly with the amount of damaged that Megatron dealt upon him. He had been lucky enough to survive long enough to be brought to Ratchet to be saved, his systems had been almost completely damaged, his personal scanners had told him when they kicked back on when Ratchet had brought him out of stasis lock.

Starscream was lucky enough to have scanners that kick on automatically when his systems were fix, it was lucky because he didn't need them to be fixed all the time got slagged as they automatically repaired themselves while he was healing. It didn't take much for his scanners to work again once he was out of danger so he kind of danced with fate to be resilient with his scanners.

He looked up again when he heard the CMO's office door open and the medic came out with a scanner and a few tools.

"Alright just sit there and look pretty" he said before starting his scanner. Starscream mentally rolled his optics at the medics humor, really he knew that he was more femme like than most mechs so why pick at it? After Ratchet let the scanner finish he looked at the results.

"Hmmm. You're a little low on Energon and you're thrusters have two small break deeper in the lining of both your peds, I would suggest staying off them as much as possible until we fix it so they won't get worse and take two cubes of Energon every three days to regulate your systems again" the medic commanded to Starscream while making sure Skyfire would see to it that the red and white seeker did so. Starscream hummed lightly, not seeing a point in answering the medic, and eased off the table so he would hurt his peds more. Just as he turned, Ratchet placed a servo on his shoulder plate.

"Hold on a second, I'm not finished yet, I still have to suture some wires in your chest before they fritz out" Ratchet said and made Starscream sit on the berth again.

'Is this neccissary?' he asked himself as he felt his chest crackle and vibrate with the blowtorch Ratchet had and mentally twitched at the feeling of the patch metal drip onto the wiring.

'How I loath that feeling' he grumbled and moved his leg slightly so the medic couldn't touch it accidentally as he worked, Starscream didn't like his legs touched as they had the more sensitive wiring exposed, much like his neck, at the back of his knee and in his transforming seams. He gave a very soft sigh in relief when Ratchet was done and proceeded to lower himself onto the ground again while being careful once more.

He didn't question when his cockpit cover would be finished as he knew how long it took the constructicons and believed it would take them that long or a few solarcycles more, he simply didn't feel like complaining or throwing his title around since it held no value here. He simply gave a small look to the medic that asked a question that didn't need to be voiced.

"Yes, yes now you may go" Ratchet said, "Come back in three days time for a check up and fitting, Wheeljack has the basics of your cockpit frame rebuilt, but isn't sure if it will fit yet" Ratchet explained as Starscream gave him a slightly confused look at the second statement. The small seeker nodded his helm before going over to where Skyfire was and followed the larger seeker out of the medbay, much to Starscream's relief.

The duo walked in silence down the hall of the ARK and Starscream wondered where they were heading as they went the opposite direction from which they came from before his check up. He looked at Skyfire with questioning purple optics and saw the larger seeker look down to him. Skyfire smiled softly to the question that danced in Starscream's mix-coloured optics and didn't say a thing to him as to where they were going, but he knew that it wouldn't be overly unpleasant for the small seeker to go around the ARK and explore a little in general areas that he used.

They first stopped in the rec. room to get Starscream his Energon like Ratchet ordered. Skyfire knew it was early in the morning, so there would only be a mech or two in the rec. room, if that. The door opened and Skyfire turned to see Optimus, Prowl and Jazz in the corner of the room, relaxing in the early morning. It was a little unusual for these three to be around each other, though not Jazz and Prowl since they were bonded, as they always were on duty around this time of day since their shifts were planned that way.

"Skyfire, good morning" Optimus' voice hit his audio receptors and Skyfire smiled before nodding his head.

"Morning Optimus, Jazz, Prowl" the large seeker replied. Starscream stood hidden behind the larger seeker and didn't step out as of yet, he was overly uncomfortable with the number of Autobots in his general facility and the fact that they were high ranking officers added to that.

"How's Starscream doing Sky?" Jazz's voice came out from the corner he was at. In all rationality as to him being a saboteur, Jazz didn't dislike the seeker he had spied on multiple times during the war, in fact he found himself wondering how a intelligent mech such as Starscream ended up under the thumb of such as tyrant as Megatron. It didn't add up as he had seen Megatron abuse the seeker on the battlefield and when they retreated, it was a sad sight to see and one that made Jazz heat up in anger when he saw it. Skyfire was about to answer when Starscream stepped out from behind him.

"Giving the situation, I'm not doing as bad as I could be" he said simply as he stood with his back against the wall and his arms over his chest to hide the open circuitry of his cockpit. He didn't liked being talked about behind his back for obvious reasons and this, though not necessarily as bad, counted as one of them according to the Decepticon. He stared at the trio for a moment before heading over to where the despencer was and poured himself a cube and sipped it slowly. Starscream was aware, very aware at that, that the trio were having a small conversation about him through a private comm-link and it grated on his nerves, though he never showed it.

'Not like I can stop them while at there mercy' he thought as he finished the first cube of his required two. He let it settle for half a bream before getting another, noticing that Skyfire was now sitting down at one of the tables at the side opposite to him with no cube. Starscream knew that Skyfire hadn't had a cube yet, since he had been awake with him since late last night, and made another cube for the larger seeker before going over to the table, careful of his thrusters as he did so. Skyfire looked at him in question when he saw the other, and larger, cube in the smaller seeker's servo.

A ping told him that he had a private comm and he could guess who it was so he activated it.

::I know you haven't had one yet:: Starscream's voice came dancing down the link and Skyfire mentally shuttered at it before an embarrassed feel flooded down the link on his side to show that he had been caught.

::I'm fine Star, I can have one later:: he said, but didn't close the link down as Starscream say on the opposite side from him.

::And risk the medics temper? I know he ordered me to get Energon, but I could tell it also was aimed at you and don't forget that it was I who had to drag you out of your lab to refuel and recharge while back on Cybertron, I know how you are Sky:: Starscream said and gave him a pointed look that dared the larger seeker to challenge him. Skyfire blinked his optics before giving in to Starscream's stare and took the cube in front of him and sipped it. Starscream gave a cocky and triumphant smirk to the larger seeker before drinking his second required cube.

Across the room, the trio stared at the two fliers at their silent interaction and spoke amongst themselves via comm-link.

::Told ya:: Jazz said first as the observed the smirk on Starscream's faceplates.

::That doesn't say anything, Jazz, it doesn't prove that they have a history prior to Skyfire being a Decepticon:: Prowl responded to his mate's two worded comment.

::Maybe, but it proves that they have a history together, he acts like I did around you before we were bonded, you have to admit:: Jazz pointed out to the SIC. Optimus lifted an optic ridge at this as if to say 'no kidding' before responding.

::There is something between them, I admit, but what though is another question entirely:: the Prime said in reponse to his TIC's statement as he continued to watch the interaction of the two seekers. He had never asked Skyfire about his history prior to him being a Decepticon other than the time he knew that he worked with the smaller Decepticon before the war. He didn't know what the two had, but there was something that danced between them unknowingly to their partner, he could see it and feel it tingle in the room like crackling energy.

::Have to find out one way or another:: Jazz said as he pulled Optimus from thought. The saboteur grinned as the larger seeker stared at Starscream with a twinkle of something in his optics and Jazz wanted to know what was between them, what did Skyfire and Starscream have prior to his side changing and why did Starscream act friendly around the larger seeker if he had simply been on the same side for a while? He inquired this mentally before breaking the comm-link on his side to get up and go to his station, it was almost time for his shift and he could think on these questions later.


Ratchet looked at the data pad that Wheeljack sent him regarding Starscream's cockpit cover. He sighed as he saw that it wasn't even a quarter of the way done since it was made from higher standing parts to keep it from collapsing at a single hit and it had more curves and added attachments than it appear to have on the outside. Even with Wheeljack's high functioning processor and all the different styles of body frames he knew, he was having a difficult time with getting it to be like the original he had put back together.

At first Ratchet questioned why he simply couldn't reuse the original frame, but soon found out why as Wheeljack explained that while he could reuse it, it would be flimsy and easy to break again because of the miss cut reattachments he had to do on the broken bars. Also, if it broke, Starscream risked being stabbed in the spark chamber by the frame since it slid inward when it broke.

Ratchet had taken the explanation and left after that, knowing that he couldn't let that happen to the recovering seeker. Not after he saved him from deactivation. If it came down to it, Ratchet would tell Starscream that Wheeljack was having a difficult time remaking his cockpit frame and hopefully the seeker would understand. Ratchet sighed and checked his chronometer for time before sighing softly in relief that his nightshift was done so he could recharge and check on his mates before they had to go on duty, hopefully he could spend just a few breem with them before they left.

Me: HI! Well, not much going on with this as of yet, other than Starscream recooping, so yeah I know it's a little slow. There will probably be something happening with in the next chapter or two so wait until then if you are thinking that you want more action to happen, remember there isn't always gonna be action in my stories so just be paitent please ..