"The Twins: Rescuing and Preserving Friendships"

It's been a few weeks since Sam and Stutz have left Austin, Texas and have arrived back in Brooklyn, New York. However, what the two didn't realize is that Edward, Jr. wanted to hire them to kidnap a particular group of kids responsible for throwing Edward, Sr. in prison—Sam's group of friends and brother of which she was part of.

While Pugsy was being kidnapped by Downy and his gang, Stutz is sent on ahead to the airfield to prepare for the arrival of Edward Jr.'s private plane. Sam has been given an order by Edward Jr. to be his personal bodyguard due to her martial arts abilities. She has already boarded the plane as Downy and Jake push Pugsy up the steps, the two friends catch other's eyes, and Sam makes a motion for him to be quiet.

Edward Jr. soon arrives, followed by Backbiter and another gangmember, everyone takes a seat, buckles in, and the plane starts to take off. Unknown to Sam, Fangface has stowed away on top of the airplane, and is making his way to the door to get inside and rescue Pugsy. Sam is leaning back her seat, trying to figure out how she could rescue Pugs herself without giving away that she's a werewolf, when all of a sudden a strong gust of wind causes her to jerk her head to the door to see her twin brother standing in the doorway. She gasps and gets to her feet, not sure if she should attack her own brother or wait and see what the gang members do.

"It's that mangy werewolf, get him!" Downy cries out to his lackeys.

All of the gang members swarm Fangface, who hasn't noticed his sister lingering back unsure if she should join in the fray. A hand falls onto Sam's right shoulder and she looks up at the owner, Edward Jr. looks down at his newly acquired bodyguard, "Why don't you be a dear, Sam, and help those hoodlums out, hmm?" he asks.

Sam nods slowly, advances forward, she ducks two of the gang members as they are thrown backward, then moves forward rapidly to get her own brother into a choke hold, "S…Sam, (grr), what are you doing?" he asks just she can hear.

"Play along and I'll explain everything, ok?" Sam replies quietly as she expertly kicks his feet out from under him, causing Fangface to go to his knees, and allowing Sam more leverage in her grasp.

"Good job, Samantha, now ties him up and place him in the lavatory." Edward Jr. comments and walks off.

Downy tosses Sam some rope as he glares at her menancingly, she returns the look full heartedly, quickly ties her brother up, and escorts him into the lavatory, "Now would be a good time to explain yourself, sis, (grr)." Fangface snarls as Sam begins to back out.

"I will tell you everything momentarily, twin brother, but I have to find out if Pugsy is alright." Sam replies as she closes the door and locks it.

Luca exchanges a look with Sam, "Keep an eye on him, Luca, and whatever you do don't let him out until I get back." Sam states as she walks off towards the cargo hold.

Sam walks into the cargo hold, Backbiter steps in her path, "(Hiss) What are you doing here?" he demands.

"Stand down,kitty cat, I'm here to check on Pugsy." Sam growls out.

"Wolf girl, I know what you are up to." Backbiter snarls.

Sam makes a dismissive gesture, "Just because I'm a werewolf doesn't me I'm foolish enough to disobey Eddy, I just want to make sure the loud mouth hasn't been harmed yet." She replies and walks towards Pugsy.

"Sam, you're with them?" Pugsy gasps out.

Sam leans forward to put her face in his and whispers, "I'm going to save your scrawny butt, Pugsy, but if you want to stay and allow Downy to kill you, then I'll turn around and walk out." She replies as she turns to head out, but Pugsy grabs her wrist.

"I don't to die, Sam, you gotta doify something." Pugsy states in a whisper.

"My brother is on board, together we'll get you out, ok?" Sam replies as she jerks her wrist out of his grasp and walks out.

Sam heads back to the lavatory to hear her brother talking to someone, she turns to see Luca standing up from his seat, they exchange glances, and Sam opens the door, "Hey bro, got some good news for you." She states as she walks in.

"(Grr) What's that, sis?" Fangface asks.

"Pugsy is being held in the cargo hold, should be easy enough to get him out, but we need a distraction." Sam replies.

The threesome put their heads together and begin to formulate a plan to free Pugsy and get themselves back home to New York.