Title: Plan B

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Description: God sends a young Castiel to Earth to protect the Winchesters, but Castiel is merely a fledgling and the task might be harder than originally thought.

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God watched the events unfold before Him, able, but also unable to help. His plan demanded that He step back from this, He could only watch. He sat and watched many of his children die, He watched his youngest, most innocent child turn into a monster, and His two favorite humans deteriorate into insanity. It would all work out in the end, He knew, for He was God, but the pain He watched as it unfolded He could not take.

But that was only in this universe, which did not mean that He couldn't create a new, better life for His children in a different one. He walked down through the years, to the beginning of the Winchester's hardships, when Dean was no more than four years of age and Sam just a babe, and Castiel merely an inexperienced fledgling, lost and confused after the loss of Gabriel. This was the time when the Apocalypse never threatened to happen and the Leviathans were never set free.

Castiel stumbled his way through the hallways of the Lord's house, heading towards where his Father resided, where God resided. He knocked once on the door, and straightened himself in the most dignified way he could muster. He then reached for the doorknob, having to stand on his tiptoes to reach. The door creaked open with the sort of sound you would get from a house that had been lived in for a long time. It slowly moved open to reveal God, sitting at His kitchen table, smiling at him. He gasped in awe, this was the first time he had ever seen his Father, and he never imagined him to be so… Fatherly.

"Hello, Castiel." His Father said, smiling lovingly at him. Castiel merely nodded, and then hurriedly stooped down in a bow, mumbling an apology. "No need for that." He said, walking over to Castiel and picking him up. "I have a very important job for you." He informed seriously, as Castiel looked up at him.

"Anything, Father!" Castiel said, and smiled when God smiled, he was so eager to please. God leaned in close and whispered instructions in Castiel's ear. He could sense the eavesdroppers outside His door, most likely Michael or Raphael. When He had finished giving Castiel his mission, Castiel looked up at him in more awe than he already had, if it were possible. "Thank you for trusting me with such a responsibility. I will protect them." He answered, in his best, most respectful voice. God laughed heartily and placed him back on the floor.

"I have one more request of you, Castiel." Castiel nodded, already agreeing to the extra task. "Have fun!" He ruffled Castiel's hair and exited the room, watching Michael and Raphael skitter down the hall in opposite directions. Castiel was left in the room, head tilted.


One pleasant evening, little four years old Dean sat on the couch, holding Sammy, who, for some reason, would not stop crying. He held him up and looked at him critically. "Are you bwoken?" He asked, placing Sammy, who had foregone crying in exchange for trying to keep his wobbly baby head up, back in his lap. He immediately started crying again. "Mommy! Sammy won't stop cwying!" He yelled, and smiled when he saw his mother coming down the stairs, blond hair neatly combed and cascading over her shoulders. She strode over to Dean and picked Sammy up, who was still fussing.

"Was big brother being mean?" She asked, kissing Sam on his head.

"I didn't do anyfing!" Dean whined at her from his seat on the couch. "Tere was a clown on the T.V.!"He pointed accusingly at the offending device.

"Is that what happened?" She asked, before turning her attention to Sam. She lifted him up so he was face to face with her and gave him Eskimo kisses. "Sammy doesn't like clowns, does he?" Sam giggled and threw his pudgy arms in the air. "There we go, all better!" She said, smiling.

Dean reached his hands up to Sammy. "Can I have him back?" Mary shook her head, walking to the kitchen. "Why not, Mommy?" He followed her in to the kitchen and watched her make a bottle.

"It's Sammy's bed time." She said, filling the bottle with formula and carrying it and Sam upstairs, with Dean at her ankles. She laid him down and placed the bottle in his mouth, and Dean leaned into the cradle and gave Sammy a little kiss on the forehead.

"Night, Sammy!" He said cheerily, and Sammy grinned a little toothless grin at him.

"It's time for your bed time too." She told Dean, and scooped him off the floor. "Let's go!" She walked him out of the nursery, keeping the door open a crack and then into his room.

"Not yet, Mommy! I wanna stay up!" Dean said, but his pleas were silenced when she threw him in his bed, disrupting the pillows and he dissolved into a little fit of laughter.

"But you look so tired, Dean!" She said as she moved the blanket up to his neck in a snake like motion. Dean giggled again and then yawned. She kissed him on the forehead and shut off the light. "Good night!"

"Good night…"A seven year old Jimmy said hesitantly, when the door shut quietly, signaling the leave of his mother, he surveyed his room, completely dark. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, all the shapes in his room seemed to make scary monsters. They circled around the room, claws making shadows on the walls with the minimal light. His eyes welled up with frightened tears and he hid under the blanket. He missed his nightlight, but his Daddy had said if he was going to become a man, he needed to have no fear of the dark. He desperately prayed to God to save him from the scary shadows that wanted to swallow him up. Tonight, someone answered.

"Hello, Jimmy Novak." A sweet, soft, immaterial voice said.

"W-who's there? God?" Jimmy asked, peeking out from under his blanket. The room was being illuminated by a gentle light from no determinable source and his overhead light was flickering softly and vibrating. Jimmy wanted to be afraid, but the light was so soft and warm, it erased his fears.

"The Father is always with you." The voice assured. "But no. I am Castiel, I am His humble servant."

Jimmy looked about the room, where he seemed completely and utterly alone. "L-like an angel?" Jimmy asked. He remembered in Sunday school how the Preacher told them that angels where God's servants, messengers and soldiers.

"Yes." Castiel answered. "Our Father has sent me to you to request a favor."

"What is it?" Jimmy had already climbing out of bed; his little bare feet were seemingly being eaten by the shaggy carpet.

"I need to use your body as a vessel." Castiel said, Jimmy suddenly realized Castiel was the light, his voice echoing about him as the light pulsed slightly when he talked. "I require your approval first. I must warn you though, if you accept, there is a possibility you will not see your family for a long time." He said truthfully.

Jimmy thought about his family. How his parents were constantly quarrelling about money, and his sudden fascination with God and church. He desperately wanted their approval, but ever since he had begun "walking his faith" as the Pastor called it, they had always given him looks of disapproval. Now the Lord he so faithfully clung to deemed him worth something. His heart swelled. If he left, his parents probably wouldn't miss him, he figured. They would have more money to spend on the stuff they wanted.

"I-I need to say goodbye though…" He said his thought out loud. The light seemed to understand and gathered around him, he felt the soft touch of something downy. It felt like baby bird feathers.

"I understand, I will be back tomorrow for your answer." The light retracted a bit, fading, and Jimmy almost cried with the loss of it. "Your parents do not hate you. They only disapprove of your strong faith." Then he was gone and Jimmy was opening his eyes to see the ceiling, having no recollection of falling to the floor. His overhead light flickered once, then twice, and then went out completely. Jimmy was left in the darkness of the room, with a big decision to make.

The next day, Dean and Sam Winchester lost their mother in a mysterious nursery fire and Jimmy Novak disappeared out of his bedroom without a trace of struggle or foul play, his parents never saw him again.


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