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Chapter 4: Standing before The Tower

Leo's POV

Elliot looked at me with an incredulous expression glued onto his face, no longer one of embarrassment, as he tried to make sense out of the words that were leaving my mouth. I wasn't surprised. Here he was walking around healthy and alive, so it's reasonable that coming out and saying that it wasn't always this way would lead to skepticism. With a heavy sigh, I continued my explanation from the very beginning despite my reluctance.

"A while ago, you were killed for rejecting your chain," I began with my fists slowly turning a pale shade of white. "I was taken in by the Baskervilles after they, Vincent specifically, found out that I was housing Glen Baskerville's soul, had my hair cut, stopped wearing my glasses, became a noble, and even gained my own chain, Jabberwocky. After an incident with Oz and your older brother, Gilbert, I came across a fortune teller on the way back to my current residence at the time. She forced a Statice flower onto me, somehow entered my dreams, and presented me with an option to bring you back. I took it, she took her payment, and now here you are."

"That doesn't make any sense! I know you wouldn't lie, but how can a fortune teller grant wishes? What did you pay to have it granted? What do you mean I rejected my chain? I don't even have a chain! Also, what do you mean by you were taken in by the Baskervilles for holding Glen Baskerville's soul? Last time I checked, you were always at the House of Fianna before you became my valet-"


There was the sound of books being thrown along with a small table before Elliot stopped questioning me and I calmed down enough to maintain my composure. I knew that I shouldn't have left out information, so it is technically my fault, but there is no way in hell that I will be admitting to that. I also didn't want to tell him the whole story because things would just be awkward. Noticing my discomfort, Elliot forced himself to drop the subject and just accept events as they are after fulfilling Oz's prophecy. He punched me right in the jaw. Of course, I returned the favor and did the same before asking why he did that even though I could already guess his answer.

"I'm glad that you brought me back to life, but I don't want you to hide things from me. We're equals aren't we? So doesn't that mean we can trust each other?" Elliot pointed out as he held my wrists and pushed me against a bookshelf to keep me from throwing anything else. "I'm sorry for putting you through this... Leo. Can you just tell me what you paid the fortune teller to bring me back to life?"

I never should've told him. I should've thought ahead! It's obvious that he would ask me the only question I can't answer. If I answered that, how badly would he suffer? Would I finally lose myself to Glen if I lose him for the last time? My mouth was kept shut, so to get me to talk, Elliot kissed me roughly to make me accidentally give away the answer. I can't give in. I can't tell him. Quickly, I wrenched my hands out of his grasp and pushed him away. But then, it dawned upon me. He wasn't disappearing. Elliot can act upon his romantic feelings in my place. I averted my gaze as I gave him my answer to his question.

"I can't tell you because it goes against our contract. It does have something to do with your dream though."

I felt my face flush the same way Elliot's had as I turned to pick up the books I threw that fell to the ground to give myself something to do while my master took the time to put the pieces together.



From the corner of my eye, I could see Elliot's face once again reflect mine as he, bashfully, took hold of my chin, removed my glasses, and kissed me again. This time around his tongue prodded against my lips, asking for entrance, and I, in surprise, opened my mouth to let him in. I stiffened as I tried to hold back any urges I had to not be dominated and let Elliot take the lead. It was extremely frustrating, but I didn't have much of a choice. I had to sacrifice my pride for now. Only for now. When I find a loophole in the contract, I swear I will get my chance to be the initiator. For the time being though, I had to put up with this. To be honest though, I didn't really mind Elliot's awkward kissing skills.

"Dammit, this is going to sound really stupid. I'm only going to say this once. I'm in love with you, Leo," Elliot admitted after pulling away.

WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME DAMN FORTUNE TELLER? I couldn't say anything in response, and it was driving me crazy. Will he lose an arm? A hand? His leg? HIS TOE? Can I say one thing or even nod without causing dire consequences? Irritably, I punched nearby wall with just enough force to narrow down my stress while not damaging Nightray property, and shook my head. Reject him. Do it now. If you don't do it, you might actually lose him forever this time. But I didn't say anything along those lines. Instead, I sent him to Oz and his older brother, Gilbert for answers. He will get the answers he wants one way or another. I refuse to lose to a deal made with some mysterious necromancer.

"Leo, I still consider you to be my equal no matter how much you've changed. Remember that," Elliot commented as he put back the remaining books before making his way towards the door. "I'm not going to burden you with the weight of my life and death again. I won't allow my life to be taken away so easily. You just need to keep walking and stop worrying about me. Wish or curse, it will be broken, and I will be there to see the end of it. I swear it."

"Nope! You're not going anywhere Elliot Nightray. I think this scenario is way too boring, so I'm going to shake things up a bit," a voice decided from across the room.

Before us, the fortune teller stood looking different than the times I saw her in my dreams. Her eyes were covered by a veil, but I could tell that she was no longer wearing the same glasses as me, and her long ebony hair flowed neatly in waves instead of resembling my own messy hair. She smiled from beneath her veil as she did something that covered the room and myself with a bright golden glow that faded in a few mere moments. After the process was finished, she handed Elliot a blue rose before explaining what she did and her motives for doing so.

"Elliot Nightray, you may come visit me the next time you go to sleep if you have the rose on your person. As for you Leo Baskerville, I have made it so that you have lost the ability to maintain self-control for the next twenty-four hours," the fortune teller explained with a child-like grin. "It is in the fine print of your contract that I can bend your wish as I see fit."

"Who are you and how the hell did you get in here?" Elliot demanded as he stomped towards the intruder with his sword drawn.

"You already know who I am dear Elliot. I am the one who brought you back. You should be thanking me. The world of the dead is so dreadfully bland. How I got in here though is none of your concern. Now let me continue and put down your sword," the fortune teller replied smoothly without even the slightest flinch.

The fortune teller made no move to attack or do any harm, so Elliot kept the sword at his side with his free hand, but did not keep it pointed at her.

"Thank you. Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, Elliot will end up acting as you please Leo Baskerville even if you do not mean for him to. This is a matter of the heart, not the mind. Since our deal still applies, the moment you make a move, he will suffer the consequences. However, he will not meet an unfortunate end if he meets with me exactly when the twenty four hours end. Not a second later. Have fun, and please, do make it an interesting show worth watching. I don't appreciate having to frivolously use my magic when you two can just be honest and just submit to your own desires. Inhibition is such a pain, don't you think?" the fortune teller continued calmly. "Leo Baskerville must be present at our meeting as well. It heightens the excitement to see such a wonderful pair act so beautifully. Don't disappoint me you two. I'm sure you'll find a way around this obstacle. My methods are certainly unorthodox, but I do what I do with good intentions in mind. And with that, farewell. I will be expecting you soon."

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