Emmett P.O.V

"Ok can you see?" I ask her smiling.

"How can I? theirs a fluffy blind fold over my eyes," She replies. I smile as I make sure to have a strong grip on her. So she doesn't fall on all the debris.

"Good," I say when we finally get to the right spot I still her from walking. I uncover the blindfold and Isabella raises her eyebrow.

"Emmett this place is a construction disaster, what is it supposed to be?" She asks. I laugh as I wrap my arms around her from behind.

"Where we're building the house, along with the tennis court, stable, infinity pool," I say she gasps quietly as she looks up at me.

"No way," She says quietly. "Emmett this is going to be an estate," She says quietly. I chuckle as I kiss her neck.

"Do you like it?" I ask her.

"It's going to be huge," She whispers.

"Did you think I'd raise our child in a mediocre house?" I ask her turning my nose up.

"Emmett what if it gets lost?" She asks.

"Isabella we're going to have employees and security cameras there is no way this kid is going to get lost." I assure her putting her worries away. She sighs as she leans into me.

"So this is going to be home huh," She says.


"I love it even though technically it's not here," She says. "I love it," She finishes with. She turns around and nuzzled her head in my neck. "You're an amazing father and this baby is lucky to have you," She says quietly. I look into her eyes and smile as I give her a kiss that was fairly soft. I hear the clicking of cameras and she grunts a little bit. We look up and I see two paparazzo's in the distance. Ever since we came back from vacation they've been worse than ever especially on Isabella. Rumours of her pregnancy was flying around because at a fashion shoot she refused to eat peanut butter. That raised eyebrows especially since everyone knows she wasn't allergic. Obviously soon people would start to notice Isabella's stomach getting bigger but we haven't made any statements and I didn't want to. I wanted the press to leave her alone because if they hurt her especially in this condition I would kill every single bastard that walked the earth with a camera and a picture of her on it. I swear I would.

"It'll pass come on lets go," She says quietly in my ear. I take her hand and carefully lead her back to the waiting car. The driver opens the door for us and we hop in. The paparazzo's are now right up in our face. One of them took their camera and shoved it in her face, I grabbed it angrily and flung it onto the floor.

"Hey man that's my camera!" he yells.

"You know about paparazzo laws you're not supposed to do this you dick!" I scream. Isabella softly touches my shoulder to get me to stop I give my main security man a head nod and he gently takes her forearm and puts her in the back of the car.

"You broke my camera you better pay for it!"

"I'm not paying for shit your violating the fucking law!" I scream. He lunges at me but he doesn't even do any damage as I easily pin him to the floor and start to beat the shit out of him. The other paparazzo's jump in too but my security grabs them so easily they should be ashamed at how weak they are compared to them.

"Emmett stop please," Isabella asks frantically from the inside of the car. I look up to see she rolled the window down and I sigh as I jump off of the man who didn't like he'd be getting up any time soon.

"Get this fucker to the hospital," Is all I say to the head of my security detail. He nods once and walks away from Isabella's car door as he was standing in front of it to make sure no one got in or she got out. I open the door and she scoots over letting me settle myself in beside her. The car zooms off leaving the paparazzo's behind. It's quiet for a little bit as I'm fuming and she rubs soothing circles in the palm of my hand.

"I love the fact that you're so protective but Emmett I can't lose you right now ok?" She says quietly to me.

"You're not going to lost me Isabella," I assure her in a steady voice. She shakes her head and I can feel her eyes on me I wasn't looking at her just ahead. She softly passes her hand through my hair.

"Emmett every time you walk through the door I'm terrified that you're not coming back now more than ever and I just… I'm scared Emmett I can't do this alone," She says reaching out to me with her words. I break my exterior and I look at my beautiful girlfriend who has tears in her eyes. I wrap my arms around her.

"This was supposed to be a happy day," I point out as I wipe her tears away.

"I know," She says timidly.

"Mi dispiace la mia Isabella," I say as I look into her eyes. She touches my cheek as she sniffles.

"It's ok," she says softly. When we pull up in front of the building she sighs. I chuckle, I had to go to the office and she was going home this was her stop.

"Must you go into work my hormones are kicking in," She says leaning in to give me a kiss. It was heavy and needy and hot as I groped and grabbed on her body. But I knew I had to leave I pull apart from her and she pouts. I kiss her nose.

"Soon Isabella," I assure her as she takes a hold of my tie. She knew damn well what she was doing to me. She purrs sadly at me and I snap my fingers. The driver automatically knows to put the divider up.

"Fuck it," I say pushing her back onto the seat and yanking her panties off from under that short little skirt.

Bella P.O.V

"You look positively glowing my dear," Says nana Cullen as she engulfs me in a hug.

"Yeah vacation can do that," I say smiling as I take a seat across from her. We were in her huge study that was aligned with books. The fireplace was burning and it made the room very welcoming. Yeah and pregnancy. Emmett and I decided not to come out with the pregnancy with the public and the rest of family just yet, even though it was speculated I was pregnant. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok and we would know when I went to my doctors' appointment on Friday. Tonight we had a date and I have to say after our little backseat tango I was more than excited. But before that could go on I needed to have a serious talk with Nana Cullen. Since I was new to the family I was scared like a slut at the HIV testing clinic.

"What can I do for you my sweet," She says as she passes a hand through my hair and takes her seat across from me.

"I uh just wanted to talk," I say as she pours me some tea that I was hesitant to drink. I didn't trust her and I don't know why she's been nothing but nice to me since I've met her but… thanks to my snooping. I know she knows something and is keeping it from Emmett. Something that Emmett would want to know and Emmett is my partner which means if she hurts him she hurts me. If it hurts me it hurts the baby that Emmett and I have together and that's the conclusion I have come up with. I take a little sip as not to seem like a rude bitch.

"About what dear," She says sipping her tea so I know it's safe for me. Stop being so paranoid Bella.

"I don't want to beat around the bush," I say quietly.

"Good because quite frankly it makes me shoot too early," She says nonchalantly as she fixes the gold broach on the lapel of her peter pan styled shirt. The diamond ring on her finger shining in the room.

"When I was on vacation I found stuff on your computer," I say. The room goes quiet. I mean quiet like scary, quiet. The quiet that makes you want to retract what you said to make it so quiet.

"You're the rat who tampered with my computer?" She demands putting her tea cup down.

"Rat? What no I'm not working for any type of enemy. No cops, no secret organization nothing," I say in a rush knowing this is going downhill really fast. She raises her eyebrow at me as she reaches for something when she brings out a gun I put my hand up.

"Do not do this I am not a rat if I was you would know by now. I'm pregnant," I say quickly thinking about my child.

"You're lying," She says pointing it to me I shake my head.

"I'm not I told Emmett in the Bahamas and we're building a house. I am pregnant if you killed me you'd kill your own flesh and blood," I say. She puts the gun down on the table and I grab it putting it on the floor.

"What the hell is going on Isabella," She demands.

"You're protecting Carlisle and keeping something from Emmett I want to know what it is," I say. She gets up and laughs.

"Are you demented? I wouldn't tell you even if I wanted to," She says as she walks around.

"I'll show Emmett what I found on your computer it may not be enough for me to connect the dots but he will," I say she doesn't say anything as her back is turned to me.

"You will do no such thing,"

"I'm just protecting my family," I say and she rolls her eyes.

"You really are a Cullen wife… fuck," She says to herself. She turns and looks at me she sighs. "What do you want to know?" She says as she sits across from me. Forgetting the tea and filling her glass with vodka.

"Everything, and I want it all in under three hours. I have to get ready for a date tonight,"

? P.O.V

"We have a major problem," Lydia says as she walks into her son Carlisle Cullen's office. Carlisle who is sitting at his desk with his feet up smoking a cigar moves his eyes to see his mother but doesn't make any other moves as he blows smoke from his mouth.

"Enough with the melodramatics," He says his voice calm.

"Carlisle your son's girlfriend is causing a major problem for you," She says as she paces.

"Listen I know that Tanya's a white girl with a Spanish background but Laurent loves her even though she doesn't have a percent of our heritage and butchers French, I can't do anything about it," He says dully taking another drag from his cigar. Lydia rolls her eyes at how Carlisle calls out Lydia's distaste for Laurent's love interest.

"We're all white Carlisle," She says as she paces calmly.

"No mother Laurent is black,"

"Yes but he's white washed not the point I love him either way my first love was a black man,"

"Yes mother I know," Carlisle says boredom dripping from his voice as this conversation reaches pointless lengths.

"Just every time I think of her Spanish side I think of… the Hernandez" She says shivering. Carlisle just shrugs.

"Well he won't listen to me is that you came here for mother?"

"Wrong son," She says.

"Well then who mother before I die please,"

"Isabella knows," Lydia says and Carlisle puts his cigar out and sits up.

"Knows what?" He demands. Lydia sighs before she sits down and takes out her own cigarette before lighting it.

"Everything," She says.

"Fuck," He says

"Yes I know that's what I said. Carlisle that's not it," Lydia says.

"What could possibly be more horrid?"

"She's pregnant,"

"Oh for Fucks sakes!" He yells standing up.

"Carlisle do you know what this means,"

"Well yes he's going to take over. Once he finds out everything he'll take my throne but on top of that Isabella's pregnant? He'll automatically gain the respect. How do we get rid of this I'm not ready to retire," He says sitting back down. Lydia shrugs.

"Carlisle you know there's only one way to get rid of someone we no longer want around," She says.

"We can kill her but Emmett loves her," He says.

"So do I but I also like secrets to be secret," Lydia says as she takes a glass of scotch that Carlisle poured.

"She has an heir inside of her Lydia," Carlisle scolds.

"Carlisle this is for your best interest not mine," She says and he touches his forehead conflicted.

"An heir Lydia she an heir inside of her Emmett will find out who killed his child," Carlisle says trying to bring the woman down to earth.

"Why does that matter it's not us," She says as she leans in her chair. Carlisle smirks at the antics of his mother. They clink there glasses together.

"Salute," they both say before gulping down the vodka.

Emmett P.O.V

Isabella laughs as I spin her around. We were here on the roof I recreated our most casual date. But it was a lot more fancy as it was night time, there was candlelight. We were slow dancing on the roof to the romantic music and Isabella sighs.

"Just like last time," She says in a dreamy voice against me as we sway.

"Only better," I add and she looks up at me smiling.

"Emmett I know this is supposed to be a very romantic date but I have a confession and it's probably the worst thing I've ever done," She says. My heart stops and my body is filled with anger as I let go of her.

"Did you cheat on me Isabella?"

"What? No!" She says it's quiet and then she laughs. I narrow my eyes at her.

"How could I ever cheat on you Emmett. No one can ever compare to you," she assures me softly. I pull her into my arms and kiss her forehead. "Ever," She says quietly.

"Well then what did you do? Rack up another credit card bill?" I muse. She giggles shaking her head.

Bella P.O.V

"… Emmett I tampered with nanas computer," I say as I turn from him my back to him. "Then I confronted her earlier today." I say. I turn toward him and he just stares at me hands by his side. "Emmett a long time ago when you were a baby I think? Your father was having an affair with Caius' wife Elizabeth. It had been going on for years before, she got pregnant with James and it stopped," I say as I look at him for a reaction but I didn't get one.

"In 1984 your father wanted James in his life but that couldn't happen because Caius was still alive and so was Esme and Caius thought James was his son. Carlisle told Esme he didn't want to go to the ball," I say my voice breaking off. Emmett's eyes get glassy as he shakes his head.


"Yes Emmett. Carlisle knew Esme was going to be there so he started the fire he wanted to kill her, but then he found out that Elizabeth was inside. When he went inside to save her he couldn't go through with letting Esme die and he couldn't reach Elizabeth in time, he saved Esme and she's known all these years," I explain.

"James is not my brother,"

"Yes he is Emmett," I say as I cry softly. "Sam Uley isn't dead." His head snaps up. "That man you killed was not him. Emmett, Sam was onto Carlisle he knew about the secret so when Carlisle found out that Sam found out. He set him up, he lead the rats to the labs in the different countries using things that would lead to Sam. Sam knew that Carlisle would brain wash you so he planned his escape. He's been hiding ever since." I say getting everything off my chest. "I just wanted to protect you," I say as I cry. Emmett just squints his eyes at me.

"Isabella you can't even work your air miles," Is all he says. I just look at him incredulously and I burst out laughing as I wipe my tears.

"Emmett," I say as I walk up to him grabbing his shirt. He looks down at me.

"I'm not mad Isabella," He says and I think the relief left my body through my pores I was so happy. "Am I stunned? Yes. Wounded that you found this all out before me? Maybe," He says and I laugh a little and he looks at me with a sad smile.

"Where's Sam?" he whispers.

"Virgin Islands. He's not mad at you I promise you he's not he understands," I explain.

"You spoke to him?" He asks. I nod my head. "How did you find him I'm assuming my grandmother and my father don't know he's alive?" He asks.

"I asked Bree for some tips on how to track a changed name and the rest is history. I got everything where he's staying what his new name is," I say as I pass my hand through his hair. Emmett's jaw clenches. "What is it?" I ask.

"I'm going to kill my father Isabella. I'm going to do it all the man does is ruin my relationships and try to kill the people I love," He says angrily as he seethes.

"Well it's not working because I'm here and your baby's here and Sam's… out there," I say softly. "Emmett you can finally be king just like you wanted," I say softly passing my hands through his hair.

"If the mafia world found out that James was my half- brother they would go after Carlisle because then the media would get involved, and then they would wonder why he'd keep it that much of a secret and then in the end it would all lead back to us being in the crime world. In this world if one clan goes down every clan goes down," He explains and I smile softly.

"Unless of course there's a new leader, who can make this disappear before it comes about. Someone whose new, smart and trained for this position his whole life," I say quietly. Emmett laughs a little.

"You really do have my best interest at heart huh?" He asks.

"I try," I admit quietly.

"Isabella tomorrow morning I'm going to do everything I need to do and I'm going to start the process of taking my father's place like I've always wanted," He says. "And the only reason I get do that is because of how much you love me and how much you're willing to do to make sure I'm safe." He says holding my hands.

"You'd do the same thing for me," I say strongly he nods.

"I would. Isabella when I was younger taking my fathers' position was all I wanted in life," He says and I smile brightly as I touch his shoulder.

"Well I'm happy you're happy baby," I say quietly. He shakes his head.

"I am happy but I never thought that there would be something that could make me happier," He says taking my hands. I tilt my head to the side at him. He gets down on one knee and I gasp. My hand flies to my mouth. I think I was frozen he opens the lid to a Cartier ring and it was huge. The ring was the hugest thing I've ever seen in my life but in all that hugeness it had a sense of modesty.

"Oh my God," I whisper.

"I bought this ring I'll admit I just wanted you to shut up and stop crying about me not wanting to marry you," He admits quietly I laugh a little bit through my tears. "But Isabella you told me about this baby and now I want this for the right reasons ok. I want to marry you because I understand the whole point of marriage, and you brought that out in me. I want to be married to you and for you to have my last name and grow old with me and raise four kids together," He says as tears fill his eyes. "I have never met anybody who has had my back like you do no one Isabella… So I was wondering if you could make me the happiest man on earth and be my wife," He says I look down at the ring and I'm full on crying now.

"Of course I will Emmett," I say and he laughs as he pulls the green ring off my finger. The ring he gave me at the beginning of this the one that stated to the world that I meant something to him. But when he puts the diamond engagement ring in it's place the ultimate ring I wanted that states to the world. That I didn't just mean something to him but the world to him made me cry so much. He stands up and wraps his arm around me and I cry into his shoulder.

"I thought you were never going to ask me like ever," I admit muffled. He kisses my forehead.

"I love you Isabella so much and all I want you to worry about from now on is our baby and our wedding. I'll take care of everything else… I mean if that's ok because I don't want you to think I think your weak," He says and I smile shaking my head.

"No… you can deal with that aspect just don't keep me in the dark ok?" I ask him. He nods his head he gives me a kiss and hands me a bouquet of Orchids. I smile at how much the flower meant to us. The two of us leave the rooftop and get into his car. We hold hands as he drives and I'm mostly just trying to take it all in.

"You did so good," I say as I admire my ring. He laughs,

"I got it especially made for you. No one can buy this ring it's one of a kind," He assures. I smile as lean over and kiss him. He focuses on the road after and you could feel the tension rising as we just want to go home and make love, the lust rolling off the both of us in waves and heaps. That's when I felt it, the car jerked forward and I looked at Emmett with panicked eyes. Emmett scrunches up his face, he looks in the review mirror.

"We have a tail," Is all he says as he speeds up. My heart was going a million miles a minute for the wrong reasons and Emmett who was now driving with two hands was trying to get us away from this driver who was trying to get us into a car crash.

Emmett P.O.V

Get Isabella out safe. Get Isabella out safe. I don't know who knew of our whereabouts but all I knew was that I needed to get Isabella and the baby out of this situation. I had no idea where my head of security was but if I made it out of this thing alive they sure as hell are going to be fired… if not killed. I was speeding like a mad man and the car behind me which I identified as a black SUV kept ramming into us.

"Call Laurent," Is all I say not looking at her. It was dark outside and going as fast I was I couldn't really make out where I was going. She had the orchids in one of her hands and she picks up the phone and dials Laurent with the other.

"Laurent!" She screams panicked.

"Bella what's going on!" I could hear him from the other end.

"Emmett and I are in trouble some guys is trying to get us into an accident Laurent help us," She cries into the phone.

"I'm on my way where are you guys," He asks the car hits us again from behind and Isabella screams out I try to drone her out. Not because I didn't love her or I was heartless but because if I was going to get us out I needed to focus on routes.

"Highway 23 were three blocks off heading on Glenore road," She cries into the phone.

"Alright, be safe. I love you," He says and then he hangs up. Then it happens the car bumps us from the side and our car goes spiralling out of control. It flips over three times into deep woods and then onto another road that was deserted just like the last one we were on. I can barely move but I force myself as I smell gasoline. I get out of the car and just about crawl to Isabella's side I have to pry the door open and pull her out. She still has the orchids in her hand and there's blood running from down the side of her face. I pick her up with all the strength I have and carry her away from the car in the middle of the street. I know that the car is going to blow up. As soon as I settle her down far away from it right on point the car blows up and is behind me in flames. But by this point we're far away from it. I take the orchids from her hand and settle them beside me. I look at them all covered in her blood, they looked like they were bleeding. I don't know why that made me feel so upset. The orchids were bleeding, the pure, beautiful orchids that were just supposed to be a gift to a pure, and beautiful woman was covered in blood. Making it not what I had intended to be. I look down at the bleeding woman in my arms and that's when I realize. Isabella was the orchids. She was the beautiful, pure thing and I just tainted her. I brought her into this world and now look at her, in my arms covered in her own blood.

"Isabella," I croak out. Even using my voice seemed like it was taking so much energy. She opens her eyes but I know it's a struggle.

"Em," She says quietly.

"Stay awake ok help should be here soon," I say quietly brushing some hair away from her face.

"No," She says brokenly. I follow her hand and I realize it's from her stomach, she was bleeding from her stomach. A sob leaves my lips, she's crying too now.

"The baby she's dying Emmett," Isabella says weakly barely keeping her eyes open. "Emmett I love you," She whispers. I shake my head.

"No, you don't say goodbye to me ok? Laurent's going to be here and were going to be fine everything's going to be fine. Just keep your eyes open no matter what," I whisper softly as I brush through her hair.

"I'm going to die Emmett," She croaks. I shake my head.

"No way I won't let you," I whisper.

"…. Tell me something," she says even more quietly.

"What?" I ask.

"Tell me something happy," She says as she grips my shirt. I close my eyes and just try to think.

"When I first saw you in that diner," I say "I felt weak I felt tongue tied like a teenage boy. When you smiled I just felt the walls coming in and I knew… I knew I had to have you," I whisper to her.

"I thought you were scary," She struggles to say. I could laugh as I kiss her forehead. I smile at her through the tears that are falling from my eyes.

"Damn I love you so much Bella," I whisper to her.

"….You called me Bella," She says and I smile as I put a strand of hair behind her ears.

"You are Bella. You're absolutely beautiful," I whisper.

"I love you forever and always," She says.

"Forever and always," I say. And then it happens, her eyes close and her breathing gets heavier and it's kind of like she's not breathing at all, and I just know. I know that she's dead. All I'm left with are bleeding orchids in the middle of the street.

The End

Ok so what a ride huh? I know I'm evil but… it's ok. I am in fact writing a sequel that should be up soon. Because hello who the hell can leave a story like this? No there's still a lot to be done. Hope you guys enjoyed it and keep me on your alerts so you can see when the next instalment is posted.

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