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John woke up to a dirty motel ceiling. He could hear Dean's soft sobbing in one end of the room and Bobby's uncharacteristically gentle voice soothing him. He remained still, staring at the minuscule cracks in the ceiling and trying to piece together what had happened. They were at a church, last he could remember. Pastor Jim's church, so why were they in a motel? Once again he heard another soft sob and Bobby's consolation.

Then it came back to him. "Dean?!" John shouted as he shot upwards, turning towards the noise. Dean was sat on a chair, knees to his chin and tears streaking down his red and puffy face. Sammy's carrier was on the floor next to his chair, the baby sleeping soundly within.

"Daddy!" Dean shouted, getting down from the chair. His voice sounded less elated and more worried. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." He said. "Are you?"

Dean's face scrunched up again, ready for another session of crying. "Yeah… But Daddy… Cas-"

"What?!" John interrupted. "What happened to Cas? Michael said he'd help both of you!" Dean didn't answer, just dissolved into more sobbing. John picked him up and cradled him to his chest. "What's the matter, bud?" He asked. When Dean didn't reply, he looked to Bobby for help.

"They took Cas." Bobby said, eyes on the floor. His face was a stoic mask.

"What? Who? Who took Cas?" John asked, horror-struck. "What are you waiting here for? You should have gone after him!" He made to get off the bed, but Bobby put up a hand to halt him.

"The angels took Cas, John." Bobby said. His voice was starting to hold notes of anger. "He let them take him in exchange for you."

"But Michael said—" John began, but Bobby cut him off.

"Are you really that stupid, John?!" Bobby shouted, standing abruptly and making his way over to the bed. "Gabriel told you what their goal was and you let one of em' possess you!" He was towering over John now, voice just an octave below shouting. "Because of that, we couldn't run away and Cas had to give himself up for you." He poked John in the chest, just above Dean's head, and sat on the opposite bed in a huff. "All of this for nothing, John!" He crossed his arms. "Pastor Jim's deaf because of us and he didn't even save an angel." Bobby looked down again, the emotions sliding from his face.

John was silent, completely shocked by this news. "Where… Where's Gabriel?" He swallowed.

"Don't know, when we made it back to the church he was gone. They probably took him too." Bobby said. His voice was dangerously quiet.

"You can't know that for sure—" There was a knock on the motel door, cutting John off. Dean cowered closer into his father's chest.

Bobby stood from the motel bed and made his way to the door cautiously. He pulled a long, silver blade from his back pocket before he peeked through the peep hole on the door. "Holy-" He exclaimed before pulling the door open to reveal a rather disheveled looking Gabriel. "I though they took you too."

"No." Gabriel said, lacking his usual cocky smirk or tone. "Tried to kill me though. Luckily Raphael's stupid. Thought I'd bleed out." He made his way into the room.

Dean looked up from his father's chest, eyes lighting up. "Gabriel!" He shouted, jumping out of his father's lap and throwing his arms around Gabriel's legs.

"Woah, woah, easy now." Gabriel exclaimed in a huff of air. "You'll knock me over if you're not careful." Bobby went to steady him at that, but Gabriel waved him off.

"You okay?" John asked, standing up from his place on the bed.

"Oh, just peachy." Gabriel sassed, leaning down to pick Dean up. He gave a grunt of pain as he stood back up and sat on the bed opposite John's. "My brother's gone and I can't get him back." Gabriel said, running a hand through Dean's hair. His voice was rough and low.

"What do you mean? Can't you just go up into Heaven and grab him?" John asked. Gabriel frowned and shook his head.

"Maybe if I didn't have two holes in my grace to deal with." Gabriel spat. "Raphael may not have killed me, but he's definitely put me out of commission for a while." Dean looked down in worry, but upon finding no injury, turned his gaze back to Gabriel. The archangel just smiled and ruffled his hair again.

"How long will it take you to heal?" Bobby asked, crossing his arms again.

"A while." Gabriel repeated, looking at his feet.

"How long is that?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know, Bobby." Gabriel huffed. "Usually, angels die from a stab wound with an angel blade!" He snapped. Dean whimpered and he softened then, running a hand through his hair again.

"Ca-Cas st-stabbed himself with it." Dean stuttered between fresh sobs. Gabriel's frown deepened, but he rubbed Dean's back in comfort.

"Michael and Raphael won't let him die." Gabriel sounded less than relieved at this fact. He looked to Bobby. "Why'd he do that?"

"He made a deal with Michael. His life for our memories and the promise he'll leave us alone." Bobby reported solemnly.

"Clever, Cas." Gabriel commented with a self-satisfied smirk. "Look, I need to take time to heal. The quicker I heal, the sooner I can get Cas back." He said as he stood and placed Dean on the bed. "Until then, you're going to have to fend for yourselves." He looked down at Dean and smirked. "Think you can do that, Dean-o? Keep Bobby and your dad in line for your brother, okay?" He looked behind Dean to see Sammy sleeping in his carrier. His smirk morphed into a soft smile.

"Where are you going?" Bobby demanded, stepping between Gabriel and the door.

"I'm going to disappear until these heal." Gabriel motioned to his body, the smirk easily sliding back onto his face. He had no outward sign of injury, but Bobby could see the archangel favoring one side more than the other. "I'll keep an ear on you, so if something goes wrong… or you do something stupid, I'll come try to bail you out. Don't count on it though." He took a breath and then continued. "Keep Dean and Sam out of hunting, that's the best you can do right now."

"You can't leave. There's no guarantee Michael won't come back now that they have Cas." Bobby reasoned angrily, refusing to move.

"Michael might be an asshole, but he won't renege on a deal." Gabriel said. Bobby didn't look convinced so he shrugged. "Look, I know my brothers, and Michael takes his deals very seriously. You probably won't have to worry for another ten years at the least, and that's assuming I don't get Cas back before then." He explained. "If they do come back, I'll help you hide out again. You know who to call." He winked and disappeared, leaving no room for Bobby to argue further.

"What are we going to do now…?" Dean asked, voice still hiccuping from his long crying session.

John was about to answer before Bobby answered for him. "First, we're heading back to my place, we're getting my stuff and we're getting another base that's a little more kid friendly." He declared. "Then, we're going to get you in school. You're five, right? You should be learning your ABCs, not exorcism chants."

"I know my ABCs..." Dean argued petulantly.

Bobby rolled his eyes and turned to John. "We're going to do this the way Gabriel said. We're keeping them out of hunting, we're going to prevent that damn plan Heaven has and we're going to wait for Gabriel to get Castiel back." He said determinedly. "Sound good?" John nodded dumbly. "Good, now get your kids, we're getting in the Impala in ten." He walked out the door and slammed it with finality.

John swallowed and steeled himself. He could worry about the demon later, he supposed. Right now he had Dean and Sammy to take care of. They were the ones that mattered, them and Castiel.


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