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Inspired by: Beautiful (Eminem) and Silent Hill

Full Summary: Izaya becomes haunted by a ghost child who pleads for his help, but Izaya is not easily swayed. So to persuade him otherwise she plagues him with the memories before and after her untimely murder, slowly driving Izaya on the brink of insanity…and to make things worse Shizuo becomes involved in it when Shinra wants to make sure Izaya is 'alright'!

WARNING: MALEXMALE, Shizaya, possessions, flashbacks, torture, murder, and rape, etc.

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Chapter 1: Help


I awoke to an unnerving silence, my eyes looking at the sky that was covered in the white mist mist.

Where am I…? I wondered to myself sitting up from my spot on the floor.

"Why is it so quiet…?" I questioned aloud listening to the echo of my voice bounce off the buildings. Am I in Shinjuku? No… Ikebukuro…? I think I'm in Ikebukuro… It was definitely Ikebukuro but it looked off, I don't remember it being this foggy before, or that all the buildings being white, and it sure wasn't this empty…!

"What the hell is going on here…?" I asked the silence getting to my feet, noticing I wasn't in my usual clothes. I looked myself over in confusion, I was wearing all white, a white tank top, and white airy pants, and I was barefoot. When did I-

I was cut off by a sudden flash of black, I twirled around looking for the strange movement but saw nothing in sight.

"Hello?" I called out gripping the hem of my shirt.

No response.

Now that was creepy, "H-hello?" I tried again silently cursing myself for stuttering.

No response.

"Ah!" I yelped in surprise at the sudden gust of wind that whooshed past me. Shizu-chan! I cheered inwardly turning around actually hoping for once to see the brute, but saw nothing. "W-wha…" I turned again in the opposite direction hoping again to see a vending machine embedded into the cement, but again…. nothing was there.

What's going on? "Who's there?" I screamed a small hint of fear evident in my voice as another flash went past me ,I spun around franticly searching for the cause of my disturbance . Then I saw it. A dark figure had made a sharp turn around the corner down the street. "Hey wait!"

I don't know what possessed me but all I know was my legs sent me running after whoever it was. I ran at full speed after the dark figure chasing it through the streets, struggling to keep up. Damn they're fast! Is this what Shizu-chan feels like?

In the distance I saw the dark figure standing in the park infront of the seemingly turned off fountain, they're back turned to me. I stopped a meter away from them panting as I tried to catch my breath.

"Who are you? What's going on? Why'd you make me chase you?" I wheezed out, eyeing the small figure before me

"Hey…I needed to get you interested…"The stranger said in mono-tone, still not facing me. 'Interested'?

What da hell's that supposed to mean? Is this a game? Have I been played this whole time?

"what are you talking about? Is this why you lead me here, to toy with me? Huh?" I screamed, my blood was boiling. No one and I mean No One toys with Izaya Orihara! No one!

"On the contrary, I've actually brought you here to help me…" the mysterious person turned around slowly facing me, My help? why would- whoa…What the…who in the hell is that…

" Because you are the only one who can help me at this point…."

It was a little girl about the age of 6. Her short black hair was dirty with mud, her long bangs covered the whole right side of her face. Her eye was blood red and blank of all feelings. Her skin was a deathly white-ish gray color and stained with dirt and some dried red substance. She wore a once-white dress that was stained with dirt and that red substance, it had rips and burns in several places, and she was barefooted.

I shook rapidly with fear, it wasn't her appearance that scared me to much but her energy .It was disturbing, as if corrupted by something far worse than her own. At first I thought it was from the running I did but no the air was so heavy and dense making me feel as if I was being suffocated by her dark aura!

My breathing became rapid and uneven upon seeing her walk towards me closer, and closer, and closer. The closer she came the heavier the air became and the harder it was to breathe. I wanted to run, but my legs wouldn't move I felt too heavy to even move my finger! Let alone my legs!

I fell to my knees clutching my chest, wheezing as I tried my hardest to get air into my lungs while black blotches started to cloud my vision. "Please…" she said softly lifting my chin up with her dirt petite hand "I beg of you help me…Izaya-sama…" she pleaded as a 'innocent' bloodstained smile cracked across her face.

Before everything went black I could see a small glint of hope and something dark in her crimson eyes…

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" I screamed springing myself into a sitting position scanning the room franticly.

What? I'm in my room…?

I sat there for a moment looking down thinking about that dream-scratch that that Nightmare I had, what was that about? More over who was that kid?- my thought was cut off by a voice from the door way.

"You getting up to do this paper work or not, cause if not than you better pay me triple for today." My bitter secretary, Namie, growled with her arms crossed leaning against the doorframe.

I blinked before looking down at my sheets then back to Namie.

"Alright alright, I'm coming just let me get dress, now shoo~! I chirped throwing off the covers ignoring her death glare boring into my back.

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