The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: 10 Garage
Pen Name: NinjaKitten3782
Pairing/Main Character(s):Bella/Edward
Rating: T

Photo prompts can be viewed here:
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"Do you want popcorn or something sweet?" I ask him.

"I've already got something sweet," he says, looking pointedly at me.

I try to roll my eyes, but can't help the huge smile that breaks out on my face, "You're such a dork! Do you want popcorn or not?"

He grins, "Sure. Whatever you want."

"Okay, a medium popcorn and a large Coke, please," I tell the kid at the counter.

Edward suddenly grabs my arm, "Babe? Did we close the garage door?"

"No idea." Crap! Now that's all I'm going to be able to think about during the movie.

A/N: And I'm DONE! Hope you've enjoyed this journey through Round 6 of The Twilight 25; I know I sure had fun. Some of these character-study drabbles are definitely stronger than others, but I do hope I at least kept you entertained. ;)