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Emmett is a ruthless Mafia boss in his family business that doesn't know how to control his temper, or how to feel love. When he meets Bella Swan a quiet, beautiful but scarred waitress working at a diner he's smitten with her and slowly starts to fall in love. But things get complicated when Emmett tries to keep Bella from knowing who he is and when Bella finds out she has to make one of the most life changing, dangerous decisions of her life.


The way it is.

Emmett P.O.V

"Stop busting my balls I'm handling it," I snap at my father Carlisle pacing back and forth in his study. We had to make this quick mom was downstairs cooking dinner and she wouldn't stand for the men in her life discussing our jobs at the dinner table. My dad the most hard, ruthless, dangerous, cold blooded person I know Carlisle Cullen only had one weakness and that was my mother Esme. No one would disrespect or go against her in this house, something my brothers and I learned very quickly growing up. Edward who was sitting in one of the chairs opposite side Carlisle and right beside Jasper was playing with his favourite lighter, he kept flickering it and looking at the flame with a dull look in his eyes.

"We wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you," he says dully. I roll my eyes at him pacing still I didn't understand how he could be so fucking calm at a time like this! We had a snitch on our hands and like Edward said, it was my fault. I was the one who recommended Samuel Uley, I thought he was a good guy we were roommates in college so I knew him well enough to know he could hack into anything that's computerized with anything that's computerized. He was having money problems and I thought I was doing a good thing but word got out that Samuel was actually giving the cops information about where our labs all over the word were located. We've had two in China shut down and one in Texas shut down also. The cops' main goal was to obviously trail it back to us but we knew better than that. We didn't leave trails and we didn't even show our faces anywhere near those labs if we were in the country. We did our jobs very discreetly and sent out people wanting adventure to go and deliver messages. The Cullen's did a lot of things but we didn't get caught.

"Well what are we going to do," Jasper asks my father who was sitting his chair. Legs propped up on his desk hands behind his head he was at ease. Extremely relaxed things like this didn't faze my father.

"No Jasper what is Emmett going to do," he says they all look at me. I know it had to be up to me, I was being trained to take his spot I was the oldest. Obviously Jasper and Edward would be doing the same things I did but my job would be a little different a little more work for me, and because of this he knew I had to start making decisions that would benefit the whole group that would be better for business. Because when he makes the decision to step down, I would run the family business and by no means would I run it into the ground. I sigh as they all looked at me waiting for my decision.

"I'll get rid of him," I say calmly "Tonight," I affirm. Carlisle smirks which means he's satisfied with my answer. My mother walks in at this time,

"Dinner is ready, Edward Anthony Cullen put that lighter away, Jasper what did I say about guns in my house!" She says raising her voice at her two youngest sons. Carlisle smiles as he closes his eyes,

"Apologize to your mother for going against her rules boys," he says calmly.

"Sorry," They both mutter listening to him. Because in truth we all knew what my dad was capable of growing up punishment was not being grounded. Edward stops flicking the lighter and Jasper puts his gun away in his jacket.

"Apology accepted come and eat," She says we all nod and she makes herself clear. "Finish your discussion if you're not done because there will be no talk of crime at my dinner table," Is all she says giving Carlisle one more look he nods his head before she closes the door in frustration.

"Let's not piss your mother off anymore then she already is, Emmett after dinner alright," Is all he says and I nod my head.

"Good," he says touching my shoulder as we leave his study and go downstairs in the living room where the delicious food was already ready to be eaten. We take our seats around the table taking our food into our plates and ready to eat.

"We need to pray," Esme says stopping us from digging in. Carlisle hides his eye roll very well and Jasper chocks on his snicker. Carlisle puts his hands together and we all follow.

"Thank you God," Is all he says before he slaps his hands together signalling the end of his prayer and picking up his fork to presume eating. Esme is glaring holes in the side of his head and I hide my smile as I take a bite of my food. She slowly comes back to earth and stops sending death rays with her eyes at Carlisle's head before she speaks.

"So Jasper where's Alice I haven't seen her in a while," My mother says. Edward and I could barely hide our smirks at the mention of Jaspers serious girlfriend. The one he wanted to marry she knew about who we were and what we did but they got into this huge fight when Jasper was four hours late for a date because he had to handle a hit. Alice gave it to him hard and said he needed to get his priorities straight she was a no bullshit type of woman. Something Jasper was having trouble handling, Edward and I burst out laughing when he told us all of what Alice said to him the next morning.

"Uh," He says glaring at Edward and me. "We're taking a break," He says. My mother's facial features darken.

"You broke up?" She yells. Carlisle takes one look at his wife and gives Jasper sympathetic look.

"We didn't break up we're taking a break, mom a break from each other to decide what we want," He explains.

"You mean so she can decide if she wants a criminal for a husband," My mother says. Carlisle gives her a side look but doesn't comment and Edward and I are quiet. She takes a deep breath before she continues to eat.

"Edward," She says looking at her middle child. "You and Rosalie are you two ok," She asks calmly now. Edward nods his head. Rosalie was a ball buster and she always put Edward in his place but unlike Alice, Rosalie would never tolerate a man standing her up for four hours without a phone call. She told Edward this multiple times so it's safe to say since Edward loved her so much he never went against her rules, while still abiding by the ones my dad has set. I didn't know how he did it but it didn't matter to me, I didn't have anyone anyway. Not that it bothered me… much. I had too much business to do to worry about love, plus Edward and Jasper were whipped mother fuckers and I was nothing like that.

"Oh yeah me and Rose are great," he says as he eats. She nods with a smile satisfied with his answer. I sigh when she looks at me knowing I was next. It was Jasper and Edward's turn to smirk at me. Carlisle rolled his eyes at our childish behaviour.

"Emmett," my mother says. I stuff a biscuit in my mouth and look at her.

"Anyone new in your life," she asks.

"Nope," I say calmly.

"Why?" She asks in a snippy tone.

"I don't know no one that really catches my eye," I explain to her. My father scoffs and when my mother turns to glare at him. He just smiles at wife in return she tries not smile at him, but she fails.

"You're telling me that out of the millions of girls that live in the city of Chicago there is not one girl that catches your eyes," She says slowly.

"Yup that's correct," I say to her hiding my smile.

"Hey! Maybe he's gay," Jasper says. I slap him behind his head for even saying such a thing. Carlisle just mutters something incoherently to himself about that being impossible which is true on his part. I could never be gay I loved vagina too much.

"I'm not gay trust me, I love girls," I assure her she nods her head.

"I just want you to meet a nice girl one to bring home to meet me and one to treat right," she says darkly giving Jasper a pointed look at the last one. He just mutters something about it not being his entire fault. I look at my watch and look at my empty plate.

"Ok I need to get going I'll see you next week mom," I say getting up from my chair I give my father a nod goodbye to which he returns. My mother walks me to the door and looks up at me, I'm taller than her by about five inches.

"Be careful," She says quietly biting her lip.

"Mom," I say

"Be careful," She says not about to listen to me go on about how I'm always careful. I nod my head she gives me a kiss on my cheek and I leave the house. I make my way to my car whistling as I get to my rover and drive four blocks from a diner I've been in once or twice. I walk to the alley way and I see Samuel pacing back and forth looking extremely nervous, I sent a text out from a disposable phone which I already disposed of.

"It sucks when you know you're in a deep amount of shit huh," I say making myself known. He stops pacing and looks at me my face goes hard and dark.

"Emmett this is all a misunderstanding," He starts explaining.

"Tell me the truth Sam, did you maybe tell someone something you weren't supposed to. Someone in law enforcement maybe,"

He looks nervous as he fiddles with his thumbs. I take my hand gun from my jacket, it was simple but I didn't need anything fancy right now. This baby would do the trick, when he sees it his eyes grow wide and I put it towards him.

"No man! Please don't do this I didn't mean for anything to slip out alright no one knows about you guys," He says I shake my head actually feeling some remorse and I put the gun to his head. He has his eyes closed. I didn't want to kill him, Samuel was my friend he was a good friend. But if there's something Carlisle taught me it was that you didn't mix friendship with work.

"Man we're best friends, this is not what you want to do please man remember that girl I was telling you about, Leah I just ran into her and I really want us to have a second chance," He pleads with me I close my eyes. Now really not wanting to do this Sam was telling me about his high school sweet heart since college, Leah he was in mad love with her but they went their separate ways after graduation. It wasn't a decision either of them wanted but something they knew they had to do and he's been in love with her for forever. I didn't know if he was just telling me this because I was about to kill him but it didn't matter I had to do what I had to do. I pulled the safety and he knew that his words didn't matter he was a liability now.

"Then just promise me something," He says I glare at him. "Please man," He begs. When I don't kill him he continues.

"There's a letter under my mattress I wrote to her today cause I knew I wouldn't be able to get through to you make sure she gets it I need to make sure she knows that I love her and I always you can read it if you want just please Emmett," He says

"I don't make promises," I say to him. But that was my personal way of saying yes and he knew it. I put the gun to his head he closed his eyes, I gave him a second to get ready and when the safety went off I pulled the trigger and with one clean shot to the head. He was dead, I stepped back there was nothing on me no blood on my hands. I sighed as I closed my eyes and a tear left my eye looking at his lifeless body.


Emmett and Samuel leave the bar in a drunken stupor both laughing their heads off. Emmett helps Samuel sit on a bench that's right by the water of the ocean.

"Man I can't believe you jumped in that fight for me," Emmett says drunkenly as he burps out loud. Sam just laughs as he leans back into the bench.

"You're the one that took me out to, bask in my depression so I owe you one anyway" He replies with. They're both quiet for a little bit before Sam speaks.


"yeah Sam,"

"You know Leah was a really good, great person, she had a really great smile and a really musical laugh, I mean when we decided to leave each other all I could think bout was never hearing her laugh again," he says quietly. I roll my eyes with a smile as he sets himself on the bench to sleep.

"We got to get back to the dorms man," Emmett says.

"Na dude let's just stay here for a little bit, I think you should fall in love Emmett it's a great thing and you, you may not know it but your good and loving, I love you man," Sam says completely drunk. Emmett bursts out laughing at Samuel but just rolls his eyes as he gives him a little shove.

"I love you too man, gay man love forever," He says to which Sam just laughs as they both slowly start to pass out on the bench in front of the ocean.

End of flashback:

I just shake my head with a look of anger on my face as I think of that night I wipe away the tear that fell and step over his body like he never meant a thing to me in my life. Knowing that Samuel was one of the only people that actually mattered to me but was worse I knew that I was one of the only people that mattered to him when he was live also. I get into my car and drive to the diner that I've been at only about two times in my life. I wasn't ready to go home, knowing that when I got home I would have to deal with a lot of things I didn't exactly want to. Like my mother or my father or my brothers and their relationship problems. I take my spot at a booth by myself texting on my blackberry I look up when I hear a baby cry I look up the mother is calmly trying to sooth the toddler and her husband hands the baby a rattle and it enjoys the sound. It stops crying, I just look at them knowing that I could never have that, not because I wasn't aloud but because I didn't want my son or daughter to be around my profession. To be around what I have to do all the time, I mean sure I owned about 8 high rises in the city as a cover and that's how people know me and my brothers. The Cullen brothers the ones who owned just about every hot spot in town anything that made money in this city we owned and if we didn't we would. What I see next takes my breath away it's a girl, she has long red, brown hair, green eyes. I took her in she was wearing a black short sleeved shirt and a short black skirt to go with it that just showed off her long tones legs. She was a waitress that's why she was all in black. She goes up to the table with the baby and picks up the toy rattle the baby was crying for. The parents smile at her as she plays with the toddler.

"You want this don't you little guy," She says softly handed him the toy that silences his crying and makes the baby burst out in a fit of giggles. She smiles as she kisses the babies hands.

"Thank you so much you have a way with children he hasn't stopped all night," Says the mother of the baby. The father nods in agreement.

"Oh it's nothing he's just so cute," She says softly her voice is like soft music to my ears. She gives them one more wave before she comes over to my table. She smiles a soft smile as I look at her mesmerized by her beauty.

"Hi can I get you anything-" she says softly waiting for me to tell her my name.

"Emmett," I say she nods taking out of her notepad from her black apron,

"Uh… I haven't even looked at the menu," I admit to her she smiles.

"No worries I'll be back," She says before she turns around to walk away but I didn't want her to. "But," I say she stops and turns around looking at me with a smile so that told me she wasn't mad. "I'll have something to drink," I say looking into her eyes.

She smiles as she bites her lip.

"We have lots to drink here can you elaborate," She says a little softer amused by the shyness I didn't even knew I had. I clear my throat Emmett you are fucking man! Talk to this woman and show her how much of a man you are! My inner ego was yelling at me to stop acting like a pussy beyond repair.

"Well I mean what good kind of drinks," I say she looks at me putting her pen and pad down.

"Well we have juice, fruit punch, grape, orange juice, apple juice, and then we go into pop category. We've got Coke, Pepsi, Mountain dew, Dr. Pepper, orange crush, pink crush, purple crush. Oh we've got Fanta purple Fanta, orange Fanta and-

"Alright!" I say cutting her off which makes her giggle at my facial feature. I loved that sound I wanted to hear it again. She smiles looking at her feet for a second her hair making a curtain around her face and she pushes it back.

"Coca cola please," I say and she just smiles before she walks away. When she's out of sight I laugh to myself a little bit. She was a character, that was for sure. She comes not too long with my coke and she places it in front of me.

"Anything else?" She asks quietly. I shake my head and she gives me a little nod before she turns and walks away from me. But I didn't want her to go so I grabbed her hand. A little gasp escaped from her lips it kind of felt like there was a burst of sparks as we touched. She noticed it too because she looked down at her hand a little confused.

"Your name," I say quietly. "I want your name," I repeat more strongly now. She blushes a little blush that I think is the most alluring thing I have ever seen.

"Isabella, but I prefer Bella," she says a little nervously as she looks down at our hands. I nod as I let go of her hand and she walks away giving me a sweet little look as she walks away. I drink my coke so quick I don't even think I tasted it. I sat there for no reason for like ten minutes until I decided it was stupid. I wrote my number down on a piece of paper knowing that I really wanted to see her again and for good measure I left her a two hundred dollar tip, grabbed my jacket and left the diner that I have only visited a couple of times before.

-Two weeks later-

I stood there with a champagne glass blending in with the crowd which was pretty easy to do. I couldn't even believe I was resorting to this. Crashing a wedding for a girl but I needed to get to the bottom of this. She didn't call me back I understood if she was too busy to get back to me the first week. But it had been two weeks and she still hasn't called me, that had never happened to me before and I needed a really damn good explanation. So I searched her up using the resources that being a mafia boss provided. Bella Swan, she's the youngest child to Rene and Charlie Swan grew up in the small town in Washington called Forks, When she was sixteen she went away to the La Push Facility treatment center for girls to deal with mild cutting, Bulimia and depression, she stayed there for two months before coming back to Forks to live with her parents again, And she's been living here by herself for two years in Chicago since she got into Wilmington University under the ancient art program.

She has an older sister by two years named Leah Clearwater who I've connected back to Sam. I didn't think anything of it until I realised the town and soon searched up her sisters' history. Bella's older sister was the girl Sam was madly in love with at first when I found this out I was going to delete her from my hard drive and never go to the diner gain. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought about her the more I realised I wanted to have her and only for the sole purpose of her not calling me. She was interesting like someone I've never met before and I needed to get rid of these pussy feelings so that I can get back to my life and the only to do that was to confront her. My plan was to wait until the wedding was over, the couple getting married went by the names of Ben Cheney and Angela Webber- now Cheney- Bella was the maid of honour but it was weird it was for the guy not the girl and it was time to make her speech. She walked onto the stage and when she did I was mesmerized. She was gorgeous in a royal blue silk dress that had a silver bow where the breast area was. The dress went up to mid-thigh and showed off her long toned legs, her long red-brown hair was up in an elegant ponytail which exposed her back. Her heels were so high which just made her all the more appealing. When she stepped up on stage everyone grew quiet, and bride Angela who looked I might say very pretty on her wedding day smiled. Bella started her speech.

"So I met Ben in kindergarten," She starts off with, her voice had that kind of tone to it, someone who might have had their tonsils removed, it was either that or the acid from all the purging she did when from her teenagers years must have affected her vocal chords somehow. But her voice was like soft music to everyone's ears music that no matter what you were doing you just had to stop and listen. By looking at all the men in the room I could tell I wasn't the only one who thought this.

"He was the kid on the playground who always shared his toys," She says and people around the room giggled. Ben smiled and Angela rested her head on his shoulder as Bella spoke about the people she adored. "And he would always be the one to say something if you took someone else's toy without permission or if you didn't apologize when you should've," She says "So as a kid whenever something happened I found myself always looking at his reaction, so that I can tell what to do," She says you could hear her tearing up a little in her voice but she didn't shed a tear. "I would always look to you and you basically taught me right from wrong," She admits, people awed. I smiled in admiration still trying to go unnoticed.

"So when you met Angela, this sweet girl who was making you sing at lunch time, not great I may add," She says which made a group of people burst out into a fit of laughter. When I looked at the table I realised it must have been their high school friends who probably had some inside joke with Bella because she was smiling. "I knew that you were finally happy and that Angela made you happy, You guys deserve each other I wish you guys a happy life filled with laughter and love and Angela," Bella says looking at the bride. "Patience," She finishes with Angela laughs and this time I laugh with the crowd too. Bella blows a kiss to the two of them before she holds up her glass "To Angela and Ben," She says. Everyone lifts their glass.

"To Angela and Ben," They repeat before they sip and Bella walks off the stage. People start to dance and sway and I keep my distance from the crowd going and following Bella. She was at her table putting her jacket on. She was leaving? She walked over to the exit and Ben followed her I stayed close but too close, close enough so I can hear the conversation.

"Leaving already?" he asks her the two were alone in the hallway and I was in a dark part by the wall.

"Yeah," She says softly holding her clutch. "I would stay Ben and watch you go but-

"I know," He says "I know you might not believe me but it's kind of hard for me too," He admits. She smiles a little smile, He looks down at his feet for a while before he looks up.

"This doesn't have to be goodbye you know, I mean we're still-

"Friends?" She interrupts "Of course," She says smiling and walking over to him and giving him a hug. So these two had a relationship in the past? I should have figured I mean her voice was too emotional during that speech not to be. Ben was a good looking guy, he was tanned black hair hazel eyes. You could tell he worked out and he seemed like one of those, laid back types.

"Come on no crying," he says softly, I couldn't see tears but that's probably because I was in hiding. She kisses his cheek and holds onto his hands before she speaks.

"Take care of yourself Ben ok," She says teary eyed before she removes a ring off her ring finger and hands it to him. He looks down the ring she placed in his hands a little heartbroken. She kissed his cheek once more,

"I love you ok you're going to be a good husband," She says. He hugs her to him.

"I love you too Bella," he murmurs. The back door opens and they softly let go. It's Angela,

"We were just saying goodbye," Bella assures her softly. Angela smiles and nods Bella walks over to her and gives her a soft hug.

"Have fun," She says quietly. Angela nods and smiles but doesn't say anything. Bella walks out giving the couple on more good bye. Angela looks up at her husband.

"Everything's good I promise, let's go back inside," He says kissing her on the head and they return to the party. I gulp down the last bit of my champagne and place the glass on a table before I follow the girl that never called me.


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