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Her elegant slender legs staggered within the snow as he body hit the white carpet of snow. A pain shot up her leg as she slowly turned her head and saw a red smudge on the snow. She had been hit by the bullet and she could barely stand up. She rested her head on he cold ground and thought about Bambi.

I did my best to protect him and teach him about life she thought as the blood continued to ooze out of her wound. He will grow to be a wonderful prince, like his father.

Her breathing began to slow down but her spirit did not fail her yet. She had enjoyed her time being a mother to Bambi. She did not want to die right now, but the villain had taken her away from Bambi. Why was Man so cruel to the creatures in the forest? Why?

The last thing she saw before she fell was her little fawn disappearing into the distance. She hoped that he made it back to their shelter just in time. The only thing that pained her the most was that she was not going to see Bambi again and neither was he going to see his mother.

A tear slowly slipped down her face and dissolved into the snow. Something wet slid itself on her furry brown head. Surprised, the doe's eyes slowly fluttered open and looked up. She saw a large buck standing above her. It was none other than Bambi's father.

"Are you alright my love?" he asked as he walked around her and inspected her wound.

"No," she weakly answered as her body heaved up and down from the lack of oxygen that she was getting.

"I will help you," he said as he pushed her legs up with his snout.

"No," she quickly said with every last strength she had, "go! Man is getting closer!"

The buck looked around but saw nobody. He could feel it too. "What about you?" he asked her.

"Promise me one thing," she said as the buck walked up close to her and lowered his neck at her. Their noses almost touched. "Take care of Bambi."

The Great Prince of the forest nodded and nuzzled her fondly with his snout. He slowly pulled away and saw her head slowly fall into the grass. A smile plastered on her mouth. She opened her eyes, thanked him, and slowly closed her eyes as her spirit left her body.

A shot was suddenly heard as the buck leaped away as quickly as he could. Luckily, he avoided the shots that were aimed at him. Once they stopped, he turned his head and saw his beloved being carried away by two silhouetted figures into the distance.

He had never cried before, but a tear slipped down his eye. He turned back into the forest to be with the only dear he had left. Bambi.

The End