Laughing in a Hospital Room

by orangepumpkins

"Hey." Rachel called with a smile as she entered the hospital room.

"Hey." Quinn mirrored weakly from her bed.

"I got these for you." She said, gesturing to the bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums in her hand. "I wasn't sure if you would like them or not…"

"You're being unusually modest." The blonde huffed. "I guess a married woman is always more mature. Finn did you well, Mrs. Hudson."

"…yeah…" Rachel mumbled. "I guess you didn't hear while in the coma...Finn and I didn't end up getting married."

Quinn gaped. "After all the time it took for me to agree, you decide not to get married?" she said in a pretend annoyed manner. "Any reason?"

Rachel smiled softly. "Well we obviously couldn't get married without you there."

Quinn smiled in return as Rachel took hold of her hand.

"And while we didn't know if you would live or die, I looked back to everything you said to me. I realized what you said during Michel week was right…kind of… Although I think Finn and I still have a pretty good chance of staying together, why make it legal so soon? We have our whole lives in front of us! I mean, if I'm hitched, how am I going to have drunken one night stands in the Big Apple? And as we all know, drunken, one night stands are practically the key to the success in writing popular music." The large nosed brunette said jokingly.

Shaking her head in disapproval, Quinn sighed. "I'm glad that you aren't going to get married yet." Then matching Rachel, Quinn took upon her own lighthearted attitude. "Can I tell you a secret? ... After I saw myself wearing the Cheerios uniform, I thought to myself, 'damn, I'm hot.' and then figured I would look even better wearing the bridesmaid dress you chose."

Not sure of how to respond, Rachel uttered, "You finally agreed to the wedding because you wanted to wear the dress?"

And at Quinn's enthusiastic nod, the two girls burst out laughing.

It didn't matter that one had tubes stuffed up her nose and was stuck in a hospital bed. It didn't matter if one still didn't know if she would be accepted to the school of her dreams. They were alive right now and laughing.

And as everyone knows, laughter makes the world go round.

author's note:

Woot woot~! 3 Glee drabbles in one week, I'm on a roll.

And if you didn't know, I put in a little for the Faberry shippers. Though in general,chrysanthemums mean "you're a wonderful friend" and "cheerfulness and rest", yellow chrysanthemums represent sighted love ;)

Along with laughter, reviews make my wold go round too. You know what to do~ :D