The Hatchet means we're home

Summary: When the twins are transferred to the ARK, they believe it's going to be like every other place they've been sent to, but this one has a dangerous medic on board.

Lambos/Ratchet ,

Warnings: Eventual slash, bonding, pranking, flying medic equipment, Decepticons doing their thing, Medical repairments, Wheeljack exploding, OC's, violence, character deaths Etc.

Astrosecond - one earth second
Orn - 13 earth days or a Cybertronian lunar day
Breem - 8.3 earth minutes
Cycle - 1.25 earth hours
Joor - 6.5 earth hours
Solarcycle - One earth day

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This chapter has a darker tone set in it with Ratchet and past trauma on his part.

Ch 5: Haunting

Ratchet sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time in the last breem. He was confined to his quarters as punishment by Optimus for being a unnecessary danger to the regime, though in layman terms it meant that Optimus was telling him to cool down for a few solarcycles. The medic had been confined two solarcycles ago so his healing period was still on check with having eight more solarcycles before he was allowed to even THINK of checking to see he could take back control of his medbay.

This made Ratchet irritated as well as did his side, which had luckily not opened when he had punched the wall in the barracks. What pissed Ratchet off more was that Optimus ordered him to have no contact with the other bots, that included the medical updates from First Aid which had Ratchet wonder how Optimus knew about that, and basically have him in a nicer setting of the brig and solitary confinement.

A groan came from the medic as he knocked his helm against the desk he had in the main room. He was bored, irritated and sore, not to mention lonely as Wheeljack wasn't contacting him per Optimus' orders, but come. on! It wasn't like Ratchet could even get out of his quarters with the change passcode that Optimus did and the deactivation of his medical override for the door. He needed something to do otherwise he would probably deactivate himself so he'd get rid of the mind numbing boredom and loneliness that made him edge closer to insanity.

Didn't Optimus realize that he basically damned Ratchet to suicidal thoughts and homicidal tendencies from being cut off from the others when he was suppose to be on the "cool down"? Apparently not as Optimus seemed to forget that the reason Ratchet was a work-a-holic was so he didn't leave himself to the darker side of his CPU when he had nothing to do. He guessed that he hid it well from his CO as Optimus didn't seem to understand how his mind worked not why he did certain things to keep himself occupied.

While, yes, he did want a little time to himself he didn't necessarily want to be alone. He grew tired of his loneliness and lack of contact as to his personality of being a sort of social butterfly due to his medical programming. He thrived from being around others, even if he went bonkers from their constant checking on him like before his confinement, and being locked up made him feel like he wasn't worth much due to it. Ratchet gave a sort of weak and sadden chuckle as his processor started slipping towards the darker side, he knew that Wheeljack couldn't feel his emotions and wouldn't talk to him as he never disobeyed a direct order from the Prime.

Thus we find Ratchet going into his thoughts of how it would be better if he hadn't been sparked or deactivated long ago. Thoughts of how the others would better off and how much safer they would be without the grumpy and dangerous medic around. He chuckled and shivered slightly as he thought about before when the war wasn't even remotely thought about, when he was younger and Cybertron was still alive and in its golden age. Back when he and Wheeljack were orphaned from a freak explosion at their creators labs, taking them and seven other lives along with it.

The medic choked as he remembered that it was his fault that it happened as he had been taken with them since he had a virus and needed constant vigilance for the virus was taking a whack at his firewalls while Wheeljack was at sparklingcare. Ratchet blamed himself for the loss of his and Wheeljack's creators as they had been checking him over when they were suppose to be watching the experiment they had been working on and had overly sensitive and near extreme volatile mixed chemicals in it as it was time sensitive. Grabbing his helm, Ratchet watched helplessly at the scene as he became lost in the memory of what seemed like the start of his personality changing experience.

His optics shuttered and coolant dripped from them as he practically felt the ceiling of the lab fall onto and crush his creators, the liquid from the experiment had sprayed them and began eating away at their armor and protoforms. Their screaming echoed through his audio receptors and he curled in on himself as the detailed image of chemicals slowly eating away wires and metal, energon dripping and soaking the littering debris. Ratchet had miraculously been fine as he was blocked by his creators forms and a desk that hid the portable berth he had been recharging on. The medic had watched them slowly die and nearly begged the whole time to make it stop, they had been the longest as the others offlined from the impact of the ceiling, and then the deafening silence after their sparks extinguished.

A keen came from Ratchet as he saw their lifeless optics staring at him as he waited for rescue to find him inside his processor. It had taken nearly four solarcycles for rescue to get to the section that the explosion had taken place as they had to detox the other side of the building and then it took another two for them to find Ratchet and get him to safety. During that time, Ratchet just kept staring at his offlined creators as they stared back. He didn't understand then what fully happened, but he knew from the bond he had with his creators that they were gone and weren't coming back. Strangely enough he didn't remember Wheeljack trying to link up with him and see if he was alright yet he knew that his brother had tried to connect with him as when he had been taken out of the building, he heard Wheeljack's pleading and screams down their bond for him to answer.

Ratchet choked on an intake, it was the most haunting thing he had witnessed in his lifecycle and it still had an effect on him. It was one of the reasons he attacked his brother so much with a wrench when an invention when wrong and exploded. He always thought the worst when he felt pain come from his brother's side of their bond, he always thought that he wouldn't be able to save him in time when he raced down the corridors to Wheeljack's side. Ratchet thanked Primus every time Wheeljack wasn't that hurt and was repairable from the mishap. He thanked everything that his brother was still online and functional as he didn't think he'd survive if Wheeljack offlined.

A sharp pain came from one of Ratchet's servo as the CMO flinched back to look at his servo. A large gash went from the the tip of his thumb over the palm and then up to the tip of his pinkie. He stared at it and wondered how that happened and looked around for a moment before he felt a drop of energon drip from his helm and he then notice the slight ache coming from his chevron. Brilliant! He sliced his servo with his own helm and now he was just sitting in the same position he had been when he was looking at his servo.

The CMO didn't do anything other than stare at his servo and let the soft whirling of his intakes fill the empty space with sound. He watched as energon slowly dripped down the side of his servo, creating a flawless trail of pink, then fall towards the floor, mixing together with other droplets to make a puddle. The action made Ratchet feel numb and unaffected of his previous thoughts, he didn't like this and yet it was comforting to not feel the ache in his spark from being alone. Ratchet breathed in deeply and shuttered his optics before he clenched his servo into a fist to feel the pain that came from the wound so he could come back from the numbness.

He wasn't suicidal. Not at all, he just had moments where he thought like that just like every other bot. He was too much of a coward to even try and offline himself and let it be done with. After a few moments, Ratchet onlined his optics and unclenched his now shaking servo to fix it. He took out a spare medic kit from his subspace and found some patch metal. It was difficult to heat the metal up, but Ratchet did it and hissed as it dripped into his wound slowly and start fixing the damaged network of metal and some wiring that could be fixed later if it gave him trouble. Sighing after it was done, Ratchet replaced the med kit in his subspace before standing up and heading to the berth room as he felt emotionally drained and his CPU was slightly pounding.

Laying down on the berth, Ratchet quickly cycled down to recharge, not wanting to stay awake any longer on this day, he was tired of remembering the past and sick of this confinement.


Something was wrong.

Wheeljack could feel this in his spark and he was on edge, much like he had been early this solarcycle. He couldn't feel his brother down their bond, signaling that Ratchet was hiding his emotions so Wheeljack wouldn't feel the medic's frustration and probably loneliness from being confined. The mad scientist was frustrated as well from not seeing his little brother in three solarcycles since he last checked on him before his rage fit in front of the rec room.

Wheeljack wasn't ashamed to say that when he felt his brother's rage he hid in his lab with Blue, not touching any of his experiments until he felt his Ratchet's rage dissipate from his form. It was during that time he got snippets of what was ticking his brother off and he was slightly shocked that it was Jazz that was pushing his limit with the temperamental, and slightly sadistic, medic. He watched through his brother's optics as he flipped and pinned Jazz to the wall next to the rec room and say his threat before leaving the general area so he wouldn't hurt a bot in his rage.

After it had left, Wheeljack felt safe enough to move from the corner he had placed himself and Blue in. He had been edgy for a few breem before completely relaxing, though that was Blue's tender touch that relaxed him enough to work and fail with the portable dispenser he had been trying to make. Luckily it wasn't one of his larger explosions and only made small bits of shrapnel hit his face mask, completely missing Blue in the process.

Back to now though, Wheeljack wasn't sure what made him edgy at this moment in time, but he got a vague clue that it dealt with his twin. The inventor couldn't remember much as to why this made him edgy other than his brother's feelings being blocked how he felt with being confined and...order to...not see any...bots. Frag was his initial thought as he dived out of his lab and down the hall. He ran down the hall, passing the slightly filled rec room in the process, until he came to his CO's office. He sent a request to enter and didn't hesitate when it opened.

"What is it that you need Wheeljack?" Optimus asked, Prowl sat at his desk in the nearby corner of the room and stopped what he was doing to observe the inventor.

"You need to relinquish the confinement of Ratchet" he said as he slightly panted through his intakes, he hadn't ran that fast in a while an it was showing.

"I cannot do that Wheeljack, Ratchet is a unnecessary dan-"

"Ratchet isn't supposed to be left alone" Wheeljack said and clicked his face mask off to show his seriousness. Optimus blinked and let a ridge above his optic lift up in question.

"And this is a concern because?" he asked, worried for the medic. He had hated ordering his CMO to confinement, but it had been the safest plan he had for everybot, Ratchet included.

"Because when Ratchet and I were just barely into our youngling stage, our creators were killed in an explosion in Polyhex. I'm sure you read about it when you researched on your own before becoming Prime, it was the biggest explosion in that region in nearly 17 vorns before that" he started and saw Optimus nod.

"Yes I remember it, nine were offlined and one survived, though I'm still not sure what you're getting at" he said in confusion. Prowl was also confused, he had remembered it as well from several other Praxians when he was younger as they retold it when another explosion had happened in Central city then later research on his own.

"Ratchet" the mad scientist started again, "he was that survivor" he said and watched as his CO and SIC's optics dilated.

"Why wasn't he mentioned in the report, I mean other than the survivor part, nothing was mentioned?" Prowl asked after a bit.

"That was because our guardian said not to as Ratchet was already traumatized from being in the wreckage for six solarcycles with no one but our offlined creators and the other seven offlined scientists in the rubble" Wheeljack said, not liking that he was bringing up a dark spot of his and Ratchet's history, but it was needed.

"Primus" Optimus said as he sat back in his chair fully, he never knew. He had heard about that tragic accident, but to know that Ratchet, his CMO, had been in it and was the lone survivor added a new head of light into the picture. Despite being told this though he still didn't understand why Ratchet not having any contact was a problem.

"I'm still confused as to why Ratchet's confinement is a problem 'Jack" he informed the inventor, all the while questions piled in his processor. He heard a sad sigh from the inventor and saw the frown on his faceplates.

"As I said, Ratchet was alone in the wreckage for six solarcycles before help could reach him, during that time he only had the company of our dead creators that stared at him lifelessly. When our guardian took him to a Psychologist it was said that he should not be left alone as he blamed himself for the accident-"

"Why would Ratchet blame himself for that? It wasn't his fault" Prowl said in confusion. He stared at the white and green mech and saw that his head fins whirled a deep blue.

"That's because he had been ill with a virus and was taken there with our creators to keep an eye on him. When the time of the explosion happened, they were checking on Ratchet instead of watching the experiment they were conducting. Ratchet blames himself for getting ill; he thought, and manipulated his thoughts of this subject long ago, that if he hadn't let the virus get to him then they would still be alive" he explained to the Praxian.

"Back to what I was saying now. The Psychologist had said that Ratchet wasn't to be left alone without SOMEONE there to talk with or be in the presence of as he had flash backs of the event. This kept going until we hit adulthood and slowly depleted to where it was just an awful memory we are plagued with, yet Ratchet still got flashes of it every now and again when he was on his own and not doing anything to keep his focused."

He turned to Optimus, "This is why he is a work-a-holic Optimus, he doesn't want to think about our past and the event because if he does he gets lost in it and has suicidal thoughts because of it. I know my brother, even if he tries to hide it from me. I know what he thinks as he often told me, when he was on medication, what he was thinking" he took an intake to calm himself as he felt Ratchet's side of the bond open again when he went into recharge.

He looked back to Optimus after a astrosecond, "Ratchet can't be left alone with nothing to do or without any contact, that's final. It's a danger to his health, mentally, emotionally and physically, and I'm afraid of what he'll do if he's left alone for much longer. I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone through this memory again after doing what he could in his quarters to keep him occupied" he finished and waited for his leader to come around and answer.

"Why not come to me with this before I assigned him solitary confinement?" the Prime almost demanded. Wheeljack sighed and offlined his optics as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I haven't thought about this in a long time, since before the war when Ratchet was apprenticing to be a medic, as he was always around someone. It wasn't until today that I thought about it again as something had been nagging me and making me edgy as I worked" he said and mentally punched himself for not remembering sooner, it was one of the main reasons he had asked to be put on the regime when his brother was assigned to it.

"I see, come we're getting Ratchet, Prowl abolish the order of confinement" he ordered his SIC, who did so quickly without complaint, and followed the inventor down to the personnel barracks of the ARK. Once there, Optimus overrode the code and opened the door, mentally putting down a list of things he needed to do for Ratchet in the next few joors.

Wheeljack was the first to go in and look around for his twin. Not seeing him, he went to the berth room and found his brother's prone and recharging form on the metallic bed. He took few, long strides over to the berth and lifted his brother up to check him over. He found a wound on Ratchet's right servo and a bloodied, dented and slightly oddly angled chevron. He sighed and held his brother, pouring love and affection down their bond to show his baby brother that he was there. The inventor ignored his CO and SIC as he did this and they didn't care as they watched with passive expressions.

Optimus dimmed his optics as the sight of the medic, he looked to have been in a fitful recharge before they arrived and wasn't waking to his brother's actions to get him up. The Prime was blaming himself for his, he should have know that something would happen and yet he couldn't fully blame himself for lack of knowledge on the subject. He still blamed himself for putting Ratchet through this though and backed out to the main room to let the twins have their time together as Ratchet came out of recharge, he had some thinking to do.

Me: Ha~ Ratchet isn't getting much love from me right now and he's got some history, but don't worry! He'll get some better action in the next few chapters and an interaction with the twins :D. Anyway I hoped you liked this chapter and I'm glad you're still reading this story!