The Quarian's Request

The doors to the cabin slid open, and Commander John Shepard entered his room. Scanning it briefly with the Omni-tool, he sighed happily and walked towards the bathroom. He paused for a minute, seeing a figure move swiftly in the corner of his eye. A hood and two glowing eyes, barely concealed under his bed, shone brightly in the darkened corner of the room.

"Kasumi, is that you?" Shepard called out cautiously. He reached for the M-6 Carnifex attached to his holster, drawing it and aiming quickly at the bed. The eyes blinked and the bed suddenly shifted, as the eyes swum around in the black.

"Keelah!" a voice rang out in mild pain.

Shepard smiled, placing the gun back in its holster. He approached the bed, offering a hand to the Quarian hiding under it. "Tali, what are you doing?" he asked patiently.

"Oh! Shepard, I... um... I was just looking for... I was waiting for you." She admitted, looking down to the ground. Shepard watched her head fall and stare for an uncomfortably long time at his waist. She realised this and adjusted her eyes to his. Those cold, piercing blue eyes.

"I wanted to speak with you, Tali. About us, I mean." He began. He turned away to look at the datapad Mordin had gave him over Quarian reproduction and, in the doctor's own words, 'Troublesome immune system. Not good. Dangerous for more than 20 minutes for her to be in the open. Potential lovemaking time... seventeen minutes. Not recommended. Wouldn't know, no sexual drive. Another story for another time. Must work now. Good luck!'

"I've taken some antibiotics, as well as some herbal supplements that should bolster my immune system." She interrupted, taking the datapad away from him. She was stuttering, clearly nervous around him. "I was going to bring music, but I didn't know what you'd like..." she whispered, wincing away from his loving gaze. "And I'm babbling like an idiot." She sighed, looking desperately to the Cerberus insignia on his shoulder. A name and symbol her people were very uncomfortable around.

Shepard opened his arms to her, and she embraced him. "It's okay. Come here." He smiled, pulling her closer to his body. Their hands moved along each other's bodies, her fingers gripping at his sides, his hands stroking her lower back. She pulled away. "I just don't want to... I want this to work, I've thought it over, and I've minimized the risks. But I'm still nervous..." she spoke as Shepard stepped towards her, and she stumbled backwards onto his bed, the one she'd been hiding under.

"It always makes me talk too much, it's a defence mechanism and its stupid and..." she kept speaking, as Shepard's hand moved to her mask. "People who just see the helmet can't see my expression so I have to make it clear what I'm..." she stopped as Shepard removed the faceplate, smiling in anticipation for him to see her face. He grinned at her, a simple, infatuated smile.

"What I'm... feeling." She finished as he placed her helmet to the bedside table. She took hold of his shoulder and pushed him to the bed, wrapping her legs around his waist and forcing her lips to his, drawing him in for a long, passionate kiss.

Operative Miranda Lawson ascended in the elevator, stopping at his door as she heard moaning coming from behind it. "EDI?" she asked. The AI's manifestation appeared in the terminal beside her. "Yes, Operative Lawson?" the artificial intelligence replied.

"Isn't the Loft soundproofed?"

"Yes. It appears that their lustful moaning is loud enough to pierce the sound container."

Miranda stood there, amazed. "Thank you, EDI. Wait till Jacob hears this!" she squeaked, rushing back to the elevator and descending it with a grin on her face.