The Hatchet means we're home

Summary: When the twins are transferred to the ARK, they believe it's going to be like every other place they've been sent to, but this one has a dangerous medic on board.

Pairings: Lambos/Ratchet , Prowl/Jazz, Blue/Wheeljack, Hound/Tracks, Cliffjumpper/Mirage

Warnings: Eventual slash, bonding, pranking, flying medic equipment, Decepticons doing their thing, Medical repairments, Wheeljack exploding, OC's, violence, character deaths Etc.

Astrosecond - one earth second
Orn - 13 earth days or a Cybertronian lunar day
Breem - 8.3 earth minutes
Cycle - 1.25 earth hours

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Ch 1: Transfer

"I must remind you that due to your last insubordination, that this is your last chance to be part of this faction otherwise you're being transferred, again" a black and silver femmebot said irritably towards the two bots dubbed the "terror twins", aka Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

"Awe come on Dreamcaster don't be so hard on us" the red twin, Sideswipe, whined to the femmebot - who got a tic above her optic by the nickname she was dubbed by them. She gave him a look, knowing that the gold twin wouldn't care one way or another about the situation.

"First off I have to be hard on you as you listen to me above anyone else for some strange reason that no one can figure out. Second, I have to warn you as your guardian as well as your superior and lastly DON'T CALL ME DREAMCASTER!" she shouted the last part to the grinning red twin. She panted then sighed in frustration to the twins before shuttering her optics for a second.

"Look, I hate having to repeat myself to you, you know that, but Lightwhielder is serious this time. He's had enough of your 'antics'" here she did quotations with her silver fingers, "and is already setting up candidates to send you to if you step out of place one more time. I don't mind your pranks as its a refresher and keeps us on guard encase of a 'con attack, but please let the pranks drop a scale until I can get Lightwhielder calm down, I don't want to lose my two favorite pranksters to the headbot's anger" she said tentatively. The twins looked at each other before going forward and placing a servo on each of her shoulder plates, knowing that this was tough for her to do.

"We can't make any promises that our pranks won't make Lightwhielder mad, he's always had a shockrod shoved up his aft since before we even arrive here with you, and he's always been sort of egotistic and can't seem to take a joke. If we get transferred then we get transferred, but we'll keep in touch with our favourite femmebot in all of Cybertron, Darkcaster!" Sideswipe said cheerfully. Darkcaster snorted at the last comment towards her, knowing that they were trying to cheer her up.

"Right I'm your favourite and that seeker, Skywarp, is just a simple glitch at spark" she said, her voice had a hint of humour in it an a smile appeared on her faceplates. The twins smirked a little, though Sunstreaker's was smaller and barely noticeable, at the fact they got Darkcaster to smile and cheer her up. Sideswipe weren't joking that she was their favourite, in fact he was down right serious with the comment. He and Sunstreaker had know Darkcaster all their lifecycle and she was a part of their existence, the one that showed that they were thought about and cared for them, that actually thought they were worth something and for that she was their favourite femme.

"Alright you two, to your room for the rest of the day, I'll come around with energon later when my shift's done" Darkcaster said happily and shooed them off before going to her post in the command center.


Darkcaster stared in shock at Lightwhielder's decision when he had called her to his office to speak to her.

"What? I though you said you'd give them another chance?" she shouted at her CO, "This isn't fair to them and you know it!" she continued shouting before a swift smack against her faceplate made her stop. She held her throbbing faceplate and glared at the white and gold mech before her, not for hitting her, but for going against his word.

"I know what I said, but I will not have those glitches here for another astrosecond and that's final, understand Darkcaster?" he said lowly to the communications officer and TIC to his regime. She growled lowly in her throat and nodded, knowing that there was nothing she could do to stop him, only rig the twins to a better regime than one that Lightwhielder would set up.

"Do I get to know where you might be sending them?" she said thickly, throat clogged with anger and bitterness for her CO. Lightwhielder gave her a glance over his shoulder as he had turned around so he didn't see the femme.

"I will leave the transportation and transfer to you Darkcaster" he said, sounding sympathetic as he knew what the twins meant to her and would grant her the pleasure of getting to transfer them. Darkcaster made small noise before leaving, knowing that she was dismissed from his office.

She gave a soft whimper in emotion pain, unsure of how to tell the twins that Lightwhielder wouldn't give them another chance. She was about to go to the twins when she remembered her cheek, it was slightly crushed from Lightwhielder's hit and went to the medbay instead, knowing that if the twins found out that Lightwhielder had struck her, he'd be offline with no connection leading back to them or her and then they'd have to run before suspicion got to them.

Once she had checked in with the medic , had her faceplates fixed and made the medic swear to not tell the others of Lightwhielder's abusive action towards her, Darkcaster arrived at the twin's quarters with the promised energon in her servos. She pinged the twins and went in when the for slid open, stopping in front of the door so it would close before she went over to a table to place the energon down. She didn't hear the twins call her name nor the tone that they held in concern when she didn't answer them and the look on her faceplates was blank with her being in thought.

Two servos on her shoulder plates made her snap out of her thoughts and look at the twins, who were frowning at her with concern written in their optics. She shivered at the looks from them, it's like they were looking into her own spark and finding her secrets that she held tightly. She smiled at them, forcefully, and shut off her optics so they wouldn't the dark in the back of them as she thought about Lightwhielder's command.

"Dreamcaster what's wrong?" Sideswipe's voice entered her audio receptors, worry etched within it. She flinched slightly at the tone and the fact that he used her nickname outside of teasing and getting out of trouble.

"Nothing 'Sides, nothing" she said and groaned mentally at the excuse and how full it sounded, how forced and fake, knowing that they'd see under it right when she said it.

"Liar" Sunstreaker's voice rang out dangerously. She onlined her optics and shivered when the gold twin pulled her close and held her.

"What. Is. Wrong?" he all, but growled out to her, staring into her optics intensely, breaking her defences of trying to keep Lightwhielder's command to herself for a bit longer.

"...Lightwhielder has...he has commanded that you two are to be transferred immediately" she said softly before dropping to her knees when Sunstreaker let go in order to rave at the unfairness that the CO had shown towards them. Sideswipe helped Darkcaster up and sat her on one of the chairs, angered at Lightwhielder, but more concerned with Darkcaster as she was out of the living world when she told them, it felt like she betrayed them in her opinion as she said that they'd get one last chance and they didn't.

"I'm sorry" she said softly, her optics dimming and cast downward to the floor.

"Don't you dare blame yourself for the command" Sunstreaker said, having heard her small apology, "you didn't give the command and I'm sure you tried to get him to change his mind" the yellow twin said as he went over to her and lifted Darkcaster's face to look at him, she looked pitiful as she took things to spark even if it wasn't her fault.

"Listen to me, you. are. not. to. blame" Sideswipe said to her from his position near the far side of the table, haven gotten shoved out of the way by Sunstreaker, "Lightwhielder is and he's gonna be the blame for as long as he is online and then afterward" he told her and then made her promise to not blame herself.

"I promise" she said meekly before Sunstreaker let go of her face in order to hug her, he didn't show this side of him to anyone but Sideswipe and Darkcaster an with good reason, anyone else would use this against him, use him against the two he cared for, and he never really learned to trust anyone else.

"Did he tell you where we were being sent to?" Sideswipe asked.

"He left the choice to me" she said soon after.

"Do you have an idea of where you are going to send us?" Sunstreaker asked, knowing that Darkcaster would send them someplace better suited for them than the Cybertronian moon shuttle base. He saw her nod her head very lightly.

"I have a place picked out, they're already short on hand and were asking for transferees so you're going there" she said.

"And there is where specifically?" Both of the twins asked in confusion. Darkcaster smirked slightly at them, her optics gave an illusion of a heavy lidded look.

"The ARK, under the command of Optimus Prime" she said before the twins started grumbling and packing their things, knowing that they would be heading their on the next shipment out tomorrow.


::Hey Sunny?:: Sideswipe called his twin through their bond. The gold twin glared at his red counterpart.

::Don't call me that and what?:: he growled.

Ignoring the growl, Sideswipe replied, ::What do you think the ARK is like?::

::Why would I know? I never got a debriefing chip about it, I only know that it's the furthest base out in space and is ran by Prime:: he said while leaning against the wall of the transporter shuttle.

They had been on the shuttle for the past orn and were closing in on their new "home" as they jokingly started calling it to cheer Darkcaster up when they left. They kept in contact with her every solar cycle after she got off her shift and just talked for a few breems up to a cycle or more until it was late on her side and she had to recharge. Yesterday had been one of her days off the roster an they had talked for a few cycles longer and since they left, it had been the longest time they had talked to her. Now they were less than a breem away from the ARK and boy did they get an eyefull of the place.

::That thing is MASSIVE!:: Sideswipe commented when they had first caught sight of the station. Sunstreaker couldn't help but agree with his elder twin, the place was massive for just a group of Autobots to live on. They wondered how many 'bots lived on the ARK if they were shorthanded. Well they were going to find out as they felt the shuttle stop at the cargo bay of the ARK and the doors opened to let the light in.