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Pairing: Andy/Miranda (MirAndy)

Rating: NC-17 (M) – A/U

Summary: A man is a bit to forward when seated next to Andy at a dinner function. What he doesn't realize is that Miranda is sitting right across from them, and she does not appreciate what she's witnessing.

When Blue Eyes Turned Green

By Gun Brooke

Part 2

Andy had never seen such a large shower stall in her life. Walls of marble, eight shower heads, and then…her. Pinching her arm, Andy wanted to make sure this wasn't one of her heated dreams of Miranda, and the sting verified that the vision before her was real.

The water cascaded down on them, and Miranda pressed a dispenser on the wall that delivered soap that smelled familiar. Andy didn't know what she had expected, but Miranda lathering her back wasn't it. Miranda's soft hands, and her close proximity, made Andy dizzy. She felt for the handle bar on the glass door for support.

"That's it, hold on, Andrea," Miranda murmured. "Let me do your back…and then your hair."

Miranda is washing me. Touching me. Oh, God… Andy drew a trembling breath. She could feel more moisture seep between her legs. This sent her mind reeling as it suddenly picture Miranda being very thorough in her attempts to get Andy clean. Surely she wouldn't go that far?

"There. Turn around." Miranda stepped back and took some more soap. "No. Hold on to the bar."

Andy reached behind her and grabbed the bar. This made her chest push forward and her back arch, something that did not escape Miranda's glowing eyes.

"Stunning." Miranda rubbed soap on Andy's shoulders and followed her arms down and behind her. Now Miranda was standing so close, their breasts nearly touched. Andy bit the tip of her tongue to mute a persistent whimper. Miranda slid her hands forward around Andy's waist, rubbing soap onto her stomach. Now, Andy's legs began to shake.

"Oh, my, how responsive you are, Andrea. I knew you would be, somehow. I knew from the way you looked at me that you would react this way to my touch." Miranda's hand cupped Andy's breasts, slowly, slowly lathering them. "Oh. Andrea." Something new entered Miranda's voice. Where it had been sultry just before, a wondrous tone entered, making her sound vulnerable.

Andy let go of the bar and placed her hands on Miranda's hips. She tugged gently and brought the closer together, skin on skin. "I'm very efficient, aren't I?" Andy smiled and slid her lathered body along Miranda's. Her skin ignited all over as she felt Miranda's soft skin rub against her own. When Miranda closed her eyes and groaned, her head falling back, Andy acted without thinking. She wrapped her arms tightly around Miranda and pressed hungry lips against her neck.

"Andrea!" Miranda jerked, and then it was her turn to grab for the bar behind Andy. Andy in turn spread her legs to allow for them to press closer to each other.

Reaching out to her left, Andy pressed the dispenser and filled her palm with soap. She spread it all over Miranda's back and buttocks, caressing her as she pressed her forward to straddle Andy's thigh.

Miranda's eyes snapped open and she regarded Andy with bright blue eyes. "You. Are. Everything." She let go of the bar and pushed her fingers into Andy's damp hair. Pressing her lips against Andy's, she kissed her, sucked Andy's lower lip in between hers, slid her tongue along it and challenged Andy to respond. "Open your mouth, Andrea."

Andy willingly complied. She returned every caress Miranda's tongue made, wrestled it, and explored every sweet part of her mouth. Drunk with arousal, Andy moaned into Miranda's mouth, and the whimpers she'd tried to stop broke free.

"So…sweet…" Miranda murmured against Andy's lips. "Intoxicating and so damn sweet."

Ending the kiss reluctantly, Miranda washed Andy's hair thoroughly. Andy tried to steal a few more kisses, but had to succumb to the wonderful sensation of Miranda's blunt nails against her scalp. After the last rinse, Miranda had Andy return the favor and seeing Miranda with wet hair slicked back was something Andy had never thought she'd ever witness, let alone be the cause of.

Miranda grabbed the handheld shower and checked the temperature of the water. Pushing Andy back a few inches, she lowered the showerhead and turned it up. The cascading water against Andy's center was almost enough to make her come, it was so unexpected.

"Miranda!" She jerked and nearly slipped.

"Careful, Andrea. I have no intention of spending tonight in the ER while they put you in a body cast." Miranda's glance was decidedly wicked. After rinsing them both off, she turned off the water and reached for two large towels. Wrapping one around Andy, Miranda looked mildly surprised when Andy took the other one and put it securely around her.

"You have to forgive me, but I'm going on sensory overload with you naked next to me." Andy drew a deep, shaky breath. "Give a woman a break, huh?"

"You're not joking, are you?" Miranda looked incredulous. "I really affect you that much?"

"Really, really." Andy stepped out of the shower and found that having heated floors in bathroom was indeed a luxury she could get used to. She took a smaller towel and wrapped around her hair before doing the same for Miranda.

"So now you know," Miranda said, something guarded in her eyes.

"Know? Know what?" Andy worked on drying her hair with the towel.

"What the dragon lady looks like stripped of the fashion and the makeup."

"Yeah," Andy said, a smile tugging at her lips. "I really like the dragon lady, but I prefer the real Miranda, I have to say. You…" The towel dropped from her hands as she saw Miranda's eyes well up with tears. "Miranda?"

"Don't you dare lie to me." The challenge was all the more intense since it was barely audible.

"I wouldn't." Andy saw how Miranda had begun to tremble. "Come here." She hugged Miranda close, nuzzling her cheek. "I have a suggestion. Why don't we dry our hair and then go lie down…and talk…maybe cuddle?" She smiled when Miranda snorted softly. "No? No cuddling?"

"Silly girl." Miranda stepped back and adjusted Andy's bangs. "You wonderfully silly girl."

Andy admired how fast Miranda recreated her iconic hairdo, when she herself had to settle for getting hers dry.

"Bed?" Miranda regarded Andy with opaque eyes, arms folded and leaning her hip against the vanity.

"Sounds good. I feel a bit cold."

"Crawl under the covers. I'll make sure I turned off the fireplace." Miranda disappeared out the door before Andy had a chance to respond.

"Crawling in it is, then." Andy padded out into the bedroom, now able to enjoy the beautiful, cozy décor. Colors ranged from cream, to latte, big shock there, and blue. Not blue, she realized. Cerulean. Go figure. She smiled at the memory of her old, poly-blend cerulean sweater that Miranda had used as a way to teach Andy a lesson in quite a humiliating way when she was new at runway. Andy stood indecisively by the king-size bed, her hands gripping the knot that kept the bath towel up around her.

"Stephen never slept in this bed, if that's what you're wondering." Miranda re-entered the bedroom.

"No. That wasn't it."

"What then?" Miranda stopped a few feet from Andy, regarding her cautiously.

"I was just trying to figure out whether you intended us to be naked, or if I should keep the towel on, or…"

"Andrea. Your towel is damp. If you want some pajamas—"

"No. I really just want to feel you against me. I just didn't want to assume…"

Her features softening, Miranda removed her towel, tossing it on the armrest of a leather chair and then held out her hand for Andy's. She pulled back the covers and motioned for Andy to lie down. As she joined Andy, she used a remote to turn off all the ambiance light but one bedside lamp. It cast a soft glow over the bed, and when Miranda wrapped her arms around Andy, she could see traces of tears again.

"Talk to me," Andy murmured as she settled with Miranda's head on her shoulder. "Why are you upset?"

"I'm not. I think I'm relieved." Miranda sighed. "I rarely shed tears when I'm upset. I just don't function that way. I tend to react with tears when the stress is depleted."

"So these particular tears are a good thing?"

"Yes. I'd say so." Miranda pressed her face into Andy's neck. "We have a lot to talk about. I know we do."

"Anytime and as often as you want. I'm still feeling a bit shell-shocked." Andy kissed the top of Miranda's head. "Remember, only a couple of hours ago, I was still your assistant, still hurting because I thought I'd never see you again once my tenure was over."

"I felt the same way. I was trying to conjure up plausible reasons for bumping into you." Miranda chuckled. "As you can tell, you're making me act way out of character."

"Not really. Well, apart from me being your assistant and a woman—"

"And so very young."

"Not that young." Andy rolled Miranda onto her back. "And definitely old enough for you to do anything you want with me. And vice versa."

Darkening to a navy blue, Miranda's eyes glittered dangerously. "Anything, you say? How very foolish of your to give me carte blanche when it comes to lovemaking, Andrea." The low purr sent ripples down Andy's spine.

"You look like you have special things in mind," Andy said, trying to sound casual.

"An astute observation." Miranda nudged Andy's legs apart. "You're mine." Her voice darkened. "I don't want to be without you."

"Oh, God, Miranda. Miranda!" Andy wrapped arms and legs around Miranda and held her tight. "Neither do I. I—I can't lose you. I can't. I can't. " She arched up and offered her neck in supplication.

"Then we agree." Miranda ground her hips into Andy's and kissed her. Andy felt new dampness between them where their bodies met and she wanted to feel Miranda even closer. Sliding her hands down, she cupped the very buttocks she'd admired so many times, and rocked against Miranda.

"Andrea…" Miranda moaned and pressed hot kisses along Andy's neck. "It's been so long since I felt alive like this. I can't even remember."

"I love how you feel. How you taste." Andy's fingers dug into Miranda's soft skin.

"I'm so turned on. Andrea, how can you do this to me? How is it possible? You're like fire."

"If you keep talking like that, you're going to make me come. Just so you know…" Andy wasn't exaggerating. Her sex throbbed and only the fact that Miranda hadn't touched her clitoris yet made it possible for Andy to wait.

"You're close to?" Miranda breathed so hard it was hard to make out what she was saying. "God, I need to come so badly."

"Show me."

"I—I can't." Miranda looked startled into Andy's eyes.

"Then tell me." Andy pushed her hand in between them. Feeling the soft curls above Miranda's swollen folds, she gently slid her fingers between them. Drawing her only knowledge from how she usually touched herself, she gently rubbed Miranda's clitoris in circles.

Miranda cried out, her hips jerking and undulating against Andy's hand. This motion pressed the back of her hand in between Andy's folds, which was all it took. Searing, scorching pleasure ignited from Andy's clit and spread through her thighs and her abdomen. Convulsing, Andy held on to the whimpering woman in her arms as Miranda shuddered against her.

"This…oh, Andrea. Yes. Yes." Miranda slowly started to descend and eventually ended up back on Andy's shoulder, her body completely relaxed.

"Wow," Andy whispered.

"My thoughts exactly." Miranda pressed her lips against Andy's skin beneath her clavicle. Andy could feel her smile. "Stay? I mean. Stay the weekend to begin with. Cassidy and Caroline come home on Sunday evening. We could all have dinner before you leave."

"I'd love to stay the weekend. Won't the girls think it weird that I'm here when they come home?"

"They know I'm not happy about you leaving."

"They do?" Wow.Andy realized that for Miranda to tell her twins this, they must have somehow brought the matter up. Brilliant kids, the twins. They probably knew their mother way better than Miranda could even guess. "Okay. I really like them, so that'll be nice."

Miranda pulled up the duvet to cover them. "And then…I can't wait until next weekend to see you." She trembles. "I would love to take you to dinner in the middle of the week. Please?"

Tears of relief clung to Andy's eyelashes. "I…uhm, th-that'd be great. Yes."

"Andrea?" Miranda pushed up on her elbow, gazing worriedly at Andy. "Were you worried I'd say this was it?"

"N-no. Maybe." Andy wiped at the annoying tears. "I don't doubt you. Really. I just have to wrap my brain around that you could possibly…like me."

"Oh, darling." Her eyes so soft, and her hands even softer, Miranda changed their positions, pulling Andy onto her shoulder. "You're way too good for me. You're too young, too smart, too beautiful, and much, much too sweet."

"I'm not—"

"Yes. You are." Miranda pressed her lips to Andy's temple. "But you know something. You are all those things, and more, but I'm enough of a selfish dragon lady to not give a damn. I can't let you go."

"I love you, Miranda." Andy knew it was too early, but it didn't make her feelings any less real.

Miranda's breath hitched. "I rest my case," she whispered. "I love you more than I will ever be able to show."

Andrea settled in next to Miranda, so content now and happier than she'd ever been. As she allowed sleep to overcome her, she inhaled the scent of Miranda's soap and their lovemaking.

Nope, never happier than this.