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Chapter seven: Last Encounter

InuYasha was sulking around the village. "Stupid wench. Doesn't listen to me. Who the hell needs her?"

"You broke her heart over and over. And obviously you need her."

InuYasha spun around. His face instantly darkened at the person who spoke. "KOUGA! what the hell are you doing here?"

"Kagome's gone."


Damn my inner demon. Wait, Kagome left? InuYasha was puzzled, but he brushed it off. "Of course she left you, dumbass. You beat her for four months. Honestly, what did you expect?"

Oh no, he's in denial. Well, someone has to break it to him. "Baka. She left for her time."

InuYasha hated it when Kagome left for her time. "OK. She'll be back in a couple days."

Oh god, he does love her. He refuses to think of Kagome leaving forever, thought Kouga. "She left for good this time."

InuYasha felt like Kouga just ripped his heart out and stomped on it. He pretended it didn't faze him. "Whatever. I ain't running after her. She made it pretty clear, she didn't want to be with me."

Wait, InuYasha's usually a nervous wreck when Kagome leaves. "So you're not angry she left without telling you?"

"No, why wou- Wait, she told you?" InuYasha shouted.

Kouga wasn't all that shocked. After all the hell InuYasha put her through…he could understand why Kagome avoided InuYasha. "Yeah, I ran into her on her way to the well. She told Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kohaku."


Kouga watched InuYasha leave. He laughed to himself. "Baka. He thinks he can change her mind."

InuYasha sped off toward the Bone-Eater's well. "How can she leave like that?"


"Yeah. Yeah. Shut the fuck up."

InuYasha was alway somewhat jealous of Kouga. Especially when I started dating Kouga. InuYasha often asked Kagome what she saw in him, to which she replied, "I don't believe that's any of your business. You have a girlfriend, do you not? What do you see in her?"

That always got him to shut up. The guilt. It's not like he was oblivious to her feelings, but he was a lot more gentle with them.

"Oh what am I doing? I'll never get any peace at this rate!" Kagome swung her left leg over the well and took one last look at Feudal Japan. "Goodbye," she whispered. Kagome took a deep breath.


Shit. It's InuYasha. Pretend you don't hear him, Kagome. She almost jumped into the well when InuYasha grabbed her arms. "InuYasha! Let me go!"

"Why are you leaving? And why the hell didn't you tell me?"

"Why does it matter, InuYasha?"

"Kagome, you were ready to leave forever! You can't expect me to accept you leaving without telling!"

InuYasha's amber eyes turned blood red. Purple streaks appeared on his cheeks. His demon side took over.

"Inu-InuYasha? Calm down! OK, I'll tell you!"


"I can't be here, InuYasha!" There were tears in her eyes. "I can't be reminded every single day!"


"OF YOU!" she screamed. "You led me on, broke my heart, told me you loved me, and then lied to me!"

InuYasha's eyes returned to their normal colour. His purple streaks slowly faded away. "I'm the reason you're leaving?" His eyes were full of hurt. It pained Kagome to even look at him.

"Yes. And if you would kindly release me?"

InuYasha hesitated for a while. Then he pulled her over the side of the well and kissed her. It took all of Kagome's willpower to not let him slide his tongue in. She pushed him away.


"Kagome, don't leave me," he whispered. "I can't be without you."

"You seemed just fine with Kikyou." Kagome coldly replied.

"I was never happy with Kikyou! We destroyed Naraku months ago. I got back together with Kikyou because it felt familiar. You left for a couple months so you could finish your school work and graduate. My heart nearly broke. I would go full demon on people. Especially Kikyou. She broke up with me two weeks after we got together. I guess she took the hint."


"Why did I lie? I wanted to be sure."

Kagome's voice trembled. "Sure of what?"

InuYasha looked her in the eyes. "I wanted to be sure I loved you."

Kagome's heart was in her throat.

"I've never stopped loving you. You've got to believe me," he croaked. "Without you, my life has no meaning."

Kagome sank down to her knees and began to cry. No one had been this honest with her in her life.

"You looked so happy with Kouga, which was another reason I never told you."

Why was this so hard? Why did I get myself into this situation? "InuYasha-"

"I understand…if you wanna go. I've said what I wanted to say and-"

Kagome kissed him full on his lips. InuYasha was in shock, but he kissed her back. He took her small waist and pulled her closer to him. When they broke apart, InuYasha noticed Kagome's eyes were sparkling. Kagome noticed InuYasha's cheeks were tinged pink. Kagome hugged him.

"No one has ever been this honest with me. Thank you."

"Does this mean you're still leaving?"

Kagome looked up at InuYasha. His eyes were filled with concern. Her chocolate eyes sparkled as she smiled at him. "How can leave you, InuYasha?"


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