"Kagome, tell me you love me."

"Kouga, I-"

Kouga's fist connected with Kagome's cheek. Her cries and whimpers filled the room, but Kouga didn't seem to care.

"Kagome," he said warningly.

"I love you," she managed to choke out.

"And InuYasha?" Kouga asked.

"Kouga, please-"

Kouga slapped her again.


"InuYasha is nothing," Kagome sobbed,"I don't love InuYasha. I never have and I never will!"

Kouga seemed satisfied. He released Kagome. She huddled into a corner and continued to sob.

"I'm going to work now, princess," the wolf demon called.

Kagome shuddered when she heard him call her princess.

"If I'm such a princess, why do you beat me?" Kagome thought.

The door closed and Kagome slowly got up and dragged herself toward the mirror to check what damage Kouga did today. She barely recognised herself in the mirror. Her eye was purple and swollen shut. Her cheeks had several bruises, not to mention her arms and stomach.

"The things we do for the people we love," Kagome sighed.(1)

Truthfully, Kagome hated Kouga. The way he went around the village and bragged about how he was going out with Kagome. In her fantasy, she was with her beloved hanyou dog demon, InuYasha. But she wasn't with InuYasha. After they had defeated Nakaru, InuYasha had chosen Kikyou. Of course they were still friends, but now Kagome felt defeated. She had tried to move on to Kouga, who usually spent his days preaching to everyone that he loved Kagome more than InuYasha. InuYasha…Kagome missed how he would hold her close to him, whisper that he would always protect her, snap at her whenever she got hurt. She knew that he had some feelings for her, but they must've disappeared along with Naraku.

After surveying the damage, she sighed and pulled out a small box out from under her bed. It was filled with all sorts of make-up. Not the kind of make-up you'd use to get ready to go out, but concealers and powders. She glanced at the clock. 8:45 pm. Kagome had invited Miroku, Sango, InuYasha, and Shippo over for dinner at 9 pm. and she knew, they'd flip out if they saw her in this state. She could already picture their responses.

Miroku would say something along the lines of,"HOW DARE THAT BASTARD?"

Sango would say something along the lines of,"How long have you hid this from us?"

Shippo would say something along the lines of,"Kagome, what has he done to you?"

InuYasha would have already found Kouga and beaten the shit out of him. One thing that hadn't gone away with Naraku was InuYasha's overprotectiveness.

Ten minutes later, Kagome was able to recognise the girl she once knew. The girl who had fallen in love with InuYasha's charm. Checking what time it was, she ran into the kitchen and got dinner ready. She had cooked ramen with eggs and mixed vegetables, something she knew everyone would instantly like. Fifteen minutes later Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and InuYasha had arrived on her doorstep. Kagome took a deep breath.

"Alright, Higurashi, you can do this."


(1) "The things we do for the people we love," Kagome sighed.
Kagome isn't referring to Kouga here(DRAMATIC MUSIC)


PS: Kouga's threat is revealed in the next chapter