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Loki did, in fact, end up being Dean and Sam's butler, along with Castiel. Loki spent the entire evening playing with Sammy and producing various types of candies and snacks upon request. Currently, Dean was teaching Castiel to play tag amongst the cars while Loki sat on the porch with Sammy.

"Careful, guys! Don't trip and fall!" He shouted as Dean almost face planted into the dirt. Castiel was running ahead of him, frequently turning to see if Dean was following. Dean eventually caught up to him and tagged him. He spun on his toes, kicking up dirt, and ran the other way. Castiel was close on his heels, grinning. It was the most Loki had ever seen Castiel smile, and it made him smile too.

Eventually the inevitable happened, as Castiel disappeared behind a car, Dean close behind. Loki heard the tell-tale thump and slide of a small body falling to the earth and Dean's cry of "Cas!" Obviously Castiel was the one to have taken the spill, which means Loki probably wouldn't even need to find band aids. He got up out of his chair with Sam on his hip to go survey the damage.

Castiel was getting up out of the dirt, Dean hovering around him like a mother hen. "Are you okay, Cas?" He asked. Before Castiel could answer, Dean grabbed his hands and pulled them towards him, palms up. He looked critically at the blood, making a serious face. "We need to get you a band aid! You've got boo boos!" Dean said and Castiel tilted his head.

"Boo boos?" Castiel questioned, surveying his hands. Dean looked down at Cas' knees to see them scraped up as well, scabs peeking through the newly torn holes.

"You've got them all over!" Dean said, gently grabbing Castiel's hand and pulling him towards Loki. "Loki! We need band aids! Cas' got boo boos!"

"Really? Cas, you need band aids?" Loki asked. Castiel tilted his head again, looking at the hand Dean wasn't holding and watching the scratches scab over and heal gradually, albeit quicker than a human.

"What is a band aid?" Castiel asked and Dean looked at him in horror.

"You don't know what a band aid is?" Dean asked in disbelief. "They make boo boos better! Sometimes they have cool patterns on them." Dean said excitedly.

"I don't think they will be necessary." Castiel said, showing Dean his now fully healed hands. "I heal very quickly." Dean looked disappointed.

"Fine…" He said distantly and walked into the house, leaving Loki, Cas and Sammy to wonder what had upset Dean. Really, it was only Cas and Loki wondering while Sammy pulled at Loki's hair attempting to get a strand in his mouth.

Out of nowhere Loki exclaimed, "Well I'll be damned!" Castiel looked at him angrily. "Don't look at me like that. I know why Dean-o's suddenly so upset!" He said and Castiel looked at him expectantly. "He wanted to take care of you, Cas."

"Why?" Castiel asked.

"Why?" Loki echoed in sarcasm. "Well, who wouldn't? You're adorable, like this guy." He motioned towards Sammy. "Also, that's what family does." Loki said, a faraway look in his eyes. "Or used to…" He muttered under his breath. Castiel wasn't around to hear it anyway. He had already booked it inside to talk to Dean.

Dean was sitting on the couch watching some cartoons on Bobby's incredibly dated T.V. "Dean…?" Castiel asked from the doorway to the living room. Dean turned to Castiel and patted the seat next to him wordlessly. Castiel went and sat next to him.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Dean asked, looking deep into Cas' eyes. "No more boo boos?" He asked seriously, because boo boos were serious business, Castiel gathered.

"I don't believe so." Castiel replied. He looked down to the jeans he was wearing. "I'm sorry, these are your jeans and I ripped them." He said, patting the torn knees of the jeans.

"Jeans don't matter." Dean said. "Just matters if you're okay." He finished and Castiel nodded.

"Your father, however, won't be happy." Castiel said and Dean nodded. Castiel sat next to Dean on the couch, fingering the holes in Dean's jeans. They sat in a comfortable silence, watching the cartoons play on the T.V. screen, until Loki came barging through the front door making unnecessary amounts of noise. Dean jumped almost a foot off the couch and turned to glare at Loki.

"What was that for?" Dean demanded angrily. Loki shrugged, jostling Sammy who was perched on one of his shoulders sucking a strand of his hair.

"You ditched me!" Loki complained and Sammy threw in his two-sense as well, shrieking loudly and making Loki wince.

"I didn't say you couldn't follow me." Castiel said distractedly, still fingering the holes in Dean's jeans.

"I figured you could use some alone time." Loki said, he raised his eyebrows at Castiel's constant attention to his jeans. "What's up with your pants, kid?" He kneeled down

"I tore holes in them." Castiel said guiltily. Loki looked critically at the jeans and placed his hands over the knees. When he pulled them away the fabric was knitted back together seamlessly.

"There." Loki clapped his hands. "Good as new." He grabbed Sammy who was doing a good job of balancing on his knee and placed him back on his shoulder.

Castiel looked amazed at his jeans. "Thank you!" He said happily. "Mr. Winchester will not be angry now." Dean smiled at Cas and nodded his head.

"Why would John be angry? They're your pants." Loki asked, wondering if he had to teach John Winchester another "lesson".

"They aren't my pants, they're Dean's. I've been using his clothing." Castiel explained. "I don't need to change clothing, but John insists on it, as well as taking baths." At the word "bath" Dean shuddered.

"That's it, we're going shopping." Loki said, he then snapped his fingers and they were in the middle of a clothing store. Dean looked around in amazement and Sammy giggled at the rush in his stomach. Castiel was giving Loki a very suspicious look. "What? Angels aren't the only creatures with awesome teleporting powers." Loki defended, Castiel still looked unconvinced, but lucky for Loki, Dean had disappeared down one of the many aisles, demanding Cas' immediate attention to look for his missing charge.

"Dean?" Castiel called running down the aisles and scanning the area for any trace of Dean. "Dean!" He called again. Something grasped his ankle and he let out a yelp of surprise, turning to see Dean grinning at him from between two pair of men's khaki pants.

"Got you!" He said happily and Castiel smiled.

"You scared me, Dean." Castiel said. They made their way back to Loki, eyeing the clothes on the racks. Loki met them half way, grinning like a lunatic. In his hands he held a powder blue shirt with "angel" written across the front in a darker blue calligraphic font.

"I found you a shirt already." He said happily. Castiel did not look pleased.

"People are not supposed to know I am an angel. Father said that it will frighten people." Loki rolled his eyes.

"Come on! Who cares? It's not like anyone will take the shirt seriously." He said in a very childish and whiny voice.

"No, Loki. I'm not wearing that." Castiel said firmly. Loki huffed at him and crossed his arms.

"Fine." Loki said. Dean had found a dark green shirt with a red sports car embroidered on the front and was showing it to Castiel. It was obviously a shirt that Dean liked, not Castiel, but he smiled and took it, holding it in his arms. "Oh sure, as long as Dean picks it out it's fine." Loki said in annoyance.

"I know what Cas likes!" Dean said happily.

"And Cas likes sports cars?" Dean nodded enthusiastically and Loki sighed. Cas was just holding the shirt and watching the people file past them. "See anything you like?" Loki asked and Cas went over to the rack with plain t-shirts with assorted colors. He picked out a blue one, a red one and another green one.

"Boring." Loki declared and Castiel frowned.

"I like them." He said decisively and Loki sighed.

"Let's go get you some pants, then." Loki said, ruffling Cas' hair.

Getting pants was a lot easier than picking out shirts. They picked out three or four pair of jeans, and Loki complaining about how skinny Cas was. They returned to Bobby's house in time for the phone to ring and Cas ran to answer it. He knocked the phone out of its bed and fumbled with the buttons before figuring out which one actually answered the phone.

"Hello?" Cas said into the receiver.

"Cas! How was today? Did Dean behave?" It was John checking in from the motel he and Bobby were staying at.

"Yes. Dean was fine." Castiel said. "Sammy cried a bit, but we managed to calm him down."

"Okay, good. Anything else you need to tell me?" John asked, he sounded kind of rushed, and Castiel could faintly hear Bobby yelling in the background for John to get off the phone and help him with something. Castiel looked over to Loki.

"No. Nothing." Castiel said.

"Alright. I'll see you in a couple of days." John said and Castiel heard a clicking noise as John hung up. At the same moment Dean reached for the phone. Castiel looked at him sadly.

"He hung up already…" Castiel said and Dean looked over at the phone sadly. "I'll let you answer the phone next time." Castiel decided and that brightened Dean's mood a bit.

Loki smirked. "Didn't tell John Winchester I was here?" He asked and Castiel shook his head.

"I didn't tell him. You've helped us." He explained and Loki raised his eyebrows.

"Course' I did. Let's go watch some T.V." Loki said happily, ruffling Cas' hair on the way to Bobby's living room.

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